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Best and Worst of each seasons.

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    [1]Jun 10, 2014
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    Put down a list of your favorite and least favorite of each seasons (NOTE: I didn't really like any of th episodes in seasons 6 and onward. So even if I rank a specific episode of the season as my favorite, that dosen't really mean I like it.)


    Favorite: Pizza Delivery

    Least Favorite: Reef Blowers


    Favorites: WTTCB/Band Geeks (Can't pick one).

    Least Favorite: Jellyfish Hunter


    Favorite: Chocolate With Nuts

    Least Favorite: Krabby Land


    Favorite: Krusty Towers

    Least Favorites: Good Neighbors/All That Glitters (read my favorites season 2).


    Favorite: Roller Cowards

    Least Favorite: Fungus Among Us


    Favorite: Tough, but........... Sand Castles in the Sand.

    Least Favorite: Boating Buddies


    Favorite: Tunnel of Glove

    Least Favorite: One Coarse Meal


    Favorite: Smoothe Jazz in Bikini Bottom (Yes, your eyes are not broken. I said that).

    Least Favorite: Face Freeze!


    Favorite: Out of the ones I watched, Plankton's Pet.

    Least Favorite: Little Yellow Book (SB, You're Fired! a close second.)

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    [3]Jun 26, 2014
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    Season 1:

    Favourite: F.U.N

    Least Favourite: Reef Blowers

    Season 2:

    Favourite: Christmas Who?

    Least Favourite: I'm With Stupid

    Season 3:

    Favourite: Chocolate with Nuts

    Least Favourite: The Sponge Who Could Fly

    Season 4:

    Favourite: Krusty Towers

    Least Favourite: All that Glitters

    Season 5:

    Favourite: Roller Cowards

    Least Favourite: Atlantis Squarepantis

    Season 6:

    Favourite: Sand Castles in The Sand

    Least Favourite: Pet or Pests

    Season 7:

    Favourite: The Abrasive Side

    Least Favourite: One Coarse Meal

    Season 8:

    Favourite: Treats!

    Least Favourite: Squidward's School for Grown-ups

    Season 9:

    Favourite: License to Milkshake

    Least Favourite: Spongebob, You're Fired

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    [4]Nov 2, 2014
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    Season 1 Favorite: SB-129

    Least Favorite: Don't Know

    Season 2 Favorite: Band Geeks

    Least Favorite: I'm With Stupid

    Season 3 Favorite: Chocalte with Nuts

    Least Favorite: The Great Snail Race

    Season 4 Favorite: Krusty Towers

    Least Favorite: The Gift of Gum

    Season 5 Favorite: Friend or Foe

    Least Favorite: Breath of Fresh Squidward

    Season 6 Favorite: Sand Castles in the Sand

    Least Favorite: Gone

    Season 7 Favorite: Squidward in Clarinet Land

    Least Favorite: A Pal For Gary

    Season 8 Favorite: It's A SpongeBob Christmas

    Least Favorite: Are You Happy Now?

    Season 9 Favorite So Far: Plankton's Pet

    Least Favorite: SpongeBob Your'e Fired

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