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098 - What Ever Happened to SpongeBob?

SpongeBob wakes up on a normal day, as usual. He looks out his window and sees the mailman riding by on his bike. He says "Hi" to the mailman. This causes the mailman to get distracted and a truck crashes into him. After that, SpongeBob wants to spend time with his friends; however, he ends up upsetting them. He accidentally breaks Gary's shell, crushes Patrick's cake, disturbs Squidward's beauty sleep, destroys Sandy's robot, and deep fries Mr. Krabs' money (and himself). SpongeBob decides to leave Bikini Bottom, as all his friends hate him (and cruelly calling him "idiot boy"). As he leaves, he is scared by mysterious figures in the shadows. While he runs from the creatures, he falls off a cliff and bumps his head, and he gets a lump, and then his bundle hits him on his head knocking him unconscious. Back in Bikini Bottom, Patrick and Sandy (who had come over to apologize to SpongeBob from the other day) find Gary who is extremely huge and overweight and a note from SpongeBob, explaining that he has run away. Everybody is upset and guilty that SpongeBob is gone, with the obvious exception of Squidward, who is delighted.

Meanwhile, SpongeBob wakes up with amnesia. A couple of fish give him a new name, "CheeseHead BrownPants," so that they can steal his possessions and take advantage of his amnesia. All SpongeBob has left is a bottle of bubble soap. He wanders around until he ends up in New Kelp City where he attempts to get a job. Each time he gets a job he uses his bubble blowing ability to help him, but this strikes fear into all the residents of the city. This activity attracts the attention of the Bubble Poppin' Boys and their leader, Trevor, who have scared the city into never blowing bubbles ever again. SpongeBob uses his ability to get rid of the gang and is rewarded by getting the position of mayor of New Kelp City.

Back in Bikini Bottom, Mr. Krabs is hoping for the return of SpongeBob so he can prepare his station, while Patrick and Sandy want their friend back. Squidward didn't know until Mr. Krabs offers him a reward of a Fabergé egg. He chooses his love of art over his hatred of SpongeBob and the trio see a newspaper stand showing news of SpongeBob's position as mayor, but when they go to New Kelp City to retrieve him behind Squidward's back, he can't remember them. They then manage to kidnap SpongeBob and return him to The Krusty Krab, but he wants to return to New Kelp City. Squidward, who didn't know again if SpongeBob stays or not slips on a greasy spatula and accidentally throws his egg onto SpongeBob's head. The impact gives SpongeBob his memory back, and Mr. Krabs, Sandy, and Patrick apologize for running him out of town. But even so, SpongeBob still wants to return to his position as mayor, because he feels bubble blowing needs to be commonplace in New Kelp City society. At that moment a news report comes on the TV saying that the bubbles in New Kelp City are causing mayhem, and he is being threatened by a thug. Upon hearing this, SpongeBob has second thoughts about going back to New Kelp City, and decides to stay in Bikini Bottom till he's dead. And then finally, Squidward opens his head and he throws his brain in a trash bin.