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038b - Artist Unknown

Squidward is teaching an art class at the Bikini Bottom Rec Center, and can't wait to see his new students. He opens the doors and then greets a whole crowd of people, who are actually looking for the cooking class. They go to the cooking class, revealing Squidward's one actual student: SpongeBob SquarePants. SpongeBob's incredible artistic prowess overwhelm Squidward. He starts off by teaching him how to draw a circle, making a poorly-drawn circle on the blackboard. SpongeBob produces a perfect circle, and Squidward is shocked. He tells SpongeBob to show him his process, and SpongeBob effortlessly draws a realistic human head, which he erases the features of, leaving a perfect circle. Squidward frustratedly takes SpongeBob's paper and crumples it up, and SpongeBob makes an origami sculpture of himself and Squidward playing leap-frog. Squidward takes it and tears it up, and SpongeBob makes another picture of him and Squidward playing leap-frog from the bits of paper, this time with Squidward is on top.

Squidward then tries to teach SpongeBob how to make marble statues. With a single stroke of the hammer, SpongeBob produces Michelangelo's David from a raw block of marble. Squidward is amazed, and out of jealousy, scoffs at SpongeBob's masterpiece and refuses to acknowledge his talent. SpongeBob, unquestioning of his teacher's judgement, is ashamed of himself, and throws himself out of class, falling into a dumpster and being hauled away to the city dump. Immediately after he leaves, an art collector named Monty P. Moneybags comes in, saying that he is looking for art to buy for his new museum. Squidward shows his own work to him, but he hates them all. However, when he sees SpongeBob's masterpiece, he says that he will make Squidward famous for the statue (Which SpongeBob actually made). He trips over while transporting it, knocking off its head. Monty tells Squidward that he should easily be able to make another one, and that he will come back tomorrow to get it. Squidward, desperate for SpongeBob to make him another masterpiece, goes to the dump and convinces a depressed SpongeBob that he deserves another chance. However, upon returning to art class, SpongeBob now follows Squidward's artistic "style," and fails to create anything of decent quality. When he tries to create another marble statue, it simply collapses into a pile of rubble. Squidward goes insane with frustration, and begins smashing pillars of marble and creates a mess. SpongeBob concludes that his artistic "triumph" was too much for Squidward to handle, and crashes through the wall, going back to the dump. As Squidward storms out, Monty P. Moneybags comes in and upon seeing what Squidward has produced, says "Who's responsible for this?" Squidward tells him that the mess is the janitor's responsibility and angrily leaves. However, unbeknownst to Squidward, he made an even more beautiful rendition of David while throwing his fit, and Monty P. Moneybags says to the janitor "You, sir, are the greatest artist who ever lived!" as the episode ends.