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134 - SpongeBob's Last Stand

A typical day with SpongeBob and Patrick, when they arrive at the entrance of Jellyfish Fields ready to jellyfish. They slowly watch the Ranger go to open the Fields then they take pride in showing him their Jellyfishing licenses, to which he is not amused. SpongeBob then takes a moment to realize how lucky he and Patrick are to be among the jellyfish, and they take the time to pay tribute, and sing the Jellyfishing Song. Patrick then notices a large sign and points it out to SpongeBob. They then see that it is going to be a Super Highway, in the place of Jellyfish Fields, so SpongeBob goes into town alone, trying to stop the destruction of Jellyfish Fields.

No one listens, so SpongeBob goes to work, very sad. Mr. Krabs volunteered to help, until he found out what it was, he explained that he will get more customers if the highway is built. SpongeBob discovers that Plankton is the founder of this highway and that his plan was to build over the Krusty Krab to run them out of business. The ending of the highway leads to the Chum Bucket, to steal all the customers that Mr. Krabs once had. Mr. Krabs storms over to the Chum Bucket where he orders Plankton to stop this highway. He then tells the two that he has already had everyone in town agree, including Mr. Krabs, who humorously agreed only because he likes saying, "Aye!" Mr. Krabs remembers this in pity.

SpongeBob and Patrick then pass out flyers trying to get Bikini Bottom to save Jellyfish Fields. They find out that people were on the highway's side when they pelted them with their own flyers. Nat then tells SpongeBob and Patrick that the highway is what everyone wants by crushing the instrument that SpongeBob was promoting the fields with. The police then come and control the riot, arresting SpongeBob and Patrick because SpongeBob didn't have a licence on his sitar (actually resisting the highway project), and throw them out in the middle, or edge of nowhere, as Patrick corrects SpongeBob. During this time, Patrick remembers what his Great-uncle Cletus said before he was arrested in a Freedom March and urges them to continue to support Jellyfish Fields. After they are abandoned, they think a parade would get people to go down with the Highway, but as soon as they are brainstorming (literally), a parade for the highway passes by, followed by Plankton, with a Paver, to build the highway. SpongeBob tries to stop him, only to be crushed by the Paver. Jellyfish Fields is then crushed as well, causing all of the jellyfish to retreat.

The scene then cuts to a severely polluted and trashed Bikini Bottom with the Shelly Superhighway forming a concrete arch over the Krusty Krab. SpongeBob, Squidward, and Mr. Krabs are in the Krusty Krab, which goes out of business. Mr. Krabs says that he will give the formula to Plankton and closes The Krusty Krab. However, the Jellyfishes soon attack Bikini Bottom, causing the Bikini Bottomites to panic. SpongeBob uses this chance to convince the Bikini Bottomites to restore Jellyfish Fields through a news broadcast. Soon, SpongeBob can be seen riding Plankton's paver in an attempt to demolish the highway. But Plankton tells him that his highway is indestructible. However, the Bikini Bottomites help SpongeBob by pushing the paver, giving them enough momentum to unpave the highway and restore Jellyfish Fields. Plankton tries to stop it but ends up getting crushed by SpongeBob. The Krusty Krab is back to business and the episode ends with The Bikini Bottomites singing The Jellyfishing Song.