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099b - SpongeHenge

The legendary story starts with a harsh and powerful windstorm in Bikini Bottom. Nat and Shubie were leaving the Diner, and their bag of leftovers flew and hit SpongeBob in the face, causing him to look out the window. As he looks out of the window, the wind gets into his pores and makes music, attracting jellyfish.

The next morning, SpongeBob tries to go to work, but the jellyfish swarm him, wanting to play. Eventually, Mr. Krabs is forced to bring him in with a fishing rod, and as SpongeBob goes to make Krabby Patties, the window abruptly opens. As the breeze blows through SpongeBob's pores and produces the melodious tune once again, the jellyfish chase him.

Still being pursued by the swarm of jellyfish, SpongeBob runs to hide in Patrick’s house; however, a jellyfish enters and stings Patrick, making him throw SpongeBob out. Finally, the wind stops, but the jellyfish then begin to sting SpongeBob, forcing him to take refuge in a cave. With that, he starts building a stone replica of himself to alleviate his days of solitude. After a decade, the storm is still there, and SpongeBob had grown a beard and finished the replica. He gives his inanimate companion tea and sugar and talks to it about how the jellyfish keep bothering him due to the music produced when wind blows through his holes. Then, SpongeBob has an idea!

SpongeBob carries the stone replica of himself outside the cave, but the jellyfish end up hating the music produced by the replica. SpongeBob is now worried that he will never be able to go back to Bikini Bottom again. He goes back to the cave, but finally realizes that bigger stones can produce better and louder music than himself.

After a while, SpongeBob finishes the giant stone replicas and pushes them into the middle of Jellyfish Fields, forming a circle. The circle full of SpongeBob statues is now known as "SpongeHenge."

The breeze blowing through the pores of the giant statues creates beautiful and harmonious music, which the jellyfish love. SpongeBob is overjoyed that he will never worry about the jellyfish ever again, and he is finally able to go to work after ten long years. Unfortunately, he discovers that the Krusty Krab has been engulfed in sand because of the windstorm. SpongeBob now realizes how much time the jellyfish made him waste and yells out “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!” It is unknown what happens next to SpongeBob, but "SpongeHenge" continues to live on.

In the Future, three thousand years from now, a race of strange cyborgs (presumably of alien origin) have appeared in Jellyfish Fields. "SpongeHenge" has become a major tourist attraction with many tourists taking pictures of the sight. The cyborgs wonder who made the statues and why they were made. The only clue was that the melodious sound the wind makes as it enters the giant pores of the statues entertains and attracts jellyfish. Then SpongeBob's laugh can be heard, ending the episode.

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