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150b - The Wreck of the Mauna Loa

During a game of tag between SpongeBob and Patrick, they accidentally go off a cliff into an underground cavern with a shipwreck called the "Mauna Loa." They then spend the day playing and exploring the ship, soon discovering a gigantic hoard of gold treasure. The next day, Mr. Krabs overhears Patrick repeatedly talking about the Mauna Loa, realizing that the two of them found the world's largest treasure hoard. Therefore, he follows them down to the ship, SpongeBob and Patrick discover him, and then they show him the hoard. However, the gold coins are actually tokens, and they find a ticket booth and a plastic captain and realize that it is simply an amusement park ride. The ship is old, and Mr. Krabs (being the cheapskate he is) refuses to pay the money to repair it properly, so it swings around like a tire swing.

Many citizens came to ride on it, even ignoring the required safety height, so more people can pay to ride it. SpongeBob and Patrick are sad at first that their hideout was discovered, but eagerly join in anyway. As expected, the old ship begins to lose bits of wood, and one of the splinters hits the speed switch, turning it to "beyond comprehension" mode. The ship then begins spinning out of control, and everybody becomes terrified except for SpongeBob and Patrick, who are having the time of their lives. Soon, the ship breaks from its swing, shoots into the air, and plummets to the ground in smithereens, almost killing everybody. Everybody accuses Mr. Krabs for nearly killing them all, including their children. Mr. Krabs is arrested for operating a danger to public safety, and the hideout is condemned and boarded up. SpongeBob and Patrick are miserable that the Mauna Loa was destroyed, then leave to find another hideout, and accidentally fall into another pit, and into yet another underground cavern, containing the actual Mauna Loa. SpongeBob asks Patrick if he can keep a secret, to which Patrick replies "Nope."

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