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    SPDShadowRanger wrote:
    Either some Airbenders just never came out of hiding until recently or Harmonic Convergence caused a shift.
    It's the latter. By any means, I'm just glad that there are more airbenders now and that not all air nomads in the future will be related to Avatar Aang.

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    The new air benders showing up does make Aang's family situation sadder. I understood why Aang spent so much more time with Tenzin to ensure the air element survived and Avatar Cycle continued on and that duty unfortunately put too much pressure on Tenzin and made Kya and Bumi feel neglected by him. Now these new air benders are created thanks to Harmonic Convergence makes that work for not. If this happened within Aang's life time things with his kids might have turned out differently. It kind sucks our main protagonists from the original series inadvertently passed on with so many issues with his kids.

    It validates his reasoning for not wanting to be Avatar. In a way it had negative consequences on his home life. That makes mesad since Aang was a nice guy at heart.

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