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100b - Stanley S. SquarePants

One day, SpongeBob notices a package outside of his pineapple. While caring it, he states it's heavy. When SpongeBob opens the package, he finds his cousin Stanley S. SquarePants inside who came to visit. Stanley brought a letter for SpongeBob from his Uncle Sherm. It states that Stanley cannot hold a job because he destroys everything he touches, hoping SpongeBob can deal with Stanley better. This turns out to be true, as Stanley messes up almost every single thing he touches (or in the case of the fridge, empties, TV breaks, etc...). This starts to bother SpongeBob. SpongeBob goes to show Squidward Stanley but Squidward gets scared and moves out because he thought that he was gonna get annoyed so much. Next, Stanley tries to get therapy from Patrick but doesn't work. Stanley then gets a job at the Krusty Krab, but whenever he messes things up, SpongeBob willingly blames himself for Stanley's messes so he can keep his job. Eventually, SpongeBob can't take this any more, and SpongeBob tells Mr. Krabs about how he was constantly taking the blame for Stanley, for his mishaps. But, Mr. Krabs has an idea, and he tells Stanley to get a job at the Chum Bucket, with the purpose of destroying the Chum Bucket, and taking advantage of Stanley's troubles. Plankton hires Stanley, thinking that his fry cook skills would be as good as SpongeBob's, as Stanley is related to him by blood. However, Stanley accidentally destroys and blows up the Chum Bucket. This was as Mr. Krabs intented it to be. Plankton says that's the end of him, and Stanley apologizes to Plankton.

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