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120a - No Hat for Pat

One day, Patrick is sleeping outside of SpongeBob's house. He wakes up to go jellyfishing, only to discover that SpongeBob is wearing his Krusty Krab hat. He knows that means he has to work. He next discovers that Squidward had a hat too. In displeasure, he promises that he was going to get a job, and a hat, so he goes off. SpongeBob arrives at work, while Mr. Krabs is watching for customers, he then spots a group of tourists which he wants to serve some Krabby Patties, but he could not catch them, so he thinks of ideas to catch them next time they come around, he then bumps into Patrick, who he hires to stand outside and lure in tourists. He is also promised to have a hat afterwards. SpongeBob watches as Patrick directs customers the wrong way, and sometimes pays no attention, Mr. Krabs goes out to show him the proper way to lure in customers, but he fails too, but in the end he receives his hat, only to fall down for anonymous reasons. SpongeBob asks him what is wrong, and he supposed that he is nervous, he falls and falls, he lures in customers, and the tourists by doing this, and they say, THAT'S THE KIND OF MINDLESSNESS THEY PAY MONEY TO SEE, so Mr. Krabs decides to make Patrick the main attraction at the Krusty Krab, and hosts a show with Patrick as the star, but the customers soon are ran off by Squidward, trying to entertain them, of course thinking that they are uncultured, as he plays the clarinet and roams around the Krusty Krab, so the customers got out of there. The customers continue to watch Patrick, but it gets old, but then Mr. Krabs starts to think of more painful ways to make Patrick fall, and it brings them back. SpongeBob tries to convince Patrick to stop falling for enjoyment but Patrick says the hat promotes him and he wants to keep doing his job, so SpongeBob agrees.

The next day, he is going to fall into a bucket of spiky sea urchins, and he takes his hat off so it will not get damaged, but he then finds himself stuck on the edge. SpongeBob tries to stop him but he falls, right on top of Squidward, who tries to push him, the customers attack Mr. Krabs and steal all of their money back because no-one was hurt. Mr. Krabs then takes the hat back from Patrick, blaming him for it, saying that as long as he stands, he will never wear the hat again. Patrick then leaves the Krusty Krab and goes home sad. In the epilogue, SpongeBob cheers Patrick up, and tells him he can wear his hat anytime he pleases, and so they go back to their normal lives.

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