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090c - The Krusty Plate

The episode starts with Mr. Krabs closing the Krusty Krab stating "Thought those deadbeats would never leave." Meanwhile, SpongeBob is in the kitchen and finishes washing the dishes. Mr. Krabs comes in and he finds a dirty spot on a plate. Mr. Krabs shows this SpongeBob and then states that SpongeBob can't leave until he gets the spot removed. Mr. Krabs tells SpongeBob to lock up when he's done. SpongeBob then reminds Mr. Krabs that when he was left alone at work, the Krusty Krab set on fire. Mr. Krabs tells SpongeBob that he removed all welding equipment from the premises so there no chance of a fire happening again. SpongeBob tries scrubbing of the spot off the plate, but it ain't working. So SpongeBob declares war. First, he uses jackhammer but SpongeBob falls over and jackhammer repeatedly smacks him in the face. Second, he tries with repeatedly banging a bat on plates which fails. Thirdly, he uses a chainsaw and repeatedly bangs on the plate. Once SpongeBob is out of breath, he gets a tank and shoots a pink sponge on the plate. Since that fails, SpongeBob spits on the plate and it STILL doesn't work. SpongeBob states "I got to finish this."

SpongeBob soon comes back, dressed in an army outfit and introduces the dirty spot to the Spot-Master 6000. SpongeBob first shows the spot the microwave-powered laser particle beam. Then, he shows the spot the laser-guided high pressure water cannon. Finally, SpongeBob shows the spot a specially woven metal alloy ingeniously combined with state of the art cleaning materials. He calls it steel wool. And it comes with a laser. SpongeBob asks the spot "Any last words?" After hearing nothing from the plate, SpongeBob starts up Spot-Master 6000 and turns on the particle beam and the water cannon. Since it's not working, he turns on the steel wool laser. While this is happening, the Krusty Krab shakes, lights are shining out of it and Mr. Krabs can see it from his home. Mr. Krabs looks through his window and first thinks it has nothing to do with SpongeBob.

Meanwhile, SpongeBob is still trying to get the spot off and then crosses the laser beams. SpongeBob declares "More power!" While it's happening, the Krusty Krab sends out 'sound'-like waves through the air, causing everything to look like it's wiggling. Mr. Krabs checks out of his window again and decides to go see how SpongeBob's doing. When Mr. Krabs is near the Krusty Krab, he says "Oh, boy, that can't be good." As Mr. Krabs gets his key out, SpongeBob uses maximum power on the spot. Once Mr. Krabs opens the door, a huge blast wrecks the restaurant and a bursting size of an atomic bomb. Once the explosion is over, we the restaurant completely destroyed and then the Spot-Master 6000 disintegrates. SpongeBob looks at the plate and notices he spot is finally off the plate. However, Mr. Krabs angrily chases SpongeBob because his restaurant is destroyed.

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