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022b - Bossy Boots

At the Krusty Krab, Mr. Krabs is holding a meeting, saying that Pearl is going to be working at the Krusty Krab during her Summer vacation and that she has lots of new ideas to help improve profits for the restaurant. Pearl immediately arrives, and Mr. Krabs comes out of the office to greet her. Squidward does not like the idea of being told what to do by a teenager, and he and SpongeBob agree to stand up to her to protect their jobs, but SpongeBob quickly falls through on this, and loves the flamboyant new uniform that Pearl gives them. After exchanging many ideas, Pearl and SpongeBob agree to turn the Krusty Krab into the "Kuddly Krab," and from a restaurant into a teen hangout cafe. This gets Squidward frustrated and shakes the sign, while two spouses on a car surprised the Krusty Krab is gone, and thinking Squidward is a woman asking him where to eat. This rages Squidward to quit, rips his costume off leaving him naked, a police officer makes a note and puts it on Squidward as a loincloth.

The Kuddly Krab quickly becomes a hit, but when SpongeBob is told to make a salad, which he has never heard of, he makes a Krabby Patty and shows it to Pearl. She tells him to take off the buns and the patty, leaving only tomatoes and lettuce. Upon returning to the kitchen, SpongeBob is horrified to see that his stove is gone. Pearl explains to him that Krabby Patties are no longer "hip," and that they now serve only tea and salad.

SpongeBob goes into Mr. Krabs' office to complain, and Mr. Krabs admits that they are indeed causing the restaurant to lose money. He agrees that Pearl has to be fired, but can't bring himself to actually fire his own daughter, and asks SpongeBob to fire her for him ("It's okay if she hates you!"). When SpongeBob calls Pearl into the kitchen to fire her, Pearl starts crying and reveals the truth to SpongeBob: she hates working at the Krusty Krab and has been trying to get herself fired since the beginning, but did the job anyway to please her father. After hearing this, SpongeBob comes up with an idea and he and Pearl stage her being fired outside of Mr. Krabs' office. Mr. Krabs hears this from his office and, not knowing that Pearl and SpongeBob are simply acting it out and not being serious, keeps having a fight with himself on whether to go with it or stop SpongeBob, and has a heart attack upon hearing Pearl being fired after shouting at SpongeBob to get on with it because of his empty safe.

Pearl thanks SpongeBob and kisses him on the cheek for helping her, and then she goes to hang out at the mall with her friends. After Pearl leaves, SpongeBob enters Mr. Krabs' office to report his success, and sees him passed out on the floor. He revives him with a twenty dollar bill, and Mr. Krabs is initially mad at SpongeBob for what he did, but SpongeBob assures him that Pearl's happy with her life outside of the family business. However, Mr. Krabs does not know how to get his money back for the Kuddly Krab's decorations, and SpongeBob buys it all for one year's salary.