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102b - Nautical Novice

The episode starts with SpongeBob and his class at Mrs. Puff's Boating School. While everyone is bored hoping for class to end as she is talking about steering, SpongeBob is taking notes in an excited personality. When class ends, Mrs. Puff reminds the class that they are going on a field trip to The Bikini Bottom Museum of Boating tomorrow and the bus will pick them up at 8:00 A.M. When SpongeBob realizes that this is finally his chance to impress Mrs. Puff and get his driver's license, he reads a 7,400 page book called The History of All Boating Ever. When SpongeBob finishes the book at 7:59 A.M. on the next day, he ends up falling asleep when he realizes that tomorrow is today and he is going to be late for the bus.

He races the bus once it leaves his house. Mrs. Puff not wanting to deal with SpongeBob's misbehavior, tells Nat, the bus driver, to speed up. But SpongeBob suddenly comes in through the window. While SpongeBob begins talking to Mrs. Puff, she realizes SpongeBob's bad smell and gives him a "Shower in a Can." SpongeBob then starts talking about the trivia of boating, which starts to give Mrs. Puff a headache. So, when the class finally arrives at the museum, SpongeBob is paying no attention as he is still talking about boating to Mrs. Puff and crashes into the front window and gets converted into a puddle outside the bus door, he then is back up again when he sees the museum in front of him.

Mrs. Puff explains it was the largest boat ever that is now converted into a museum and can no longer be operated unless it goes to its yearly check at port. Throughout the day, SpongeBob keeps interrupting Mrs. Puff to tell the students what she's about to say, much to her chagrin. Right when the class is about to leave, Mrs. Puff notices that SpongeBob has gone missing, it turns out that he was in the driving room of the boat! He turns on the air conditioners on very high without noticing, which accidentally starts the boat.

When Mrs. Puff finds SpongeBob as she came back into the museum, she tries to stop the boat when she noticed it has been started boating (SpongeBob thought it was a projection screen), but she's never driven any boat so advanced before! So when she notices that the boat is going to crash into Bikini Bottom after SpongeBob turns the boat on Turbo Speed, SpongeBob tries to stop the boat by battening down the hatches, lowering the anchor, uttering a hearty seaman's laugh, and doing the reverse 720 tailspin (which has never successfully been done before). And right when the boat is about to destroy Bikini Bottom, it stops, only tapping the first building. When Mrs. Puff and SpongeBob leave the boat, Mrs. Puff gives SpongeBob his driver's license due to her impression.

But she is outraged when she finds out that the museum owner was simply taking the boat into Bikini Bottom for a checkup at port and that he was doing all of the driving. So she tears up SpongeBob's driver's license. SpongeBob becomes saddened. The museum owner then suggests that they should go get some ice cream to cheer SpongeBob up. When the three are about to go have ice cream, SpongeBob notices that the headlights of the boat are still on. So as the museum owner and Mrs. Puff tell SpongeBob not to touch anything, he flips the boat on the two as Mrs. Puff inflates once again saying, "Good thing you studied."

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