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039a - Jellyfish Hunter

SpongeBob is out jellyfishing. He catches a jellyfish, gets some of its special jelly, and lets it go. He names it "Twelvy," due to it being his twelfth catch of the day.

He then sees a very rare blue jellyfish which he calls "No Name," who is apparently the only jellyfish in the fields who was never caught, and compulsively tries to get him but to no avail.

Later, SpongeBob goes on his lunch break at the Krusty Krab, and puts the jelly on a Krabby Patty. After Fred asks about the patty and tries it, he sings a song proclaiming its greatness and puts jelly on the patties of all the other customers, who enjoy it as well. Mr. Krabs sees the profitability, and puts the new patty on the menu.

SpongeBob, to his great delight, is tasked to go out and gather as many jellyfish as he can, though he asks Mr. Krabs to keep the jellyfish comfortable. He continues to catch jellyfish, and Mr. Krabs continues to demand more, until Jellyfish Fields is completely deserted.

SpongeBob concludes that there are "no more" jellyfish to catch, and begins to walk home.

After several close encounters and strange events, No Name captures him in a jar much in the way that SpongeBob catches jellyfish. No Name then takes SpongeBob to a secret factory farm, where he discovers that Mr. Krabs is cruelly treating the jellyfish to increase profit.

Realizing that Mr. Krabs tricked him into catching all the jellyfish and broke his word to keep them comfortable, SpongeBob then understands why No Name brought him here in the first place. He angrily confronts Mr. Krabs for his actions and decides to free the jellyfish to no avail.

Eventually, Mr. Krabs accidentally opens the voice activated door by saying the codeword: "open," freeing all the jellyfish, who then all sting Krabs at once in a great explosion. They all fly free, and he is forced to take Jelly off the menu. Spongebob names No Name as "Friend", and gets his hand stung in a handshake.