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100a - Banned in Bikini Bottom

While SpongeBob is making Krabby Patties, he sings a song about how much he loves them, but stops in the middle and, while Squidward is stacking cups (in the form of a triangle), inhales air. Right after Squidward finishes the triangle of cups, Spongebob (full of air) looks to his left and exhales all of the air, which wrecks the cup pyramid.. This annoying Miss Gristlepuss is causing Krabby Patties to be banned. Mr. Krabs causes the Krusty Krab to be closed by threatening Miss Gristlepuss with a French fry strainer and insulting her by calling her a disgusting old prune. Meanwhile, Plankton at first thinks Mr. Krabs changed the name to "The Closed Krab," but soon figured out he could take advantage of the moment and went out to celebrate. Mr. Krabs's archenemy soon discovered in surprise that the Krusty Krab has secretly been reopened at SpongeBob's Pineapple. He threatens Patrick who was asking Plankton for the "password" while finding that his threats make up the password. While Mr. Krabs was checking for cops, he goes to check on SpongeBob who was afraid of becoming arrested for making an illegal product. Mr. Krabs forces SpongeBob to work otherwise there would be weekends off. Plankton discovers Mr. Krabs is doing his regular business "under the table" and calls the cops. In the blink of an eye, they arrive to clean up the Krabby Patties and arrest the employees. Miss Gristlepuss trips and a Krabby Patty dropped into her mouth which made her love the sandwich and forgave the Krusty Crew, she decides not to send SpongeBob and Mr. Krabs to jail and unbanned Krabby Patties, she decides to reopen the Krusty Krab. Again, Plankton's plans failed and he hides inside one of the Krabby Patties only to be eaten by Miss Gristlepuss.

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