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  • I miss the old one FANS PLEASE READ WHAT I AM SAYING

    This used to be a very popular cartoon (somewhat still is) that was talked about around a very large group of an old and young demographic. Slid after the movie was a hit. have not watched it since October 27th 2010. It made new comedy, jokes, plot lines not seen in other cartoons. It had mature jokes that a 12 year old and even a 35 year old could laugh at. It was fresh, every episode used to be an adventure. After 2004 it slowly creeped into poor quality. It was a "glory days" Nickelodeon type of cartoon. Its not anymore. Its a bit dead. Even the recent 2nd film proved that point even more, it just not good anymore.
  • Gettin kinda ***gy fer me

    Don't know why this bs keeps gettin gayer and gayer with these dickmunches huggin all up on eachother why doesn't nickelodean just say hey "***s are ok now" bc i sware ill rape ur mum nickelodean
  • I love Spongebob, but he really needs to go to rest.

    Yes, he needs. The new episodes are awful. Seasons 1-5 were great, they were awesome. Seasons 6-to now: GODAWFUL. (Well, I've heard that Hillenburg is back, so there are decent episodes again. I will watch them But anyways, overall, it is a great show and one of my favorite cartoons, next to FOP. I really love SBSP, but he needs to go to rest. Nickelodeon can't rely on him forever, you know.
  • Not as good as the old episodes

    When I was a kid, SpongeBob was completely different. Maybe it was better, maybe it wasn't. No matter what your opinion is on SpongeBob today, we all know that it has changed. It's just my opinion, but the older episodes are much better than the current ones. I find the newer episodes a little more vulgar and uncomfortable than the older ones. The older episodes have a charm that I just can't explain, and I'm sure than any other long time fan of the show would agree with me. I can't speak for everyone. If you want to introduce your kids to SpongeBob for the first time, then perhaps it would be best to find some of the old episodes online to show them. I do, however, understand that children's cartoons have changed over time. Maybe this generation of kids wouldn't appreciate the old cartoons like I did growing up. The current cartoons just seem to have less love put into them. But hey, that's just my opinion. At least I can remember the show for what it was.
  • A really good show.

    Spongebob has been my favorite show as a kid. The humor is amazing and has me laughing on the floor all the time. I do agree that the show may have many bad episodes and declined over the years, but 2015 is where it all changes, the show brought back all the old writers and have redeemed themselves. The first five seasons were really good. Season 6 is where the quality and animation has gotten worse. Season 7 is when the show produced some of the best specials. Season 8 went back on track. Season 9 is just as glorious as the first three seasons. Overall, this show is amazing and I'd recommend it to adults and kids. This show may have its up and downs, but doesn't change the fact that's it awesome!!!
  • i hate him always did from day one

    Sponge bob id one of the crappiest shows on Nick theirs no plot no story and sponge bobs laugh is annoying as heck i don;t watch it but i do like Squiidward, Patrick cause he stupid plankton MR Crabs and hate every one else besides the peeps i just mentioned
  • Still an Amazing Show.

    Spongebob is amazing and forever WILL be amazing. Sure, it has had some terrible episodes and declined a little. But every show has those episodes and moments. If you watch the earlier Spongebob episodes, you will laugh hard. It is filled with amazing humor, fun characters, and an amazing environment. If you want to look at Spongebob's golden years. Watch seasons 1-3. You'll see what I mean.
  • spongebob

    Love this show. Best cartoon ever. 21 don't care lol. My #1 show .
  • Has improved.

    I'll be the first to admit that I still laugh along with the old episodes. Seasons 1-3 were golden, and I still have a DVD of seasons 1-2 to this day. It started to become bad around seasons 5-7, although some of the recent seasons have improved drastically. There is some good humor in there again, not boring and dry concepts like seasons 6-7. I am not a fan of the newer animations, but I guess that just goes along with the switch to HD.
  • 50 years from now, this show will be known as a classic gem

    Literally has been one of my favorite television shows since I was still in diapers. The comedy of the show is so well-thought out that not only kids get a kick out of it, but adults as well. Yes, the show has been going downhill recently, but no other children's cartoon can ever reach the popularity that this one has built.
  • Iconic for a good reason.

    I love this show.
  • Seasons 1-4 were good 5+ were HORRIBLE!

    Spongebob old: Cared for people,funny,happy go lucky. Spongebob new:Annoying,makes you mad,creepy.

    Squidward old:Grumpy,annoyed,tries to have fun/peace. Squidward new:Same.

    Patrick:Slow,funny,has his smart moments. Patrick new:Brain Dead,a jerk,annoying.

    Mr. Krabs old:Cared for workers,liked money,rich. Mr. Krabs new: Drives people to suicide,jerk,cannot pay a $1.

    Sandy old:smart,likes karate. Sandy new:Barley get to see her anymore.

    Plankton old:Evil,Smart. Plankton new:Same

    Gary old:Pet. Gary new:Same


    S2:The best

    S3:Also great




    S7:Also AWFUL!

    S8:Some good and some bad

    S9:Going uphill
  • Varying Quality

    Season 1-3+1st Movie: Fantastic

    Season 4: Great

    Season 5: Good but not great

    Season 6: Very bad.

    Season 7: Some to watch but even worse than season 6

    Season 8: Some bad and some good, compare to season 5

    Season 9: Stepping up, becoming better

    Sponge Out of Water: Great but not better than the first

    Season 10: Hopefully the funny comedy will finally come back

    Good series, bad flaws in later years, but there's time to fix everything!

  • Love spongebob

    The best show ever!!
  • The old seasons were the best, but the show declined!

    The show has been hit-or-miss (mostly miss) ever since the movie! But the old episodes were always a hit! Also, this is the only show I still watch these days besides Liv and Maddie. I mostly watch for reruns of the classics, but sometimes I watch one just to criticize it. I recently watched one called The Sewers of Bikini Bottom and it was awful! It was also paired with another episode I didn't like (Patrick! The Game). I rate this show a 9.5 for the good episodes. If all episodes were as good as Band Geeks, Texas, Chocolate with Nuts, and other classics, I'd give it a perfect 10. This is the only show still on TV besides Liv and Maddie that's worth watching. At least I can still watch the classics.
  • Horrible, Bad for kids

    SpongeBob ruins kids brains and lowers grades in school. Plus it's such a stupid show with barely any story.
  • Great again.

    The new episodes are like the old ones. The animation is back, the crew, and the plot. Some episodes are actually better than the old ones.
  • SpongeBob is about a gay sponge who kills people and murders people thanks to Squidward's poop

    Sup. SPONGEBOB SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think he is gay and evil and you better watch better shows like Postcards from Baxter, Sanjay and Craig, and Breadwinners. Everyone on this show is on crack and I love it so much it is a bay show cancel it nickelodeon.
  • The newer seasons don`t Reach the expectations of the show .

    That is the problem i love spongebob as much as the next guy but the writes are changing the character out looked. for one of your example spongebob is usually always in his face until it physically sounds like a is Mr krabs is getting cheaper and cheaper till the point were he breaks in houses and goes to court repeatedly and almost never suffer any consequences i`m not criticizing it just that after Hillenburg left it honestly started to go down hill ,yeah i know it has some good episodes but some can really be annoying like that song chorus when sang like he was some sponge Jesus or what ever but in the long run spongebob will go off-air if it doesn`t improved
  • Like the Sponge stopped caring about life.

    Agrees with the comments below. Just not as good as before the original movie came out. Sad.
  • Oh lord, I dont like the new stuff...

    The new episodes are not fun to watch anymore, I just watched it with little cousin and it isn't thank great as It was long ago.
  • This cartoon has always been consistent!

    Ever since it first premiered in 99 it captured the hearts of millions! It is the longest running Nicktoon ever! That alone means it is consistently delivering! Voice acting: 10

    Older seasons were better but the newer ones are still on par!

    Plots: 10

    Characters: All are lovable! 10

    Suggestions: Try to make this the longest running cartoon ever!
  • My attitude to this cartoon

    A thoughtful and inventive cartoon about a hopelessly optimistic sea sponge like watching it.
  • I feel embarrassed for yhe person who won't admit this show isn't good anymore

    When I hear about SpongeBob, I think of the biggest fucking grace fall from television history. The show was the master of fucking comedy in its hey-day. It was brilliant as a cartoon for a night after a long day for everyone to watch and as a Saturday Morning cartoon for the whole fam. Nowadays it has episodes that make Everybody Fucking Hates Goddamn Chris look appealing.

    Seasons 1-3

    The characters were likeable and very well developed (you could actually relate to them sometimes), the stories were actually creative, appealing and made sense, the jokes were good, the adult references were really clever(sexual innuendos, drug references) some of them even take someone up to a college level to get them , there were memorable secondary characters, the animation was unique in a very good way, the slapstick left people of all ages in stitches, and the voice acting was astonishing.

    Seasons 4-half of season 5

    A little step down from the previous seasons. SpongeBobs IQ definitely declined, his voice is a little off, some of the characters personalities were exaggerated, the adult jokes became much more subtle, the animation became a little wacky and some of the plots were a bit more childish compared to before but there were at least some decent episodes with decent jokes. Some episodes were good, some were really bad and some were there were questionable moments such as when SpongeBob was nude and in public and an old woman smiled at him (wtf? SpongeBob must have a nice one) and when SpongeBob giggled after a French guy kissed his cheek...

    Second Half of Season 5-9

    The characters are no longer likeable in any way (they are all flanderized to the point some seem like their on crack), the stories are terrible, not smart and completely unappealing, the so called "jokes' are too childish and terrible, there are no adult references except for suggestions that SpongeBob is gay, the new animation is way too steril and very uninspired, and there is a few additions to the series that was a HUGE mistake and they should have never added grossout gags, violence and cruelty. This was seriously a huge fucking mistake and I hope the writers get fired for it. For example, there are scenes that involve characters getting skinned revealing their muscles blood vessels and tendons , Patrick putting ketchup on a dirty diaper, SpongeBob getting an infected splinter with massive amounts of puss leaking out into Mr. krab's face, Squidwards toenail being ripped off showing blood, plots about Mr. Krabs becoming a psychotic stalker over a stupid penny, Mrs. Puff trying to violently kill SpongeBob, Squidwards dreams being crushed or Squidward being brutally abused until you question how is he still alive, Sandy telling SpongeBob to be nude in front of an audience so she can clone him nude (we get it SpongeBob is sexy, she might as well jerk him off), Squidward being depressed about hating his life and even Plankton having suicidal thoughts. Wtf???? Would you really see that on a family oriented cartoon or a Saturday morning cartoon? These seasons aren't appropriate for any age since mixing such childish subject matter with bad morals violence and gross out humor doesn't seem to fit in any goddamn age group.

    SpongeBob literally went from the Bugs Bunny of our generation to transforming into an abomination that is completely embarrassing to watch. Stephen Hillenburg should not have quit as showrunner cuz if I were him and saw this happen to my creation, I would be deeply ashamed and try to buy it back for good.

    Not even The Simpsons fell this badly even though that hasn't been very good for years it is still much better than this shit. I dont plan on checking out the second spongebob movie anytime soon and am not looking forward to season 10 either because I am not even the least fucking interested.
  • SpongeBob SquarePants

    Season 1: Awesome

    Season 2: Awesome

    Season 3: Awesome

    SpongeBob Movie: Awesome

    Season 4: Good for the most part

    Season 5: Decent at best, but still bad

    Season 6: Bad

    Season 7: Horrible

    Season 8: Horrible

    Season 9: It was better than 6, 7, & 8, but still had some bad episodes. Decent at best.

    SpongeBob Movie 2: Really good

    Season 10: TBC...
  • Grew up with love it.

    Spongebob Squarepants is one of the best things to ever come out of animation. But it isn't perfect. I love this grew up with it all of the time. But I slowly see our favorite sponge slipping down. The first 3 seasons are with laughter and characters we love to this day. And to top it off the movie is probably the best movie to pop out of Viacom. Seasons 4 and 5 aren't didn't top seasons 1-3. Then...6 and above just went so badly. Seasons 6-9 offered so many bad episodes and unfunny the characters aren't as cunning as they were back then. But I still love Spongebob and will always tune in when it's on, New or Not. I hope they don't mess up season they will learn from 6-9.
  • love it so much!

    I grew up with this show. I love the episodes. I even like the new episodes
  • Evolution of Spongebob

    I don't know what else to write so this is what I will say.

    Seasons 1-3: Almost flawless! Almost every episode was flawless with the exception of 1 or 2.

    Spongebob Movie: One of the best Nickelodeon movies of all time.

    Season 4: Very good, however it was not nearly as good as previous seasons.

    Seasons 5-6: Much worse than Season 4. Decent at best.

    Seasons 7-8: Very, very, very bad. There were way too many bad episodes.

    Season 9: Much like seasons 5 and 6, it was decent.

    Spongebob Movie 2: Pretty good, but not nearly as good as the original movie.

    Season 10: Hopefully better than Season 9 was. Not saying season 9 was bad, but I hope this is better.
  • Best Cartoon that turns into the wrost since the recent season

    Spongebob was one of the best shows that Nick aired! but the recent of the' show's seasons is not good

    i really can't stand the way they turn to show today, why rated it 9/10? well i really like that show back then and yes some episode that aired after movie where good! but it not as good as it should be, but fans really enjoy the show before and today.
  • Why yall got to hate on spongey the bob?

    How could anyone not like Spongebob? Have you hit your head on a brick? SpongeBob is the shit and always will be. Sure it hasn't been to my liking in the last couple seasons, but a few crappy seasons ain't gonna make me dislike the show. It made up my childhood and probably most of yours as well. So go hate on another show that deserves it such as Shake It Up or Big Time Rush.
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