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151a - New Fish in Town

For weeks, Squidward was working on his music and finished putting down the notes to perform with his clarinet. Before he could start, a sound from his neighbors let him drop his entire work onto the flame of a candle that burned on both sides, therefore, his work was destroyed. Going outside to investigate the sounds, he finds Patrick hammering a sign on his front lawn. When SpongeBob suggests Patrick to hammer it one more time, the hammer pushed it all to way into the gravel, only to destroy the sign. Squidward went to his neighbors complaining, asking what the noise was about. SpongeBob replies by saying that Patrick is renting out some property. A delighted Squidward thought Patrick was moving out, only to find that he was actually renting out his yard for extra cash. SpongeBob asked Squidward to be on the lookout for takers who might want to stay on the yard while the duo go jellyfishing. For a while, the cultural neighbor was enjoying peace from his neighbors, only to be interrupted by a resident named Howard. Lying to Howard about the rent sign being outdated, Howard plans to leave until Squidward said he was just kidding after Howard said he would have wanted to do many things that Squidward also enjoys. Howard invites Squidward for some tea and wants to discuss about each other and the other neighbors. SpongeBob and Patrick return finding Howard's mobile home and Patrick is excited about meeting the new neighbor who hates what Patrick and his friend does. Knowing that the two would convince Howard to leave, Squidward makes plans to hide the peaceful neighbor from SpongeBob and Patrick. Thinking that the new neighbor is shy, they wanted to come back later which was really soon. When they are back, Howard and Squidward are performing with their instruments on some music. Hearing SpongeBob's laugh, Squidward tries to hide it as his clarinet being broken. Instead of fixing it, he makes a wooden fence, followed by a stone wall then Squidward puts zippers to "shut" their mouths, and then bulldozing SpongeBob and Patrick's houses off a cliff making the two follow it. Howard saw enough hiding and wanted to see the secrets behind the laughing and found the jellyfishers who were also playing with bubbles. Before stopping them, he got used to the jellyfish and bubbles and become one of the annoying neighbors. Much to his dismay, Squidward gets mad and couldn't tolerate three, so he brought Howard's mobile home out of place and pushed it off a cliff. Squidward became disappointed for almost having a decent neighbor, so SpongeBob and Patrick tried to cheer him up by having him pop a bubble. He goes along with it, but the bubble keeps floating away, Squidward goes after it and jumps the cliff and got a hard landing, leaving him exclaiming at SpongeBob and Patrick, "Jellyfishing bubble blowers!"

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