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  • love it so much!

    I grew up with this show. I love the episodes. I even like the new episodes
  • Evolution of Spongebob

    I don't know what else to write so this is what I will say.

    Seasons 1-3: Almost flawless! Almost every episode was flawless with the exception of 1 or 2.

    Spongebob Movie: One of the best Nickelodeon movies of all time.

    Season 4: Very good, however it was not nearly as good as previous seasons.

    Seasons 5-6: Much worse than Season 4. Decent at best.

    Seasons 7-8: Very, very, very bad. There were way too many bad episodes.

    Season 9: Much like seasons 5 and 6, it was decent.

    Spongebob Movie 2: Pretty good, but not nearly as good as the original movie.

    Season 10: Hopefully better than Season 9 was. Not saying season 9 was bad, but I hope this is better.
  • Best Cartoon that turns into the wrost since the recent season

    Spongebob was one of the best shows that Nick aired! but the recent of the' show's seasons is not good

    i really can't stand the way they turn to show today, why rated it 9/10? well i really like that show back then and yes some episode that aired after movie where good! but it not as good as it should be, but fans really enjoy the show before and today.
  • Why yall got to hate on spongey the bob?

    How could anyone not like Spongebob? Have you hit your head on a brick? SpongeBob is the shit and always will be. Sure it hasn't been to my liking in the last couple seasons, but a few crappy seasons ain't gonna make me dislike the show. It made up my childhood and probably most of yours as well. So go hate on another show that deserves it such as Shake It Up or Big Time Rush.
  • Mr. Krabs's review

    Hello, I am Eugene Krabs! Owner of the Krusty Krab, and the review to our reality?? Oh sure, i love money, and i have two hardworking employees, SpongeBob and Squidward. Watching our customers pay me money is my favorite thing working at the business, but of course my arch rival Plankton has to ruin it for me. Selling chum that tastes like barnacles and wants to steal the secret formula. But i keep it in a special safe in my office. . Do not tell Plankton about this review, or he'll have an easy route to steal the secret formula.
  • Spongebob is sinking down.

    Renember the Golden Age of Spongebob? Those 3 first seasons? Those where what made Spongebob famous. I used to speak with my friends about this all the time. Untill the leap of faith came.

    This show ended in 2005 after the movie. After that, Hillenburg left and they hired this other guy that fucked up Spongebob. He renewed it and put it back up. BAD MISTAKE.

    Spongebob is dead now. All we have is the show's spirit giving it its last. I just know Spongebob, FOP, Breadwinners and Sanjay and Craig are going in the crapper by the next 5 months.

    By then, Nick will be out of ideas.

    EDIT 29/03/2015: I went to check out the splinter, one coarse meal and house fancy on youtube, because everyone said they are the worst episodes ever and I went to find out why. Why did the writers actually think that a splinter getting hammered in someone's finger is funny? And what's so funny about someone trying to make another commit suicide?? Plus, dat toenail ripping scene just made me cringe.

  • <3 i loveeeeeeeeeeeeee

    I love sponge bob *--* <3
  • Pretty excited

    Can you believe that they are making a new season!?!?! I am so excited, yet i can tell the episodes are gonna be stupid......
  • Unfortunately, it's just not as good anymore.

    SpongeBob SquarePants is considered one of the greatest cartoons ever made. I certainly never missed a chance to see it when I was a kid. It was one of the best cartoons I'd ever seen. It had the funniest characters, an original plot, and they always went on crazy, funny adventures. Unfortunately, the show is far past it's prime.

    If I were to rate the first three seasons of SpongeBob than it would have a perfect 10. But the show has just fallen from grace since being revived. It's not bad, its just pretty obvious that the writers are running out of good ideas. Just like Fairly Odd Parents, SpongeBob was cancelled, then it was brought back for more seasons. When that happened, the show started to go south. Again, not to the point where it's completely bad, it's just not nearly as good as it was. The characters haven't changed (Thank God!), except for maybe Mr. Crabs who got even more greedy, if that's even possible. But the art style is different than what it was, and the animation doesn't seem nearly as energetic as it used to be. And... neither really look that good.

    Apart from those, there isn't really much more to say. SpongeBob SquarePants was a once legendary cartoon, that unfortunately went a little downhill since getting a new team of writers and different animation. But it's still a great show for kids, and it's still by far the best show on Nickelodeon right now.
  • The first three seasons gave me my childhood... what happened?

    Now hear me out, the reason this show is getting a 3/10 is because only 3/10 seasons were good.

    It's incredibly sad how awful this once hilarious and legendary show has become. Most of the time, when people reference SpongeBob, they reference the old episodes. You know why? They were good.

    NONE, and I mean, NONE of the new episodes are worth your investment. Other people saying this new seasons are great are obviously high. Please, just go support the first three seasons, with it's well-done jokes and social commentary, and do not pop in an episode from Season 6... like The Splinter. God, just thinking about it makes me want to vomit.
  • I Love SpongeBob, Both Old and New!

    I remember when I first heard of SpongeBob. I was a little kid and I did not like SpongeBob at first, but then it became my favorite cartoon to this day. I am glad that the show was revived after the movie and I think that it is a success. I get angry whenever anyone says that the show has gone or is going downhill. While I respect the post-movie haters' opinions, the "Old SpongeBob vs New SpongeBob" thing is getting real annoying and even depressing for the true fans.

    My favorite character on the show is SpongeBob because of his good nature, innocence, and work eithic. Both him and Patrick are funny. My least favorite character is Mr. Krabs because all he cares about is money, but I also dislike Plankton because all he cares about is the formula.

    The episodes are well written. They have great storylines and funny moments. Some moments are also tearjerking and/or heartwarming.

    Overall, SpongeBob is a great show for kids, teens, and even adults to enjoy. I also love the writers and animators for making such an amazing cartoon.

    Edit: I have deleted the last two paragraphs to save room to say that there is a guy on with the username Waterblonk, who has said that anyone who likes New SB should be beaten to a coma. If you subscribed to his channel, you might want to unsubscribe him if you believe that we should respect opinions, regardless of if the person with the said opinion is a post-movie hater or fan. I really felt upset when I found Waterblonk's comment and it hurt my feelings. I HATE THAT MOTHERF*CKER! It's okay to hate new SpongeBob, but you don't have to make me feel bad about it.

    Also, if you have heard about Casey Alexander's harassment on Twitter, last year, and you have an account, you may want to block anyone who has harassed Alexander. That is if you are a post-movie fan and/or think harassing someone over what they wrote is wrong. I hope this never happens again. It is one thing to hate someone's writing, but to harass them? It makes me not want to be in this world anymore.
  • A dumb show with dumb characters

    You better watch Avatar
  • Deserves a good rating.

    I used to watch it all the time. I don't like the new episodes at all. But hey I'm remembering it for what it was.
  • I love it

    First, Spongebob episodes gets even better every time. This show is still kicking butt since the 1990s. I love Spongebob, never gets me bored no matter how many times I've watched an episode over and over again. Second, I love how Spongebob is full of adult jokes/subliminal messages, very well hidden for little kids, amazing how I never noticed any adult joke or strange behavior when a was little. It is good. Sometimes I just hate Mr. Krabs, disgusting personality with the money addiction, makes me want Plankton to really steal the formula sometimes, anyways its good
  • Used to be good, now SUCKS

    Seasons 1-3 used to be decent. Now it SUCKS.
  • Doesn't matter how old you are...

    First off, I'm very nearly 20. And I'll happily admit that I still enjoy to sit down during the evening and watch some spongebob, because it still makes me laugh! I guess I'm incredibly nostalgic as I grew up on spongebob, but still, I hope my inner child remains with me forever. It is a very funny show, and some jokes are obviously aimed at slightly older audiences (after not noticing as a child).

    Best show ever!!!
  • I have been watching "SpongeBob SquarePants" my whole life. And I believe this show is enjoyable for the whole family.

    This show has always been one of my top most FAVORITE tv shows ever in my whole life. These characters have always been amazing:

    *SpongeBob SquarePants- the main protagonist. A childish, goofy, naive, yet kind-hearted sponge.

    *Patrick Star- SpongeBob's dim-witted best friend and neighbor.

    *Squidward Tentacles- a grouchy, cynical, arrogant, misanthropic and quick-tempered squid who's SpongeBob's neighbor.

    *Mr. Krabs- SpongeBob and Squidward's crustacean boss who is somewhat a egotistical, selfish cheapskate.

    *Sandy Cheeks- a smart and athletic squirrel who is SpongeBob's friend and his on-and-off love interest.

    *Sheldon J. Plankton- the main villain. Owner of The Krusty Krab's rival, The Chum Bucket.

    *Gary- SpongeBob's pet snail.

    and more.

    Everything in this show are excellent. Despite how particularly good the show is, there have been several controversies in the series, (that can be unsuitable and disturbing to some viewers) which include: security system gas fire, panty raid, and lastly suicidal behavior & events (which we all know it's NEVER funny, it's 100% serious stuff) But at least the show is still good, no joke about it. I don't care what anyone says, I love all of the old and new SpongeBob episodes. Somewhat like "Family Guy", several people criticized SpongeBob for it's writing and premise. But I know SpongeBob is awesome. I can't believe it's gonna come to an end, it had such a good run. But the one thing I know is, SpongeBob will be one of the shows I find: unforgettable.

    Grade: A++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++-++ and a 10 out of 10.
  • It's the best show everrrrrr !!!!

    Love it! love it! love it! I have been religiously watching since the beginning in 1999 ! I wish they would put new episodes out more often than what they do. I mean we are lucky if we get one or two new episodes a year ! This show always makes me laugh and puts me in a good mood it's kind of sad on my part because I'm almost 30, and I know more of the song lyrics than my 8 year old niece ! I hope they keep this show running for many more years to come!
  • WHAAAAAAA!!!!!! Boring!

    The voice is annoying, the bad words are annoying, everything is annoying. Including the sequel of the terrible spongebob movie that is coming up in February!!! Please DON'T watch this! I do not recommend this show at all because it is terrible and annoying! Don't like his songs either! But Sandy and Pearl are my faves and that is why I rated it a 1.
  • I love it!

    I love Spongebob!It is 1 of my favorite shows!
  • My Favorite Show

    Believe it or not, I found this show more entertaining as I have gotten older. When I was little, I never really liked Spongebob. I thought that the show was really babyish and dumb. Well now, I watch Spongebob every day. Every time I get home from school, I flip to Nickelodeon, and sure enough, I hear "Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?" I will admit it, I have better enjoyment of the older episodes, specifically seasons 2-3, IMO the best of the bunch. I didn't really like season 1 (except for rock bottom and sleepy time, which are my favorite episodes from season 1) for some reason. I happen to be the guy who is "quality rather than quantity" but this is not the case for season 1. It just didn't appeal to me.

    The newer episodes are not that bad IMO. Yes, some are pretty bad and some are just straight up WEIRD (squids visit), but some of the newer episodes are pretty good. While I preferred the old Patrick better, (because lets admit, he wasn't really "dumb" back then) the new Patrick actually makes me laugh. I guess his exaggerated stupidness appeals to me.

    My favorite character is squidward, because I am actually similar to him. I am extremely negative, and I laugh so much when he yells at Spongebob and Patrick. I don't really like Mr. Krabs any more, he is just downright cheap, with a heart of cash and nothing else.

    Now all of these haters saying "durr 1999-2004 are best 2005-present suck" just shut up. Doesn't it seem odd that 98% of these people are saying the exact same thing? Talk about following the crowd. I bet half of you haven't even watched 5 new episodes and for all of the bad episodes, are you just going to criticize the whole series just because of a few bad episodes or seasons? NO! But I guess all of these "fans" will. I'm ashamed of some of these people. And for those criticizing the writers? That's called slander, and for some of you who can't understand big words, that means making "false or damaging statements about someone", which also happens to be illegal. So how about some of you shut your big mouths? It's fine to criticize a show, but its going to far when you're talking smack about the writers. I can guarantee that if some of you were writers, Spongebob wouldn't have gotten past the fourth season.

  • SpongeBob's like a rollercoaster, up, down, then up again

    I think SpongeBob is a nice show, it gets a 10 even though from seasons 4-7 it doesn't deserve that rating, but ESPECIALLY in season 6. I'm going to review all of the seasons now, and share my slightly uncommon opinion on the show.

    Season 1: A very solid season, it's a good season despite some letdowns like Jellyfishing.

    Season 2: Even better than the first season, it had a few duds (like Wormy) but it was all around great.

    Season 3: The best season of SpongeBob. It has my favorite episode Chocolate With Nuts.

    Season 4: Eh, it's alright, but not like what is was in the previous three seasons.

    Season 5: It's pretty average like Season 4. It's not bad but below the quality of the first three seasons.

    Season 6: The worst season of SpongeBob, hands down.

    Season 7: Also a pretty rough season. Not far off season 6.

    Season 8: Getting better, with episodes that seem like Seasons 1-3.

    Season 9: A very good season that's on par with the Hillenburg era.

    As you can see, the show was on edge in seasons 4-7, but it's gotten much better after that. Finny Sohr, out.
  • Spongebob!

    I love Spongebob,but the seasons have been really mixed right now.

    Season 1: Not exactly the best,but the most nostalgic you can get. A good start to a great show.

    Season 2: Fine. It has a lot of good episodes. Even though Band Geeks goes over the top sometimes, Band Geeks is still good and this season is as well.

    Season 3: The all-time great. Celebrating a 3-5 year anniversary,this season contains the greatest episodes,like The Camping Episode and Chocolate With Nuts! I say watch or re-watch this season,this is pure Nostalgia.

    Season 4: You know,with episodes like Good Neighbours,it's a wonder that this season is still good. Only because the so good.

    Season 5: This is really bumpy. Stay away from episodes like Boat Smarts,Night Light, Battle Of bikini Bottom,and the very very dreaded Atlantis Squarepantis.

    Season 6: This has a lot of dread. Stay off from Truth Or Square,it's a shame to watch. The Decade Milestone wasted on a horrible waste of airing time. Stay away from slide Whistle Stooges and The ..... Then there's Gone,that's fine,but sad feeling in the end.

    Season 7: Just stay away! This has One coarse meal and A Pal For Gary! ...

    Season 8:Mixed... I can't give a mark, I don't remember this season at all.

    Season 9: Bumpy as well... I mean with episode like Plankton's Pet,this should be a good season,but there are these problems. Airing Stall,no episodes since February 2014, and overrated specials,like sp9ongebob you're fired.

    Final Mark: This season was great the first 5 years,but after Hillenburg left and gave Paul Tibbitt control,the show went downhill. Because how memorible the first 3 seasons were, I have to give Spongebob a 9 out of 10.
  • Review on SpongeBob

    Overall, I enjoyed this series. However, there are some seasons you MUST stay away from. Here's my thoughts on all the seasons.

    Season 1: Good season, but the 2 ahead of it are better

    Season 2 and 3: This is where all the good stuff is. These are by far the best seasons of SpongeBob. Ask anyone.

    Seasons 4: Still good but not as good as the previous 3.

    Season 5: Sorta good, but STAY AWAY FROM "Boat Smarts" and a couple of other episodes.

    Seasons 6 and 7: Oh god. STAY AWAY FROM THE MAJORITY OF EPISODES IN THESE SEASONS. So stay away from most SpongeBob episodes that aired in 2008-2011. There were some good episodes, but I don't think they're worth having to search through all the garbage in these seasons. If you really want to know the good episodes then just google it.

    Season 8: This is where the show finally stopped being as bad. However, there are some bad episodes still but there not as bad as the atrocious season 6 and 7 episodes

    Season 9: It's not finished yet but it's sorta like season 8 where there were some bad episodes mixed with good episodes.

    Other Notes: I was gonna give this series a 5/10 but since the show managed to climb out of the hole of garbage it was in I gave it a 7/10. Think about it. Most shows that are bad usually stay bad, but this show turned from bad to average (at least it's better than being bad) and for that, SpongeBob, I applaud you. PS Stephen Hillenburg is coming back to write on the show after the movie! Maybe I will edit this review in the future if Stephen makes the show better. :)
  • The kid's best

    This series was my favorite series for eight years. Even now it's still in my top 5 (number 3). Some say the series is only for "little kids" or "immature teenagers". If this is true, I never want to grow up. The series is classic and I think it could compete with the Simpsons or Futurama. The day it comes to an end, so will nick. Seriously, SpongeBob IS nick. Everything else is just unwatchable filler.
  • Funny at first, now very lame.

    This show was my childhood! The first three seasons (specifically Season 3) were HILARIOUS! I would sit there watching it, and I would be on the ground laughing! Now I sit there and almost want to fall asleep. They should've just canceled the series when the producer started running out of ideas.
  • still love it even if it ends

    Some people my agree that spontaneous glory days ended after the movie came out but I still love the show no matter what
  • Best animated show ever!!!!

    At first the program did not interest me much, but over the years has been liking me even more, and has become for me the best animated show in history.

    For many fans, this program went to hell after the first three seasons, but for me I still like the program and honestly, I like more the SpongeBob recent seasons.


    * First season: SpongeBob good season, but nothing to write home about, although the episodes improved from half of the season (7.3)

    * Second season: A lot better than the previous season, the first episodes of this season were among the best ever (8.2)

    * Third season: Not as good as the second, but a good season (8,00)

    * Fourth Season: A season of good episodes (7.8)

    * Fifth season: SpongeBob season with good episodes (7.5)

    * Sixth Season: Like most people, it's my least favorite SpongeBob season, which makes it the worst (6,6)

    * Seventh Season: A season that started worse than sixth (with the worst episode of all time) and thanks to the improved second half of it (7.6)

    * Season Eight: My second favorite SpongeBob season with a good improvement from the last two seasons. (8,00)

    * Ninth season: For now, a best season than the previous one. (8,1)
  • The biggest part of my childhood

    The newer episodes are just ridiculous and intolerable, I'm not gonna go into details on that. But referring to the first 3 seasons, Spongebob has to be the most intelligent, witty, and hilarious kid show to reach television. I loved re watching the episodes over and over when I was younger (I've literally seen them at least 50 times! Lol). Spongebob is just so hilarious and very quotable and iconic. I'm sure years from now it will be more famous than it is now. Spongebob is a hero to people of all ages for his kindness and positive attitude about everything.
  • Mixed Feelings

    Every season has its good episodes and bad episodes. Most of the show's bad episodes are post-movie, and most good ones are pre-movie. However, there are plenty of good post-movie episodes and a few bad pre-movie episodes. There are a lot of bad ones, but the good ones are good enough to keep you interested. Seasonal rot is obvious, but there is a gem here and there.

    This show is a real mixed bag. Chances are you'll get a good episode, and chances are you'll get a bad episode. Each episode either wins or fails in a unique way, I'll give it that, and the episodes are fun to review. It's good.
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