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193b - What's Eating Patrick?

The episode begins at the Krusty Krab, where the Krusty Crew are celebrating the annual Krabby Patty eating contest. SpongeBob asks why Mr. Krabs is so overjoyed, and Mr. Krabs explains that this is time of the year where he gets the most money due to him being the supplier of the Krabby Patties. Then a news flash appears on the television. An unbeatable challenger named Oswald McNulty has won every Krabby Patty eating contest, and beaten every single city champion except Bikini Bottom. Things take an even darker turn because the Bikini Bottom champion has retired. Mr. Krabs is devastated by the news, and believes he isn't going to get any revenue until he sees Patrick, who comes in to order 40 Krabby Patties as a light lunch. Mr. Krabs then proposes that Patrick becomes the next Krabby Patty eating champion, and Patrick agrees.

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