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103a - Spongicus

Plankton decides to destroy the Chum Bucket and turns it into a coliseum, announcing to Bikini Bottom on a jumbotron there will be free entertainment, promising guts and glory available to everyone in now what is called the Chum Coliseum. The coliseum is a spoof of the Roman coliseum with its battles and gladiatorial games, complete with Plankton in the Emperor's chair and a toga. Soon, the Krusty Krab is devoid of its loyal customers and Mr. Krabs and crew go to the coliseum to find out what Plankton is up to. When they sit down, a giant Lion Fish is released and SpongeBob is excited until he realizes the prisoner that will be going up against the Lion Fish is Patrick. To entice the Lion Fish into chasing Patrick, Plankton orders blood sausages to be placed around Patrick's throat. SpongeBob decides to help Patrick and turns into a gladiator, complete with armor and a chariot pulled by sea horses.

He soon catches up with Patrick and rescues him, but now the entertainment has turned into a chase scene that doesn't contain the blood and guts Plankton promised. Meanwhile, Plankton is trying to sell chum to the crowd who are getting hungry waiting for the guts and glory. One of the spectators agree to buy a chum stick, but is angered when Plankton tells her it will be $10. She asks why she should pay $10 when Krabby Patties are only a single buck, which Mr. Krabs agrees to. Plankton angrily tells her "You can't get entertainment like this at the Krusty Krab!" and states that the fight will be off unless she pays $10. She agrees and immediately gets sick from eating the chum stick, while the rest of the crowd, having had enough, gets up to go. Plankton traps all the customers by blocking all the exits when they try to leave. He claims to have waited 20 years to see the amount of customers Mr. Krabs sees every day and demands everyone to sit back down and buy his chum. They sit back down grumbling and the entertainment continues.

Going back to SpongeBob and Patrick, SpongeBob discovers that the Lion Fish is chasing the blood sausages around Patrick's neck, not them, after witnessing the Lion Fish eat a sausage that was thrown on the ground. He throws the rest of the blood sausages and they land in a pile on Plankton. He freaks out, now realizing the Lion Fish is charging towards him. He quickly escapes out of a secret door he placed in the coliseum, taunting the Sea Lion and calling it a "prissy feline." The Lion Fish smashes through the wall and chases Plankton who runs for his life. After Plankton's failed plans, the Krusty Krab is back in business, but Mr. Krabs has raised the price of a Krabby Patty from $1 to $10. When a customer complains about it, Mr. Krabs points to the Lion Fish and tells him he can take it up with his new "financial advisor." Mr. Krabs, SpongeBob, Patrick, and Squidward laugh together then leave rather awkwardly one by one. The episode ends with the Lion Fish roaring.

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