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097b - The Battle of Bikini Bottom

While at the Bikini Bottom Mall, SpongeBob and Patrick find shirts that say "Best Friend" with an arrow pointing. This arrow points to the side, indicating the wearer's best friend—Spongebob's shirt points to his left, and Patrick's to his right, therefore when they stood beside one another, their shirts pointed at each other. However, when either of the them face a different direction, the arrow points elsewhere, thus "sending out the wrong signals." So, they decide to look for new friendship clothes. SpongeBob finds a group of citizens who were putting on an annual event, which was reenacting the historical Battle of Bikini Bottom. SpongeBob and Patrick approach them and then SpongeBob ask one of the soldiers where did him and his friends get their cool outfits. However, the fish stated that he did not have friends and that he hates just about everyone here. SpongeBob then hears about the Battle of Bikini Bottom. He is told that there were two factions, the clean, who spend all their time washing their hands and the dirty, who had better things to do then wash their hands. They then had a war over who is better. Patrick tells SpongeBob the tale wrong, saying that the dirty won, annoying the other fish, and making them walk away. SpongeBob and Patrick begin to argue and then they get uniforms and start their own war. After many times of attacking each other, SpongeBob gets dirtier while Patrick ends up cleaner. Patrick then picks his nose and chases SpongeBob into the Krusty Krab. SpongeBob runs by Mr. Krabs yelling that Patrick is digging for "gold," which he takes for real. SpongeBob attacks Patrick with food until Patrick grabs two Krabby Patties and uses them for socks. Angrily, SpongeBob fills up with fury making him blow up. Outside SpongeBob swallows a soap bar while Patrick picks up a trash can and then they attack each other. The fish reenacting the battle come and see the two friends forgiving each other and tells them that it is not over until they have winner. SpongeBob then explains to them to not remember events that divide them, but recall what brings them together. Then the guys who were doing the reenactment chose to something "more manly": knitting fluffy sweaters. Then, SpongeBob and Patrick go home.

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