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  • Good show

    Seasons 1-3 were cool and fun to watch. I also thought Seasons 4-5 were good, but not as good as Seasons 1-3. Then came Season 6 (the worst season of the show) and the show went down the drain. Thank god Sponge Out of Water and Season 9B came and fixed the show back to its original roots. I thought Seasons 10-12 were great. For me, the best season is Season 10, which feels like Pre-Movie, but better.
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  • Newest Episodes Not As Good

    I have always loved this little cartoon. It has been cute, creative, and entertaining with good dialogue. The recent, new episodes are more sight gags with inane dialogue, and the characters are more two-dimensional with little plot, going in many directions. Are there new people working on This show? It seems so. Who is the storyboard editorsomeone new?
  • I love this show.

    One of the best shows ever since the last 20 years. I understand that the show is very flawed but it's still good as it usually is.
  • Trying too hard with the weird animation

    Don't get me wrong I've watched this since I was a little kid. The animation in these recent episodes though have become terrible . You guys are trying way to hard to mix it up for the kids now. The original way without the extreme weird faces and such was the best the show has been. recently though I believe you are making it go downhill .
  • An amazing show, without seasons 4(kinda)-8

    Spongebob is a show that I have been watching ever since I was really young. And even to this day, I love the show! Quality episodes, clever comedy, and relatable characters. The only exceptions to my statement is some of season 4, all of seasons 5-8, and a few episodes of 9. Other than that, you got yourself an amazing show to watch.
  • Brilliant Show

    This Is My Next Review After Dreamworks Animation 2001 Movie Called Shrek , This Is A Fun Show To Watch I Enjoy Watching SpongeBob SquarePants Like All The Time Good Humour And Fantastic Acting, This Show Is Awesome, I Remember Watching This And Drake And Josh When I Was Young
  • Started off fantastic, lost it's charm seasons 4-8, got back on its feet season 9-present

    SpongeBob started off as my favorite show on Nickelodeon. It had likable characters, fun storylines, beautiful animation, and great humor (My favorite episodes BTW were "Band Geeks" and "Life of Crime"). Originally the show was supposed to end after the movie in 2004 until greedy Nickelodeon decided to renew it because of it's rising popularity, which ended up in Stephen Hillenburg and his beloved writing team leaving the show. This is where SpongeBob began to flush down the toilet. SpongeBob went from a nice friendly sea sponge who cared deeply about his friends to an annoying over exaggerated idiot who cries a lot of the time. Patrick went from stupid but in a funny way to a bigger idiot and not in a funny way. Squidward went from cranky to still cranky but with a more violent tone. Mr Krabs went from greedy but still caring towards his employees and daughter Pearl to a cheap, greedy, cruel, heartless monster with no respect for anyone but money, to the point where he became one of the most unlikable characters on television. Sandy was the only likable character in the newer seasons, despite being more into science and less into karate like the older seasons. The humor began to rely more on gross out humor (look at The Splinter for example), and the plots focused more on the Krusty Krab vs The Chum Bucket and less on creative and original storylines like the earlier seasons. Then came the sequel to the first movie, and the original creator Stephen Hillenburg returned as the show's creator. From this point on, SpongeBob has risen back on it's feet and became the legendary cartoon it once was. The plots nowadays tend to focus on new and original plots like "What would happen if you had Life Insurance underwater?" or "What would happen if you could drive a bubble boat". If you haven't seen seasons 9 or 10, definitely check them out. I'm glad this show got good again, and I look forward to seeing where future seasons take us, as well as the third movie in 2019. Seasons 1-3: 10/10, Seasons 4-8: 5/10, Seasons 9-present: 9/10
  • I Do Pretend like Post-Movie SpongeBob Doesn't Exist.

    Kind of like Ed, Edd, n Eddy, this show is a big part of my childhood, right down to the toys and VHS tapes.

    I did like the originality of this show, yes there have been films about animated fish, but not exactly with the other sea creatures including the squid and the starfish.

    It truly is a comedic marvel, more in the sense that the delivery of the lines for many of the episodes worked wonderfully.

    I also enjoyed the fact that the first season was traditional animation, it's actually a reason why season 1 is a personal favorite.

    One footnote though is that this show has been running in production for 18 years, it's time to stop.

    There's nothing wrong with reruns, unless a show is a truly dated one, and this show is timeless.

    I do wish, in that sense, that more of the old Nicktoons would get their reruns on TV too.

    My suggestion, overall: Check out the first 3 seasons of Spongebob, then the first movie, and if you would like, check out the other seasons and the second movie.

    Originality is a key factor with this show.

    3.5/4 Stars
  • best show ever

    this show is so good and funny i love it so much. it is the best show and i love it. i watch it all day long with the aventures of sponge bob and patrick and squid ward and sandy and mr crabs. they do funny stuff i laugh so much. i wanna visit them and say hi, and wed go on big aventures and have lots of fun. itd be the best day ever haha that was a song wow! i love this so much and i am so exited for new eps. the graphics are good and they are really funny and happy and i like this show. i would watch a spongebob channel all day if there was one. hahahaha good show please watch it youll love it
  • It went back on track!

    The show became great again after it's downfall during seasons 6-8, thanks to Stephen Hillenburg coming back.

    I have one sad note for you: Stephen Hillenburg has been diagnosed with ALS. Let us all pray that he would be cured and best his best of luck. If he dies, the show should too. Like Apple, they can't continue without him, if they do, it will become shit again.
  • A Lifetime Fan

    I really love the series, sure it was horrible at seasons 6-7, but it's improving now, just like seasons 1, 2 and 3. I hope it stays this way.
  • Warrants a '3' for its grand total of three good seasons out of its ten.

    Season 10 combines the immaturity of the titular character from seasons 4-6 and the absence of wit from seasons 7-9, so there's that.

  • Everytime I watch this I feel my IQ drop and I feel it is low enough

    It's hard to avoid this show especially when it is constantly thrown in your face and shoved down your throat. It is so overrated. I never could stand this show. Even more this show has plunged Nickelodeon into a major dark age that they are now emerging out of. Still I see way too much yellow. Yeah I'm well aware of how popular SpongeBob is but even the majority of fans out there would prefer less of it and more variety on Nickelodeon. Yeah they love but most would like the poor sponge be given a break. Most of the fans have become semi rabid and take it way too seriously and developed shorter attention spans too. I really don't recommend this show to young children due to much of the content. A lot of dark themes like murder plotting and suicide are featured. Even more all the main characters have been downgraded to being so one sided and going from funny dumb to just plain dumb and annoying. Plus there was an episode about SpongeBob getting a splinter and how gross and disgusting it gets. In fact there are quite a few gross out moments. The only reason why this show is still highly rated other than the plethora near brainless fans is that most of these reviews are based on the quality of the first few seasons and some on the latest seasons with the creator returned probably to restore this show to some of its former glory and quality. Nickelodeon needs to finish this show and find some new ideas and talent. You know it's bad when close to 90% of the programming consists of SpongeBob and there's no special reason for the marathon but because the network is so hyperfocused on it.
  • This score is for seasons 1-3 only

    Back in the early 00's, SpongeBob was one of the best cartoons that have ever existed. The characters were all likable and hilarious (Especially Patrick), the animation looked great (and it still does), but what I loved most about the older seasons was not just the humor, the humor was mostly jokes that both adults and kids can enjoy, mostly due to so much originality in the writing and the storylines that led to great humor as an outcome. Even adults would find the humor funny too, because there were so many quotes and scenes that we could repeat multiple times, yet never get tired or bored of the joke, because they work so well. My only problems is that in occasional episodes, you can expect the characters to be out of character and mean spirited, like the episode where Patrick has his parents over and constantly teases SpongeBob, which is why my score for the older seasons is slightly low. Besides that flaw, SpongeBob was still the best show to date back in the early 2000's, and even nowadays I still enjoy watching them on my own time. Now, onto the newer seasons... Ever since Stephen Hillenburg left, the show has lost a lot of it's charm that the old episodes had. The old episodes had original plots that lead to great humor and great morals for children. The new episodes focus on either The Krusty Krab vs. The Chum Bucket (mostly), Squidward Abuse, Mr. Krabs's greediness, or Sandy's science experiments. Also, the characters aren't the same as they used to be, and the gags in the new episodes for the most part are gross out humor jokes or offensive jokes like blowing whistles near hospital patients at risk of dying. On the bright side, the animation still looks amazing, if not better than the older seasons, there are still some good episodes airing without the cons I mentioned, and I enjoy the new hawaiian music the creators have worked on. But overall the new episodes really aren't the same as the older ones. They aren't terrible like most people say they are, but they're alright IMO. If I were to rate the older seasons I would rate them 9.5/10, but the newer seasons get a 6/10. I will use the older seasons rating for this review because I love them so damn much!
  • This show is great.

    I love this show despite the show going somewhat downhill in the Post-Movie era in my opinion.
  • SpongeBob's like a rollercoaster, up, down, then up again

    I think SpongeBob is a nice show, it gets a 10 even though from seasons 4-7 it doesn't deserve that rating, but ESPECIALLY in season 6. I'm going to review all of the seasons now, and share my slightly uncommon opinion on the show.

    Season 1: A very solid season, it's a good season despite some letdowns like Jellyfishing.

    Season 2: Even better than the first season, it had a few duds (like Wormy) but it was all around great.

    Season 3: The best season of SpongeBob. It has my favorite episode Chocolate With Nuts.

    Season 4: Eh, it's alright, but not like what is was in the previous three seasons.

    Season 5: It's pretty average like Season 4. It's not bad but below the quality of the first three seasons.

    Season 6: The worst season of SpongeBob, hands down.

    Season 7: Also a pretty rough season. Not far off season 6.

    Season 8: Getting better, with episodes that seem like Seasons 1-3.

    Season 9: A very good season that's on par with the Hillenburg era.

    As you can see, the show was on edge in seasons 4-7, but it's gotten much better after that. Finny Sohr, out.
  • Best Show ever

    3 of the seasons are great but the most part about Spongebob, the big fame is finally came with one of the best shows in the world but most of the episodes are still clever but the show is okay :)
  • Cultural icon.

    Let's face it, Spongebob is the most culturally relevant phenomenon ever, period. Its quotability is through the roof.
  • Best Children's Show in History

    I grew up during the golden age of SpongeBob SquarePants. I loved almost every episode in the first three seasons. Compelling characters, spot-on comedy, touching moments, wacky antics, etc. This show had everything. SpongeBob has absolutely become an icon in pop culture. He's charming, fun-loving, and ,overall, a good sponge. Patrick may not be the brightest star in the sea, but his love for fun and loyalty to SpongeBob makes him lovable. Squidward may be a jerk, but he's a lovable jerk. Sandy is my favorite character. She's smart, fun, athletic... she's just a really cool squirrel. Mr. Krabs, although greedy, still has a heart that makes him favorable. Plankton is a villain we all love to hate/hate to love. Gary is hard not to love. He's cute, intelligent, and a loyal pet to our favorite underwater sponge.

    Let's not forget about the first movie. My family and I went to see it in the theater and I loved it. It reminds us why we loved the show.

    Yes, SpongeBob SquarePants has gone downhill after the movie. Season 4 was almost as admirable as the first three, but every other season lacked the heart and charm that show originally showed us. Still, there is no denying that any SpongeBob episode, old or new, is fun to watch. The golden era of the show may have ended with the first movie, but this show will always have a special place in my heart. Long Live SpongeBob!

    My Favorite Episode: "Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy V"
  • I Love SpongeBob, Both Old and New!

    I remember when I first heard of SpongeBob. I was a little kid and I did not like SpongeBob at first, but then it became my favorite cartoon to this day. I am glad that the show was revived after the movie and I think that it is a success. I get angry whenever anyone says that the show has gone or is going downhill. While I respect the post-movie haters' opinions, the "Old SpongeBob vs New SpongeBob" thing is getting real annoying and even depressing for the true fans.

    My favorite character on the show is SpongeBob because of his good nature, innocence, and work eithic. Both him and Patrick are funny. My least favorite character is Mr. Krabs because all he cares about is money, but I also dislike Plankton because all he cares about is the formula.

    The episodes are well written. They have great storylines and funny moments. Some moments are also tearjerking and/or heartwarming.

    Overall, SpongeBob is a great show for kids, teens, and even adults to enjoy. I also love the writers and animators for making such an amazing cartoon.

    Edit: I just want to let the post-movie critics, whom I threatened, that I am sorry for threatening you guys. I respect your opinion on SpongeBob. It was wrong to let my anger get out of hand and I apologize for that. I really feel terrible for what I have done. I will not do that ever again.
  • Spongebob Squarepants Seasons 1-3

    The only seasons I like is 1-3, Then everything changed the only season I hate is 7 because everything got downhill and I hope season 10 turnout but for now I still like the First Three seasons of Spongebob?

    The quality of the show has really declined over the years but its still an awesome show.
  • Kids are getting to be idiots

    So, kids love Spongebob Squarepants but they don't understand what watching that show is doing to there brain cells. I am 13 and in to college courses and 1 high school course and all advanced classes. I have never watched cartoons but my brother and sister do and they watch Spongebob Squarepants and they are in the 5th and 7 th grade and r as dumb as rocks. They don't understand the concept of things not being OK to watch and it's getting worse. Fun fact about Spongebob Squarepants is that you lose 2 IQ points for each episode you watch and some adult watch the show and might not be affected but kids are because there brains aren't fully grown.
  • This show was okay before the first movie.

    This was one of my favorite late childhood shows of the late 90s-early 2000s UNTIL the movie came along, the writers slowly began to use overused tropes :/ which several people pointed out *Cough Mr ENTER Cough* Though Its still decent as long as you avoid the REALLY bad episodes. The two worst episodes are "House Fancy" and "The Splinter" AVOID THEM LIKE THE PLAGUE. unless you like gross-out imagery or watching Squidward lose a toenail by the titular character not paying attention.
  • Even the new ones are good.

    Compared to the other garbage on is still really good. The new episodes get way too much hate.
  • hate it

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  • Painful repetition for all ages

    Yes! No matter what age you are, you will be surely annoyed by how many times the same episode is aired on this channel.
  • I miss the old one FANS PLEASE READ WHAT I AM SAYING

    This used to be a very popular cartoon (somewhat still is) that was talked about around a very large group of an old and young demographic. Slid after the movie was a hit. have not watched it since October 27th 2010. It made new comedy, jokes, plot lines not seen in other cartoons. It had mature jokes that a 12 year old and even a 35 year old could laugh at. It was fresh, every episode used to be an adventure. After 2004 it slowly creeped into poor quality. It was a "glory days" Nickelodeon type of cartoon. Its not anymore. Its a bit dead. Even the recent 2nd film proved that point even more, it just not good anymore.
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