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023a - Big Pink Loser

As Patrick wakes up, a mailfish gives him a package. Curious, he then opens it, and finds a trophy inside. Excited, he starts showing everyone that he has a trophy (even the jellyfish and Bikini Atoll). He shows SpongeBob, who then realizes that the trophy is actually for him. Patrick is disappointed, even more so when he sees the contents of SpongeBob's special award closet. SpongeBob tries to help him find a way to win an award, and eventually Patrick decides to get a job at the Krusty Krab.

First Patrick has to deliver some food to a customer; however, he keeps eating the customer's order, so SpongeBob gives him an explanation on how to do it right. Then he starts answering the phone, but ends up getting really angry when he thinks everyone is calling him the Krusty Krab. SpongeBob tells him that's the name of the restaurant, leaving Patrick ashamed. His next task is to sweep the floor near table 3. Patrick states he can't do anything right, but SpongeBob assures him that he'll do fine. Unfortunately, he sweeps the floor with the top part of the broom. Suddenly, a delivery man comes in, saying he has a load of awards for SpongeBob SquarePants. Patrick is so angry that he hits the floor with the broom making dust fly everywhere, making everyone cough. SpongeBob then pushes Patrick into the kitchen.

SpongeBob presents him with the extremely basic task of opening a jar. But Patrick keeps taking out the wrong thing, putting the jar in his mouth, and placing his hand wrong. SpongeBob tells him to do it exactly as he does, which gives Patrick an idea. He opens the jar, then bursts into tears, thinking that he broke it. SpongeBob shouts out that Patrick succeeded in opening the jar, and he and SpongeBob begin celebrating.

The next day, Patrick starts copying SpongeBob at work in hope of achieving the same success as his friend. When SpongeBob realizes this, he attempts to make him stop, but is unsuccessful until he dresses up as Patrick, which makes Patrick realize the error of his ways, and that he is a loser in every sense of the word. However, Patrick is then suddenly given an award for "doing absolutely nothing longer than anyone else." He then goes back under his rock to "protect (his) title".