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Have you guys notice this?

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    JellyFishJammer wrote:
    SpongeSebastian wrote:
    JellyFishJammer wrote:
    Nah guys, this doesn't happens just on the new episodes, like on "Doing Time" for example, when Tom says "all right seniors, let's open the window so the world can see your bright white clothes" he's talking like a girl there! And it happens all-the-time. I think it's very funny!
    Don't forget the character "Donna" from that same episode. Now THAT'S a real transvestite.

    Yeah, but that was intentionally, Donna even had a beard

    Yeah..Donna is awesome! She/he is as cool as Monroe!!

    DW, I won't become a "Donna" obsessed-person-human-thing
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    But Donna is now Witch Spongicus. She is now Donna Cruz.
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