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133b - Squidward in Clarinetland

Squidward arrives in the Krusty Krab as happy as ever. He is repeatedly getting pummeled, such as Thaddeus' morning breath in his face, or getting the door slammed on him, but since his clarinet is safe, he is happy. But when Nazz Rechid comes to the Krusty Krab, and her new baby drools on the clarinet, he bursts with anger. He demands Mr. Krabs to give him a place to store his stuff, and Mr. Krabs gives him his Navy locker, and SpongeBob single-handedly cleans it.

He stores his toothbrush, while Squidward puts his clarinet in there, not risking it getting soiled before his presentation. While Squidward is going through his daily routines, he discovers SpongeBob is always doing something to the locker. In fear for his clarinet, he goes to see what happens, and leaves loose change on the floor when he was giving it to the customer. Just then, Mr. Krabs jumps out wildly and acts like a gorilla, scaring everyone away from the loose change he hears.

When Squidward crawls inside the locker, it is revealed SpongeBob had converted it to a whole room, and the second time he visits it, he finds his clarinet gone, and goes looking. He discovers a small door near the floor, and crawls through it, only to enter a mysterious forest, made of clarinets. He spots his, just before he is picked up by a large eagle, "The Keeper" of The Horned Forest or Clarinetland, who tells him to learn respect, and to grant peace to clarinets, and that a clarinet cannot be owned. In desperation, he claims he has learned respect and tries to escape, but the eagle, "The Keeper" does not believe him and swallows him.

Squidward then finds himself chasing SpongeBob for his clarinet, into a giant pinball machine, where Patrick in giant size says it is THE PRESSURE that is doing all of this, and then Squidward finds himself chasing SpongeBob, literally through space, and finally being back in the locker, and running off to his presentation. He then finds SpongeBob in his case, and runs from the stage, right before he gave the presentation, revealing he was giving him the clarinet.

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