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193a - Sanctuary!

It is a sunny day and SpongeBob is taking Gary for a walk when he hears a meow from nearby. He then sees it and takes him home after naming him Senior Poopus. After he takes him home, Senior Poopus seems very happy and comfortable. Patrick then arrives and tells SpongeBob about the baby snails he left behind. SpongeBob quickly goes back to look and, sure enough, finds them. After taking them home and putting them under a heated blanket and giving them milk, another snail then bursts in and walks over SpongeBob right to the babies, apparently being the mother. Later, Another guy drops off a stray snail, saying "Thanks, snail guy!" Not long after that, there is a whole line of people waiting to give SpongeBob their snails, and SpongeBob eventually ends up with over 230 snails.

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