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206b - Code Yellow

Squidward tries to decide which nose he should get, because he is going to get a nose job. While caught up in himself, Squidward is interrupted by SpongeBob on his unicycle. Reluctantly, Squidward allows SpongeBob to come with him. SpongeBob lets Squidward ride with him to the hospital.

Squidward goes into his hospital room, with SpongeBob closely following. SpongeBob realizes how drab the room is and brightens it up with plushies and flowers. Irritated, Squidward yells at SpongeBob and tells him to go volunteer to be a candy striper. SpongeBob grabs his uniform and eats the literal candy strings on it. A couple of doctors passing by see SpongeBob in his white shirt and mistake him for a doctor and tell him to come along and help them. They bring SpongeBob into a room with a catfish. The catfish tells them in a gravelly voice that his throat hurts. SpongeBob reaches into the fish's neck fold and finds a clump of dirt. He then reaches into the catfish's mouth and pulls out some car keys. SpongeBob then explains how the fish is a bottom feeder and how they probably ate the keys in a search for food, stating that this also happens to his best friend, Patrick, all the time.

SpongeBob is then moved into another room with an athlete with broken legs. The athlete asks if he will be able to run in an upcoming marathon. One doctor begins to say, "no," but SpongeBob insists he can fix it. He grabs a nearby skeleton model and shoves it inside of the patient. The patient's legs are healed and he runs out of his room. The two doctors are amazed. As a result, they bring SpongeBob into the final room.

The room contains a deflated Mrs. Puff inside of an iron lung. SpongeBob mistakes the lung for a submarine and hops on top of it. He starts pushing and pressing levers and buttons and the Lung streaks down the hallway. It crashes into the end and shoots out a puffed up Puff. She thanks him for helping her recover, but says he still will not get a driver's license.

The doctors are befuddled and allow SpongeBob to perform surgery. The surgery patient ends up being Squidward. SpongeBob tries several different noses, but Squidward does not like any of them. SpongeBob then reverts his nose back to normal, but says he needed the rest of his body to make it, much to Squidward's horror. SpongeBob now has to leave for work, but the doctors tell him that he already is. However, SpongeBob tells them that his actual job is a fry cook, and he walks to the Krusty Krab. Squidward then says to the female nurses that he is on the market and single, much to their disgust and shock.

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