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194a - Patrick! The Game

Patrick and SpongeBob play a game, but they do not like it. They decide to play louder, which annoys Squidward. He gives Patrick an idea to make a game, so Patrick tries to invent one.

Patrick then goes to the Krusty Krab and tells Squidward that he invented a game. He explains how hard Tic Tac Toe is for him, and says that he made an easier version:Tic-Tac, which is the same but with a 2x2 grid. Patrick and Squidward play numerous games of Tic Tac but Squidward wins them all. Patrick, disappointed, says that he should have gone with his first idea: Tic. He then comes up with "Rock, Paper, Butter". Squidward trashes that idea by saying an awful pun. Patrick then comes up with "Whose rope is longer?". Squidward easily wins this, but Patrick thinks Squidward played it before. Patrick goes over to Sandy's Treedome and tells her he cannot make a game. Sandy tells Patrick to find what's best out of the games Patrick likes. So, Patrick starts cutting, gluing and taping his favorite board games together. He then says he knows what it is like to be a game maker, Frankenstein style. Squidward, SpongeBob, and Sandy all go to Patrick's rock to try out his new game. SpongeBob asks what it is called. Squidward suggests "Garbage" but Patrick comes up with "Patrick! The Game". Squidward determines a turn order which goes: Patrick, Sandy, SpongeBob, Squidward. Patrick goes first. He passes a go square and gets a lot of money. Sandy rolls and builds a beach hut on Goo Lagoon. SpongeBob lands on a chest and gets a drivers license, which means on his next go, he can move or race a car. Squidward rolls and ends up in jail. Patrick then puts a box on Squidward's head to show he is in jail which then a fish is shown inside the jail Squidward is in. Patrick rolls and lands on snacks. Patrick then eats the snacks. Sandy lands and buys Coral Avenue. SpongeBob rolls a 12 and decides to race the car. Squidward tries to roll but Patrick says you cannot roll in jail. After asking, Squidward is told that the only way to get out of jail is rolling a 6. Squidward questions that and Patrick changes it to "If a person is in jail, he or she shall stay there until he rolls a 6 or someone says his name". Sandy lands on "do surgery". Her operation card says "Remove finbone from player to your left"(Squidward). It turns out she just has to remove the finbone out of an operation fish. SpongeBob decides to race the car. Squidward decides to just leave, causing everyone else to say his name multiple times, thus getting him out of jail. SpongeBob decides to race the car again. Squidward rolls a 2 and lands on snacks. His piece, however, is knocked back to jail by the car. Patrick puts the box over Squidward's head again. Squidward starts thinking the game is random because it jumps from one game to another, nobody knows how to win and Patrick is making up the rules as he goes along. Squidward decides to go outside after SpongeBob and Sandy start feeding Patrick snacks. Patrick then makes up a rule that "If a person declares outsidsies everyone must go outside". Squidward tries to take that back but he is too late and everyone goes outside. Patrick then rolls a 4 getting everyone into the giggle zone. Everyone giggles (Squidward is forced by Sandy). SpongeBob's roll then results in everyone making silly faces. Squidward then rants that the rules are that the game does not matter. He then demonstrates by saying he could just roll and then say "Automatic winner". SpongeBob and Sandy then celebrate Squidward's win until Patrick makes up a rule that "No player can declare himself automatic winner". Squidward starts beating up the game board. He is then taken to real jail for destruction of private property which Squidward is happy about, until he sees his cellmate. He then yells at SpongeBob, Patrick, and Sandy to say his name. The episode ends with a box of the game with the words "Game over!" on it and Patrick saying "Game over!"

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