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Spongebob Squarepants Forum and Submission Rules/Guidelines

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    Spongebob Squarepants Forum and Submission Rules/Guidelines

    I. Forum Rules

    1. Follow the Terms of Service, or ToS. If you don't follow the Terms of Service, you don't get service. Violating the ToS can lead to topics being locked or deleted, posts being deleted, suspension for up to 7 days, or permanent banning. Creating new accounts to bypass a ban is a ToS violation and can lead to more serious consequences. For clarification on any of these rules, you can refer to the TV.com Community Terms of Service at any time.

    2. Certain types of topics will not be allowed. These include, but are not limited to: "I'm new" threads, "bored threads", game threads, website advertisements, topics aimed at a certain person (use private messages instead), fan-fiction, fan-art, or role playing threads, and off-topic threads.

    3. Off-topic posting is not allowed. This means creating a topic/post about a topic other than Spongebob Squarepants. It doesn't matter if it "leads back to Spongebob in the end", off-topic posts will be reported as a ToS violation.

    4. Spamming is absolutely not allowed and will be reported immediately.

    5. Flaming, insulting, or bashing other users is not allowed. Also, if someone flames you, report it using the "Report Abuse to Moderator" option. Do not flame them back, as you will also be in violation of the ToS.

    6. Any offensive posts will be reported.

    7. No discussion of illegal activities. This is not only illegal, but also a ToS violation.

    8. If a topic is made and it is deleted or locked, do not re-post it. (With the exception of topics locked for exceeding 500 posts.)

    9. Do not make meaningless or one word posts such as "Yeah." These posts do not add anything to the conversation and are considered spam.

    II. Forum Guidelines

    1. Use proper spelling, grammar, punctuation, and capitalization. Please, there is a difference between making a typo and being lazy. Also, spell check is there, use it.

    2. Do not type in a language you made up. Believe it or not we've had this happen, and it will be reported. If you type something that no one can understand, that is disruptive posting.

    III. Submission Rules

    1. Use proper spelling, grammar, punctuation, and capitalization in your submissions to Spongebob Squarepants. Otherwise they will be rejected.

    2. Format your submissions correctly. Use bold tags and italic tags where necessary. When submitting quotes or allusions, make sure the colon is OUTSIDE the bold tags. Also, do not use paragraph tags or break tags. To make a line break, just press enter (or return.)

    3. When you submit something, always make sure it hasn't been submitted before. Duplicates will be rejected.

    4. When submitting quotes, make sure the quote is EXACTLY what the character said.

    IV. Submission Guidelines

    1. The comments section is there, use it. Explain your submissions. If you edit something and I can't tell what you changed, it will be rejected.

    2. Comments go in the comments section! And no where else! I'll give you an example of a goof blurb.

    "in one scene theres a pen on the table but then it's gone!! where did it go?? was it magic???? PENS DONT JUST DISAPEAR!! THEY DONT JUST WALK AWAY!!!! o.O"

    Ok, that one was kind exaggerated, but you get the point, which is keep your blurbs simple and professional. And put your comments / opinions in the comments box.

    3. Three is the magic number. When adding extra exclamation marks for emphasis, stop at 3. (!!!) When adding a "dot dot dot", stop at 3. (...)

    This Rules/Guidelines thread is subject to change at any time. Any violations will be reported and dealt with by the TV.com Moderators and Staff.

    Note: Topics created before this thread was posted will not be reported.
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