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120b - Toy Store of Doom

SpongeBob and Patrick are very bored and have nothing to do. SpongeBob walks over to a toy chest and starts rummaging through it, but doesn't find anything that interests him or Patrick. SpongeBob finds a Mermaid-Man toy, but it is unfortunately chewed up. It then reveals that they were in Squidward's house, and he kicks them out. Then they start walking, trying to find something to do. While they are walking, they find some signs introducing something. They follow the signs to a newly opened Toy Barrel. At first, it isn't there, which makes the two cry. It appears soon afterward, courtesy of a crane. The construction worker throws Patrick inside, and SpongeBob throws himself. They spend the entire day singing songs. To their disappointment, the Toy Barrel closes just after they finish singing. Patrick formulates a plan to hide in the dollhouses when the police check the toy store so they can have the Toy Barrel all to themselves. They become jolly until the lights turn off, which scares the duo. Soon, they see a shadow coming, so SpongeBob decides to fight back. They dress up like soldiers, preparing to fight the shadow. This does them no good. It was just Patrick's old wind-up robot. Just as the store is about to open, the two rush outside. The episode ends with Patrick saying “Hey! It’s open! I love toys!"

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