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  • The biggest part of my childhood

    The newer episodes are just ridiculous and intolerable, I'm not gonna go into details on that. But referring to the first 3 seasons, Spongebob has to be the most intelligent, witty, and hilarious kid show to reach television. I loved re watching the episodes over and over when I was younger (I've literally seen them at least 50 times! Lol). Spongebob is just so hilarious and very quotable and iconic. I'm sure years from now it will be more famous than it is now. Spongebob is a hero to people of all ages for his kindness and positive attitude about everything.
  • Mixed Feelings

    Every season has its good episodes and bad episodes. Most of the show's bad episodes are post-movie, and most good ones are pre-movie. However, there are plenty of good post-movie episodes and a few bad pre-movie episodes. There are a lot of bad ones, but the good ones are good enough to keep you interested. Seasonal rot is obvious, but there is a gem here and there.

    This show is a real mixed bag. Chances are you'll get a good episode, and chances are you'll get a bad episode. Each episode either wins or fails in a unique way, I'll give it that, and the episodes are fun to review. It's good.
  • Watching SpongeBob forever and I love it!

    It's a very good show, but they need to make the jokes more appropriate and understandable to children. Also they should make Squidward slightly more optimistic and the pants ripping-butt showing is getting kind of old now. Everyone used to LOVE the old SpongeBob and people thought he was more appropriate, intelligent, funny, and especially less annoying! If the cast is going to keep the show going, they need to bring the old SpongeBob skills back, and the ratings will go higher. Take that into thought SpongeBob cast. :)
  • this is a perfect show

    oh my god, this is the best show on nickelodeon and the earth! every character becides Squdward is my favorite! i like every episode but my main favorites are face freeze and a pal for gary. i always collect spongebob mershandize like t-shirts, legoes, and posters! anyone who dislikes post-movie sponge bob episodes are traitors because this show is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i give this show and every episode a 100/10!
  • In complete honesty, I have stopped watching

    It's getting creepy.
  • It was and is great.

    I like the old episodes better, the new ones aren't that bad, but it is starting to go downhill.

  • *sigh* It used to be the greatest show of all time.

    I remember waking my dad up at like 6:30 in the morning telling him to watch Spongebob with me. We got popcorn and lots of drinks for the weekend just to watch a marathon of Spongebob. We laughed and laughed till we couldn't breathe. Those times made me look a different view in life. Those times before the movie came out. (Season 1-3 were the golden seasons) I was always coming to school with a spongebob T-shirt around. I met lots of friends because of spongebob. We used to hangout after school and sit for hours watching spongebob.

    But that is over now.

    I am crying now because Nickelodean is ruining every single dang show on that channel. (DRAKE & JOSH, INVADER ZIM, THE LAST AIRBENDER??? They had to cancel those! Really? And come on! ICarly wasn't THAT bad! I kinda liked it!) Now they are putting shows that a bunch of toddlers made just for TOILET HUMOR. (Examples: Sanjay and Craig: 95% toliet jokes, Fanboy and Chum Chum: 75% fart humor, Breadlosers- I mean Breadwinners: 100%

    Season 1-3: Highly recommened. If you new to the show (But you really shouldn't be)

    Movie/Season 4: Ehhh... Okay but not as good as the original.

    Season 5-7: Nah. Ingore it. But dont see "One Course Meal" or "House Fancy" (The toenail ripping part should be banned. I got tramatised by that scene

    Season 8-9 (present) : No. Just dont. The episodes dont make sence anymore and Spongebob is a CRYBABY.

    My overall is 5.5

    I'm done

    Bye Nick

    Never watching any of your shows except Legend of Korra and Sam & Kat.
  • Used to be great until the new seasons...

    Yeah, I'm a Spongebob fan since the show aired in 1999, I have to say this, I feel that Seasons 1-3 were awesome pre movie and Stephen Hillenburg was in charge, Now 2004 was ok, They had some fun episodes but the original episodes were the classics Seasons 1-3

    I don't understand why they took out the part in Just One Bite where Squidward gets gasoline poured on him and torched 2 times and In House Fancy they don't edit out that gross toenail scene out

    Nickelodeon needs to get Steven Hillenburg back, The show sucks bad now and I can't stand watching it anymore

    Seasons 1-3 -10/10

    Season 4- 7/10

    Seasons 5-9 3/10

    Overall episodes like the splinter and House Fancy as well as One Course Meal should be banned because of inapproate scenes such as Plankton trying to kill himself, Patrick makes Spongebob's splinter worse by forcing it in his thumb and then covering it with garbage. Also House Fancy was disgusting that toenail scene still makes me cringe to this day

    I'm surprised the show is still running, It saddens me to not watch the newer episodes and I'd rather watch the entertaining old episodes before the movie rigged it
  • I miss the old one...

    This used to be a very popular carton that was talked about around a very large group of an old and young dempgrahic. Slid after the movie was a hit. have not watched it since October 27th 2010. It made new comedy, jokes, plot lines not seen in other cartoons. It had mature jokes that a 12 year old and even a 35 year old could laugh at. It was fresh, every episode used to be an adventure. After 2004 it slowly creeped into a forgotten place on Nickalodeon line up. It was a "glory days" Nickalodean type of cartoon. Its not anymore. Its a bit dead.
  • Used To Be So Good.....

    I loved this show when I was little, but now this show is like any ordinary crappy nickelodeon show. People, just accept it. This show's not good anymore, 1999-2004 the best episodes ever.
  • A classic cult favorite

    There's only a few cartoons out there that will always be remembered and be a timeless favorite for generations to come. There was Mickey Mouse, there was The Flinstones, there was Bugs Bunny, and then there's SpongeBob SquarePants (duh).

    What can I say about SpongeBob? I love it, you love it, kids love it, parents love it, teens love it, adults love it, Nickelodeon loves it, celebrities love it, hell even the Obama family loves it. This right here is the Nicktoon that is Nick's main cash cow franchise that gave the Rugrats a run for their money. Over 200+ episodes, a 10th season in the works, 15 years on the air, a movie, a sequel to said movie, and it's still growing strong with no signs of stopping. And it's the only Nicktoon that started in the 1990's to still be airing.

    No matter how absurd the general plot was people still loved it because it was something new and fresh by the time it premiered. What were the odds of finding a cartoon that takes place underwater in 1999? The odds were probable when Stephen Hillenburg (animator and marine biologist) was developing a show for Nickelodeon after Rocko's Modern Life (which Hillenburg worked on) got cancelled. But who knew from day 1 that the show would turn into a worldwide phenomenon?

    This is notably one of Nickelodeon's funnier animated shows, thanks to the first 3 seasons. Most fans liked the original Hillenburg era the best and that after the film the show started going downhill and I don't blame them. The newer episodes by Paul Tibbit are notorious for being boring, unfunny, disgusting, or mean-spirited. If not for these episodes, I would've given this show a higher score

    However, it's still great for not just seasons 1-3 but for becoming one of the most iconic trademarks in television history.

    Seasons 1-3 and movie: 9.5/10

    Seasons 4-9: 6/10

    Legacy: 10/10

    Overall: 8.5

  • Under the sea

    How time has been flying since 1999. This show doesn't need a big intro. You have seen the big Spongebob float at Macy's, and you also see a lot of Spongebob memes too. I came here because recenlty I woke up in my hotel ands watched the epsiode Bully. If you love classic animation go watch this. 10/10
  • Was Once a Golden boy, now a Bronze Peasant.

    SpongeBob SquarePants with Stephen Hillenburg as the writer was absolutely outstanding! From season 1 to season 3 plus the film (1999-2004) it was great, and seeing how the film was going to be the end of the series would have been brilliant and nice way to end such a great series. Now, ever since Nickelodeon renewed the series after the film's end in 04, the humor and writing has been poor. From season 4 onward, the show has spiraled down hill from its prime years, a lot of the episodes just don't make any sense, it's pretty obvious that the series is being milked for money, when you have a series that's been great for a couple years and you continue to produce it, chances are, the series is going to lose quality in writing. In this case, SpongeBob SquarePants has completely "Jumped the Shark". If you want to be entertained with funny jokes and great writing, watch season 1 to season 3, that's where all the humor is. Don't watch the newer episodes, some of them are just bizarre to watch. Not to mention, SpongeBob sounds more high pitched than usual and has become more of an utter distraction and annoyance. Patrick's overly used "dumb" personality isn't funny anymore, because of its lack of creative writing and milking of the series.

    The only reason why I give this show a 5 out of 10 stars is because season 1-3 + the 2004 film is what saved the series' rating. Also, note this, I don't hate the show, I just hate the newer episodes (season 4-present).
  • What used to be, is no longer.

    Okay, let's face it. No matter what we all think of this show now, we all have grown up with Spongebob Squarepants, the zany underwater adventures of a lovable sponge and his buddies, Patrick, Squidward, Mr. Krabs, Sandy, and other wonderful characters. It was a fantastic show at the time, but I'm afraid that this is no longer the case. Here's why...

    The first three seasons of the show (as literally everyone can tell you) were nothing short of excellent. Amazing writing, the funniest jokes, hidden double entendres for the adults (even I'm now getting these jokes 15 years later!), even the animation and the art itself was nice; it wasn't overly saturated and was nice to look at. Many of my favorite episodes of the series come from these three seasons, naturally.

    The fourth season, however, doesn't quite match up with the first three in terms of quality. Taking place after the movie was released in 2004 (which by the way was supposed to be the series finale but Nickelodeon wanted another season; nothing wrong with that), the entire season, in my personal opinion, is a "hit-or-miss". Some of the episodes are fresh with the humor from the first three seasons, while some are just okay at best, if not unfunny; rather ridiculous. It is after the fourth season that things started getting nasty...

    From Season 5 onward, it's been a mess. For example, EVERY character you know has been flanderized to the point of no return.

    Spongebob, the titular character who, albeit a little childish, has a good heart and loves his job at the Krusty Krab and everyone in Bikini Bottom. He is now the world's biggest frickin crybaby and I feel that his purpose on the show is to just annoy the living mess out of Squidward, to the point of stalking him. Did I mention he's become extremely babyish? It's to the point where I want to reach into the TV and punch him in his face.

    Patrick is the typical idiot character who offered wise words of wisdom and good advice to Spongebob and friends without even knowing it. Sure, he was stupid, but he was lovable at the same time, thanks to the (now former) writers of the show who gave him a rather unique personality. What these new writers have done to him is unforgivable. They have reduced poor Patrick's IQ to that of a blade of grass. Now he is completely and utterly stupid, enough that he cannot understand the simple concept of the game of hide and seek (I mean really?).

    Squidward was the character that hated his neighbors and his job, but loved the heck out of playing the clarinet, the arts, and being away from his neighbors and his job. Though he showed disdain for Spongebob and Patrick, he was nice to them sometimes, even helping them in their times of need. You know how we used to say "Come on Squidward, lighten up!"? Now I feel sorry for him because Spongebob and Patrick annoy him to a point of suicide, or even can't blame him. Hang in there, buddy.

    Sandy used to be this kickass karate-choppin', worm wranglin' babe from Texas who was the smartest of the sea. All she is now is, well, the smartest of the sea. She just does science-related things now and she's almost never there anymore. She was one of my favorite characters, but now if she's no longer a recurring character, they may as well just write her off completely.

    Mr. Krabs, the boss of the Krusty Krab, was an old man who loved money. Regardless of this, he was wise, giving advice to his employees; and even generous; caring about his family and his employees. He only cares about money now, and doesn't give a hoot about anyone or anything else.

    Plankton is the antagonist of the show, spending years trying to get the Krabby Patty secret formula but always failing in the end. Seeing the way Mr. Krabs is so harsh to Plankton nowadays, you'd actually WANT him to just get the formula already. Not to mention the plot lines centering him and the formula are very trite now.

    The less I say about the rest of the better.

    The plotlines are mediocre. The new writers are just awful. I feel like as soon as Stephen Hillenberg left as showrunner and Paul Tibbitt took over, Tibbitt picked up some random people off the street and said "Hey you guys wanna write for Spongebob lol" and they said "Yeah!" Everything after Season 4 just seems rushed, already done in other episodes, or made because they were running out of ideas. For example, "The the most disgusting episode I've ever seen, next to the part with Squidward's toenail (???). Nothing more needs to be said, just that if you haven't seen this episode yet, don't bother wasting your time.

    The animation of the show has gone from unique and exceptional to just plain crude. To me, it feels like they turned up the Saturation slider in Photoshop. The music has gone from wonderfully island inspired to generic babyish nonsense. I could write some more but I honestly don't feel like writing an entire essay on it, so I will wrap it up here.

    Seasons 1-3 were legendary, Season 4 was alright, everything after that is absolute garbage (with, admittedly, a few decent episodes in my opinion). This does not mean that I hate the show at all because I don't. I still have a lot of love for Spongebob, hell, I can find myself relating to Squidward as I get older (not in the wanting to murder my neighbors sense but more sarcastic and having a disdain for people in general). I just believe that the show has seen better days and is way past its prime. It's like a squirrel that was run over and is still twitching, searching for a will to show is appalling now and may as well be put out of its sadly Nickelodeon needs that money and this is their highest-rated show so I don't see it going anywhere any time soon. But for the first 4 seasons and the decent episodes found after those seasons, I will give this show a 6.5.
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  • It will always be one of my favourite shows

    The rating for this review will be mainly dedicated to the older episodes. What makes the older episodes so great is that they provide humour that we still find funny and love to this day. You can see that the writers were looking at more quality rather than quantity, as the plots were well thought out, they used hilarious humour whenever they saw the opportunity and sometimes the creativeness can really blow your mind. Every eleven minutes of each episode is jam-packed with adventure and laughs, no filler, no bad humour, no unnecessary cruelty to the point that you hate all of the characters. Patrick wasn't dumb. In fact, Patrick was just like any other character. If Patrick was dumb, it would be funny dumb, not shut-up-Patrick-you're-a-stupid-idiot dumb. Mr Krabs didn't love money to the point that his life depended on it. There was at least one thing that he loved more than just his money, his daughter, Pearl. Yes, Squidward does get tortured a lot, but that would be just because he deserved it, not because of the strange world of Bikini Bottom hates him for no reason. Spongebob wasn't annoying. Plankton, wouldn't be tortured for life just because he was trying to steal the formula.

    The newer episodes are just a completely different thing. Practically the opposite, they look more at quantity than quality. Each episode is rushed, loses chance of humour, uses filler here and there and the creativity stinks! Majority of the episodes are just centred round the Krusty Krab. Putting some of the most creative characters ever into unoriginal plots doesn't work, it makes it look more even terrible. The writers couldn't fill up an eleven minute gap if their lives depended on it. What annoys me the most is that it is obvious that they didn't even bother to look at the characters' personalities, and just gave them new and hated ones. Patrick is so stupid, it has gotten to the point where he has absolutely no hope in life whatsoever. Mr. Krabs has got to be the worst character in the show, as he cares about money more than anything, including his daughter, Pearl. Squidward is now one of the VERY few characters in the series who still has some likeability, as he is put to the essence of jokes in every episode, just because Bikini Bottom hates him. Spongebob is the most annoying thing on the planet. His voice is so high pitched and annoying, and most songs he sings are off-key. And it just makes you want to feel sorry for Plankton, who now gets severely tortured by Mr. Krabs, to the point where he wants to commit suicide. ("One Course Meal") And to top it all off, most of the episodes are just mean-spirited. Both to the characters and the audience.

    But despite the new episodes, Spongebob will always be one of my favourite shows and I will always watch it. So what if I'm almost 15? The plots are crazy and original and I will give it a 10/10.
  • Before reading this review, please note that the 5 rating is only because of the old episodes.

    My thoughts of this show have changed alot since I wrote my original (crap) review. I now see why everyone hates the new episodes so much. First of all, SB now acts like a baby. He is either constantly either crying as much as a newborn, or laughing as much as......... as annoying as laughter can BE!. He is just so annoying in the new eppies. Also, now all the characters act like complete douchebags now. Ex: Rule of Dumb, Yours, Mine and Mine, Little Yellow Book, Good Neighbor, and worst of all, ONE COARSE MEAL!. It's just not the same great show we've come to know & love. Speaking of, that's the only reason why there's the 5 rating. The old episodes were AMAZING!, and IMO, and I know there will be tons of thumbs' down for this, but I personally find them more funny then Simpsons and Family Guy. They're THAT Good!. Hillenburg, when you return next year, please bring this show back to the way it once was. A funny show with good humor, and lovable characters.
  • SpongeBob SquarePants is easily one of the most creative shows ever to hit television.

    For my first review, I'd like to review a wonderful show that has influenced the airwaves for years: the one and only SpongeBob. SpongeBob SquarePants is a show about a lovable sea sponge that lives in a pineapple under the sea. He has crazy adventures in the town of Bikini Bottom. His best friend is Patrick, a sea star who is dumb, but has his moments of high IQ. His next door neighbor is Squidward, who hates SpongeBob, but still has a sensitive side towards him. He works at the Krusty Krab, a fast-food restaurant under the orders of Mr. Krabs, his money-obsessed boss. Plankton is the villain of the series, who tries to steal the Krabby Patty formula. Sandy is another friend, who likes karate, and is talented. There are no other words to describe this show. SpongeBob is definately the show that should be crowned King of TV. Of course, many have believed this show went downhill after the success of the movie in 2004. Since season 4, SpongeBob and Patrick became dumber, Squidward is tortured too much, Sandy has an interest in science, Mr. Krabs is more greedy than before, and the plot elements are awful. There are tons of gross-out scenes and episodes such as "The Splinter", "Pet or Pests", "To Love a Patty", and "A Pal for Gary". Most, if not all of the characters became unlikable as the show progressed after Stephen Hillenburg left the show, and Paul Tibbit took over as the executive producer, and many people I've seen blamed him for ruining the show. I can't help but say I disagree with that. Paul wrote many great episodes before it hit rock bottom for most former fans, and it makes me sad. I can respect their opinions, but when they take it too far, it's unbearable. Some may have not noticed, but ever since season 8 came, the show started to redeem itself in quality with good episodes, and better character personalities. I can still respect people's opinions, and I agree the first three seasons were better, but the new writers from time to time can still make great episodes. Overall, SpongeBob is the best show ever on television, and if you've never seen it, please watch it. I'm sure you'll love it.

    UPDATE: 6/1/2014

    I heard there will be a second SpongeBob Movie coming out next year, and a 10th season!

    2nd UPDATE:

    @zech: Now, I know you think the new episodes aren't as good as the older ones, and I strongly agree that episodes like A Pal for Gary, One Coarse Meal, The Splinter, and others are complete crap, but I still love the show and it can still make good enough episodes. The episodes you saw might have been bad episodes. Check out an episode like Krusty Towers, Planet of the Jellyfish, or Plankton's Pet. Those are some good episodes of the new SpongeBob.
  • Wow! I really desappointed

    Im ashamed nickelodeon! This show used to be great which was 1999- 2003 then after that, it got worse and worse. Spongebob was more intelligent back then and was funny. Same with Patrick. Patrick is dumb and is not funny. It's 2014 guys. Its time for spongebob to retire.
  • haters go away

    So what if the cartoon looking is a little different, but he is really cuute and spongebob is EPIC! it is popular at school and it is very creative and funny. so be nice!!!
  • Best Show on Nick but The New Episodes Suck!

    Back in 1999 this show was great but now it went down hill.

    The First 3 Seasons were Great!

    Seasons 4 and 5 were Medicore.

    Season 6 was Bad.

    Season 7 was Trerable.

    Season 8 was Horrible.

    Season 9-Present is abloustly unwatchable.

    I hope this show doesn't get a season 10 or it will get worser and worser.

    8.5 out of 10.
  • Listen to Me! Shnickel

    Everyone, seriously? This show is terrible, it went downhill after the movie. Spongebob is an annoying whiny idiot, Patrick is friggin ***ed, Squidward is near suicidal,Mr. Krabs is a greedy bastard, and Sandy is all the sudden a scientist, the heck happened to karate?! Don't let these 6 year olds tell you its good, its terrible. I point to episodes like "The Splinter" "Little Yellow Book" and "House Fancy" toenail ripping scene is THE WORST OF ALL, GOES TO "ONE COARSE MEAL". Basically the plot is about Mr Krabs dressing as pearl because whales eat plankton actually krill) so it drives him to near suicide, that right there, ends my case. Oh yeah and by the way, the writers who write this crap are zeus cervas, and casey alexander, both narcissistic ***s.

    ABCDEFG, SpongeBob is my enemy.
  • Spongebob Squarepants

    This show was practically my childhood.
  • spongebob fan

    spongebob is a very hilariuos show. It has been a show on tv for 15 years. And there has been an internet hoax , sponge bob is not being cancled no matter how sure you are that it has died your wrong!!!!
  • spongebob

    Love this show.
  • Top Show - #1 show

    Most ep (99-14)
  • It was great for the first three seasons and movie, but started to lose its qualities in Season 4.

    When SpongeBob came out in 1999, it was a very popular show on Nickelodeon. I would look forward watching it at 2 . after the Nick Jr. block ended. Whenever the Band Geeks episode came on, I was as happy as I could be. I was a very big fan back in the day. But when it got revived in 2005, the show got new writers and staff and the show would never be the same as it was in the before time. Everyone we knew and loved was flanderized. SpongeBob turned from a mature and a little childish grownup into a little kid who is obsessed with stalking and annoying Squidward. Patrick turned from a lovable, dumb oaf into a jerky, dumb and a little smart, annoying oaf. Squidward in the first three seasons was a grumpy neighbor who kind of liked SpongeBob when he was annoying. Now he's a depressed, grumpy neighbor who always gets annoyed at SpongeBob and doesn't have a heart for SpongeBob. Sandy focuses more on inventing and science than being the karate tomboy we knew in the first three seasons. And last but not least, Mr. Krabs. Mr. Krabs turned from a money-loving boss who at least cared for his employees into a full-on money-obsessed boss who cares more about making money than his employees. In SpongeBob, You're Fired, he fired SpongeBob to save a nickel. A NICKEL!!! 5 CENTS!!!!! Also, in Season 4 and 5, he and Plankton were best friends and also enemies, but now in Season 6 and beyond, he straight-on hates Plankton, even laughs at his misery of not having a single customer! And by the way, did I mention that Season 6 is my least favorite season? It's full of gross-out gags, awkward jokes, dumb plots, SpongeBob being a Squidward-obsessed stalker, Mr. Krabs being a Plankton hater, antagonists never getting any comeuppance, and maybe even overly long gags that make you think that Seth MacFarlane wrote for this show! SpongeBob started out good, but then hit rock bottom starting in Season 4.

    Seasons 1-3: 10/10

    Seasons 4-present: 4/10

    Average Rating: 7/10
  • Spongebob Life

    (5-1-99 - Present) Quite and achievement isnt it. Session 9- is rated a 3 only for the fact that it sucks. Here are the top 5 worst nnickelodeon shows that aired since 2013. and Cat Thundermans and Creig (Sry for the miss spell) Guppie


    Focas on the top 3 best shows of all time that are going to end if you dont watch It. OddParents


    And we all know the hit show that is reuniting in a year.



    So Nickelodeon yoy have a choice you can keep it up with the crap of the new shows or focas on your main Shows.


  • Favorite show ever since I was a child.

    Despite all the inexcusable garbage currently aired on Nickelodeon, this show is one of the most decent ones. Ever since I was a very small child, I've always loved this show. The art design is colorful, the plots are quite original and very creative at that, and this show is THE best show ever to hit the air.
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