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022a - Something Smells

SpongeBob is asleep in his bed, then wakes up and realizes that it is Sunday, and therefore decides to have an ice cream "sundae" for breakfast. However, he sees he has no normal ingredients (ice cream, hot fudge etc.), so he creates a "sundae" made from onions, ketchup & peanuts from a nearly dead peanut plant he had been growing in his window. The sundae gives SpongeBob halitosis, which he does not realize. After breakfast, SpongeBob begins his Sunday to-do list that consists of saying "hi" to everyone in town. Everyone in town is disgusted by the smell of SpongeBob's breath, and avoids him. He is very confused by this, and asks Patrick if he notices anything wrong with him. Patrick, not having a nose, is unaffected by his foul breath (though his eyes get cracked after the scent hits him). He suggests that maybe everybody hates his laugh, and after a long and very irritating chuckle; SpongeBob flatly asks his friend if he's kidding. Patrick then comes to the conclusion that SpongeBob is ugly, and then does a "Reflection Test." SpongeBob is shocked by this, and isolates himself in his home.

Later, Patrick visits SpongeBob, who has now become a hermit. Patrick tells SpongeBob "The Ugly Barnacle" story, somewhat thinking it would help (which, of course, it didn't).

Patrick then attempts to teach him to be proud of his ugliness. It works, and SpongeBob's confidence grows, so they go to The Reef at night.

When they go in and sit down, all the fish still avoid SpongeBob. Angered that no one has the nerve to face SpongeBob's so-called ugliness, Patrick goes into a maniacal rage and forces the other viewers to look at SpongeBob. They all panic and run out of the theater, due to SpongeBob's breath. Patrick eventually gets hungry, so they go to get a snack, but no one is at the counter, so SpongeBob gives Patrick some of his sundae. Then Patrick goes to the bathroom.

When a guy runs away from Patrick in the bathroom, he thinks he has caught the "ugly" from SpongeBob. SpongeBob smells Patrick's extremely foul breath, and comes to the realization that they are not ugly, and simply have bad breath from the sundae. Afterwards, the two begin to run around shouting "We stink!" melting down The Reef with their corrosive stench. In the last scene, SpongeBob & Patrick run into Squidward, who is looking at wigs in a window display, and SpongeBob said, "Guess what, Squidward?" and they said "We stink!" Squidward looks confused as SpongeBob and Patrick run away laughing.