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Signs that Squidward is suicidal

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    talonmalon333 wrote:
    gogetenkusu wrote:
    InvaderZim897 wrote:
    gogetenkusu wrote:
    Clockerevac12 wrote:
    Squidward Would Eat His Own legs Before Eating A Krabby Patty if He was Stuck in a Well

    And not just the extra ones.
    Seems wierd, he was stuck in a well in "Wishing You Well" and he didn't.

    Perhaps he was hoping Patrick would share his ribs.

    I doubt Squidward was starving at that time.

    He also said that if he were stuck in a well for 3 years with nothing to eat but a Krabby Patty.
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    I have a new episode idea.

    Suicidal Squidward: The whole episode is about Squidward hurting himself. He dies in the ending.
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