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099a - The Two Faces of Squidward

This episode begins with SpongeBob and Patrick singing at The Krusty Krab. Squidward becomes very annoyed, so he goes to tell them to stop. Just as he reaches the door, Squidward's face is hit by SpongeBob who accidentally slammed the door to his face. After undergoing plastic surgery for two weeks, Squidward suddenly becomes handsome.

At first, everything was going fine, like getting comments from both females and males, signing autographs and getting a ride home in a limousine.

But all that changes when Squidward's fans go crazy and taking his stuff and won't leave him alone. Everything is too much for Squidward so he goes to SpongeBob for help. Squidward wants to become his normal self, so he and SpongeBob races to Krusty Krab with the crowd following them. Mr. Krabs becomes overjoyed to see everyone at the entrance, and begins to name all the prices. While he does that, Squidward tells SpongeBob to slam the door against his face in order to make him normal again. SpongeBob doesn't want to do it, but Squidward threatens to hurt SpongeBob if he doesn't hurt him. So he begins to slam the door against Squidward's face repeatedly, but it only makes Squidward even more handsome. Suddenly, the flying fish's other bowling shoe, falls out of the top, and SpongeBob, who was alarmed by it, pushes Squidward out of the way. SpongeBob's push sends Squidward flying dramatically and causes him to hit a pole, while the shoe just bounces off of SpongeBob's head. The blow from the pole causes Squidward's face to become normal again. The crowd, who is disappointed to see Squidward not handsome anymore, begins to walk away miserably, but Mr. Krabs, who is unhappy to see his beloved customers go away, tries to return Squidward's handsomeness by slamming the door repeatedly against his face.

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