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What is the Worst Episode you have ever seen in a cartoon?

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    [1]Nov 23, 2014
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    Here is my personal Top 10 Least Favorite Episodes in

    any cartoon I have ever seen:

    #10: Annoying Orange 2.0

    #9: Royal Pudding (South Park)

    #8: SpongeBob Your'e Fired (SpongeBob Squarepants)

    #7: Putting Your Hoof Down (My Little Pony: Friendship

    is Magic)

    #6: Love Loaf (Breadwinners)

    #5: Balemtime's Day (Mega Babies)

    #4: Tommy's Big Job (Mr.Pickles)

    #3: Ren Seeks Help (Ren and Stimpy Adult Party


    #2: Clown in The Dumps (The Simpsons)

    #1: Life of Brian (Family Guy)

    Those are mine, what are your's?

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