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090b - The Donut of Shame

The morning after SpongeBob's tea party, Patrick wakes up to see SpongeBob, who has a doughnut held in his hand. Since SpongeBob is knocked out, Patrick takes the doughnut. When he arrives home, he is just about to eat it when he remembers SpongeBob saying, "This kind of donut can really make a guy happy…". He then thinks he has stolen SpongeBob's doughnut. His phone then rings, with SpongeBob on the other line. He says he will be right over to Patrick's house with a tape of the night before. After Patrick realises that the tape will show him taking SpongeBob's doughnut, he runs around his house, trying to hide it. SpongeBob comes over and Patrick admits to taking the doughnut, and then SpongeBob says it is all right for him to take the doughnut. He shows Patrick the tape that shows him giving the doughnut to him as a birthday present. Patrick then pulls the doughnut (although, nearly spoiled), splits it in half and asks SpongeBob if he wants to share. SpongeBob accepts as he eats the half doughnut, only to make him sick and Patrick says, "Pretty good, huh?" before the episode ends.

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