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206a - Unreal Estate

The episode starts with SpongeBob scraping barnacles off of his pineapple home. Squidward is painting a picture of him asking standing over SpongeBob and Patrick. He gets distracted by the noise going on outside and goes out to stop it. SpongeBob's hose starts flailing all over the place and fills Squidward up with water. A few kids think he is a sprinkler and come to play in the water. SpongeBob then proceeds to turn the hose water off, much to the kids' dismay. Squidward takes the hose out of his mouth, causing it to sag, then he tells SpongeBob what he was trying to say, but the latter misses the point and turns it back on, then off again.

After being irritated by this occurrence, Squidward tells SpongeBob that everything he does is horrible and that he should move away. This leads SpongeBob to tearing up and reminiscing the memories he and his (supposedly anthropomorphic) house have shared together throughout the years. As a result, he refuses to move away. Desperate for him too, Squidward tries to convince SpongeBob that he is allergic to his own home. Although SpongeBob sneezes a few times, he finds this statement rather silly and goes back inside.

Later that day, Squidward breaks into SpongeBob's house while he is sleeping and fills the hole of his foghorn alarm clock with pepper as a means to get him to develop allergies to his pineapple and thus move away. Although he succeeds, Gary catches Squidward in this act and engages in a brutal fight with him, to which SpongeBob adores and deems "playtime." The following day, SpongeBob wakes up to his alarm clock emitting the aroma of pepper, causing him to sneeze constantly. He then tries to cook eggs for breakfast, also releasing sneezes. The sneezing process continues when he is in the shower and trying to shave, which causes him to remove part of his skin rather than his beard.

After failing to get better, SpongeBob thinks that what Squidward said the other day might have been true and finally agrees to move out and go house hunting with him.

Squidward recommends various homes for him: a banana, a hot pepper, a chicken parmesan hero house, a coffin, a dresser, and a fish tank located in a seafood restaurant; the first three are accompanied by SpongeBob imagining his life in the houses with parodies of the show's theme song playing in each fantasy. SpongeBob does not find any of these appealing, harming him along the way, especially the last of the six, due to being located in a restaurant that serves fish. However, he finally finds one that catches his interest due to its fancy atmosphere. Squidward admires the house too, and as such convinces SpongeBob that the home is not suitable for him because it is too fancy and will thus force him to struggle through the lifestyle of fame. As a result, Squidward offers him his own house so the former can relax and indulge in the atmosphere without the annoyance of SpongeBob. Unbeknownst to this, SpongeBob thanks Squidward and bids him farewell prior to leaving.

Squidward later feels relieved, finally being able to sleep peacefully without the annoying antics of SpongeBob and Patrick. However, when he wakes up the following day, it is revealed that the "house" is actually a spaceship when Squidward realizes that the "alarm clock" is actually a timer. He is then launched into space, much to his anger, and the landing of the ship only makes matters worse for him.

Squidward lands back on Conch Street, angrily demanding that SpongeBob give him his Easter Island Head house back, which is now painted to resemble SpongeBob's pineapple As The Color Orange. SpongeBob refuses and suggests that he go find somewhere else to reside otherwise he'll have nowhere else to live (because he cannot go back to the pineapple due to his allergies). Squidward then resorts to living in SpongeBob's own pineapple, but he cannot since Patrick now lives there and is munching on a majority of the house. Squidward now realizes that making SpongeBob move out was not a good idea. Much to his reluctance, this leaves him no choice but to live under Patrick's rock, which falls down on him and squishes his nose, leading him to let out a pained groan as the episode ends.

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