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  • Still one of the best Nicktoons!

    I know it may sound strange but as much as the older episodes are better, I'm cool with the newer episodes. They still never fail to make me laugh!

    However, the newer seasons still do have some flaws:

    1) The episodes get really disturbing and gross at times.

    2) The writing isn't as good anymore

    3) SpongeBob's voice seems to be more annoying and higher.

    Other than that, this is a 10/10 show. Way to go Nick!
  • Worst Spongebob Episode


    Worst Spongebob Episodes

    Whatever happen to Spongebob?

    The harsh treatment on Spongebob and called him an idiot boy. Squidward being happy, saying that he would slam Spongebob's face with a door harder and sabotage the search effort. He only went because he is being bribed by . Squidward should understand the friendship with Spongebob and not be a jerk. At least Spongebob didn't mean to make his friends and boss upset including Gary. All he ever wanted was to have fun with them. Also, Spongebob's friends and boss apologize for having Spongebob run away and calling him an Idiot boy.

    Little Yellow Book

    Squidward making Spongebob cry and has no regret. But, he got what he deserved.

    Hello Bikini Bottom!

    Not a great one.

    Grandma's Kisses

    Spongebob being embarrassed.

    Christmas Who?

    Squidward taking a picture of Spongebob crying, very shameful on him and says he doesn't believe in Christmas.


    Gary leaves Spongebob for Patrick.

    The Bully

    Vlad trying to beat up Spongebob.

    New Student Starfish

    Patrick getting Spongebob in trouble.

    Driven to tears

    Patrick making Spongebob jealous that he got his boating liscense.

    Funny pants

    Squidward lying to Spongebob about a laugh box.

    Shell Shock

    Gary kicks Spongebob out of the house.

    Gramma's secret recipe

    Squidward insulting Spongebob and Mr. Krabs at the chum bucket. At least he go beaten up by his grandmother.

    The Abrasive Side

    Spongebob being mean.

    You don't know Sponge

    Patrick not knowing too much of

    Spongebob, despite that they are best friends.

    The Pineapple Fever

    Squidward being happy that Spongebob is leaving.

    Patty Hype

    Mr. Krabs and Squidward laughing at Spongebob's idea.


    Mr. Krabs and Squidward playing a trick on Spongebob.

    The Original Frycook

    Squidward doesn't care that Spongebob thinks he is leaving the Krusty Krabs.

    Whatever Happen to Spongebob? and Little Yellow Book are more worst episodes I watched and it hurts my heart that Spongebob is hurt and I feel bad for him. But, at least I didn't cry.

    Can you spare a dime?

    Squidward taking advantage of Spongebob.

    I just never want to watch these worst episodes ever again. But sometimes, my mind is being forced to watch it and also being forced by anyone. But this is it now, no more.
  • Has a few flaws here and there, but still pretty awesome

    I've been watching Spongebob for as long as I can remember. This show always makes me laugh, always keeps me entertained, and always gets me excited for a new episode to be released. It was probably after season 3 that the show changed a little (animation, voices, overall enviroment), but still continued to be creative and quirky. I applaud this TV series for being as clean and wholesome as it is (compared to all the other crap on TV), and for not jumping the shark through all these years. Yeah, they have made a few episodes in the newer seasons that were a bit unsettling, but it is still a very entertaining TV show.

    Overall grade : A- One thing that I HATE about Spongebob is their really lame and cheesy TV specials (Where's Gary, Pest of The West, Friend or Foe, etc). All of the specials always ended in a really stupid way. It seems as though the writers of the show we're drunk while writing the end parts for each of the specials. And because of this flaw, my overall grade of sponge bob is a bit tarnished. (But I do encourage you to watch the TV show regardless of
  • What the fuck is wrong with you idiots

    I've been seeing a lot of people say that spongebob is getting better these days, like season you fucking kidding me? They've gotten worse and annoying. What's so good about a shitty fucking plot that has spongebob yelling and crying and bitching most of the time? It's irritating and no one wants to watch that. I really miss the old episodes and wish Stephen came back. I've also heard that the show aww supposed to be cancelled somewhat after the movie but nick "had plans". I know it would be sad to cancel the show after it's 4-5 season run, so they didn't cancel it. It's good that they didn't but they didn't have to make it so fucking terrible. The plots are stupid squid wards house talked in one episode saying "I needed to lose weight anyway" when mr krabs took food out of squidwards house. That's not funny and it isn't original. Spongebobs voice is now too high pitched and I can't even fucking stand watching 5 mins of it. These people are brainless when it comes to making a good show out of spongebob. They really just fucked it up. Either bring Stephen back or cancel it. I know it's pointed towards kids but do they really want to grow up with yelling and pointless plots? They go too far with their humor. They over do it. And they play the same background songs and for stupid scenes as well. What happened to the "my leg!" Guy?
  • I am sort of weary of this show.

    This is my first review btw

    I will admit this can be a cute little show to watch at times, but it has gone downhill

    Plot: Plankton get the freaking formula already. It has gotten to the point to where i am actually rooting for him to win. They will never tell us the formula anyway. Everything revolves around the krusty krab now. EVERYTHING.

    Characters: Oh lord this is what depressed me.

    Sponge-bob: He was a naive loveable goofball we used to love, who fixed others problems. Now he is a whiny,gay,. girly, high pitched crybaby. He is such a bitch! And he is so creepy. There was a certain ewe factor to the show when he started trying to basically stalk squid-ward. He has no life and is an annoying jerk who is obnoxious and purposely annoys everyone and never feels bad or apologizes. It used to be where just squid-ward hated him, now nobody likes him. His soul purpose is to be slave, and to crush squid-wards dreams. Also to hide in the closet and make love with Patrick the way they run around acting all lovey.

    Patrick: The dumb yet smart reliable friend, who was always giving sponge bob moral support. He is by far the worst now. He is such a DOUCHE BAG! He couldn't give two craps about sponge bob. Like in that biker episode when he said its just you and me Patrick, and he runs away. He is always randomly showing up to ruin other peoples problem and he is such an obnoxious jerk. At least sponge bob stalked squid ward, He will literally beat the living daylights out of squid ward.

    Squid ward: He has become the protagonist, and now we see Sponge bobs antics from his perspective now. I feel so sorry for him now. They do not give him a break whatsoever. He has the shit beaten out of him by everyone due to being the scape goat of something they did. And squid-ward in real life would have committed suicide, or murdered everybody.

    Plankton. Another version of squidward. He DESERVES the secret formula now. When we finally saw his origin, I realized he was the good guy. They both killed someone, and if krabs had been on the other side of that pot and left plankton would have the secret formula. Meaning in reality, did this to him. He gets bullied by everyone due to size. What message is that? All you kids who are small are evil little bugs who will get crushed?

    Sandy: They ruined sandy. She used to be the strong courageous cowboy girl, And now she is a minor character, and now she is a boring scientist who only appears to fix everyone problems started by spongebob. And She also doesn't do karate anymore that often. And to make matters worse, she is becoming less popular with the townsfolk. They called her sandy squirrel. Everybody hates her. And everyone has bad ideas about land creatures now for some reason. She just secludes herself in her airdome and experiments all day. Although I cannot blame her for doing what squidward never had common sense to do and just sort of not deal with other people.

    Larry: Not much to say about him. But he doesnt even know spongebob anymore. To be honest i think Larry does but is just trying to keep his distance away from him. Because after that episode with living like Larry you never see him anymore.

    She has become murderous now. And that is why i like her and squidward. They are the only two who dare express and stand up to Spongebob's idiocy.

    Pearl: Used to care about her dad. And is now a spoiled bratty bitch who only wants her dads money to buy shoes and drool over boys.

    One of the most worst. He used to be greedy sure. But he was like a father figure to Spognebob. And would be willing to sacrifice. Now he is all" Money Money Money!"He will basically say fuck everybody for a penny and at least he would have felt bad later on. He is a dirty bastard. And he is such a FAT BULLY to plankton.

    Townsfolk: These fish are obnoxious and ignorant, and have a mob mentality over everything

    Nuff said

    edit* Discover19 you need to shut your face. Its dumb-asses like you that are the reason these shows go downhill. You basically kiss the studios ass and tell them no matter how bad you will not stop kissing their asses, and then they stop trying

    honestly this show is great. yea some of the episodes make me cringe a little but that doesnt mean it went downhill! so just shut up about it im so sick of people saying it went downhill its still good! you guys just hate the fact its still goin on and you grew up and now you cant watch it without imagination! in my opinion its still just as good as seasons 1-4 and the 1st movie! you can thumbs down this review all you want its not gonna change anything! nick is still showing it and i still love it! there enough said
  • Season 4 Episode 9 is tricky.

    SquidBob TentaclePants is tricky.
  • Shows on Nick Today.

    I actually will change my mind. He has been around for my entire life, but he does need to get cancelled sadly. I just watched Face Freeze, and the faces were disturbing compared to the older episodes. Like in the episode Just One Bite, now THAT was when Spongebob made a real quality face that wasn't half disgusting. And squidward made an OK face. Whatever happened to the GOOD episodes of spongebob? These new spongebob episodes are disturbing, CANCEL spongebob, I didn't want to have to say that. JUST DO RERUNS of OLD episodes All the way to Season 3 when the greatness ended. Even Fairly Oddparents has taken a HUGE turn for the worst. Oh well, I guess after this year, I'm gonna be done with old Nickelodeon since they can't seem to get a DECENT show out there. Even Sam and Cat is no longer watchable. And Sanjay and Craig just isn't going to work at all. Haunted Hathaways... Um OK I was laughing real hard at one pilot scene but since then it has been horrible. Amber Montana, all those actors and actresses deserve to be better than on a now crappy network. Back in my day when I was little, I could actually stand the shows. But now, uh uh, who the hell hired these crappy writers who can't make one decent show.
  • it used to be SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good before! WHAT HAPPENED NOW!?!?

    i think the seasons from 1998 to 2005 were the best. Some of the episodes after the movie were okay, and then the show just resorted to gross out humor and

    the only reason i'm giving this show an 8.5 is because of how it used to be before

    spongebob was really a genius show if u think about it. the plot was awesome, the characters are enjoyable and have distinct personalities, the jokes were spot on, the writing was hilarious, and it was just a very enjoyable show.

    now, i think it's one of the worst shows ever.

    its really sad to see a really good show turn to crap. i just hope it stops embaressing itself and just ends completely
  • Horrible Now

    It went from my favorite cartoon to a total bust once season 4 started.
  • The Golden Age of Spongebob is long gone.

    Dear Lord, what has happened to this show? After the release of the movie, it seems as if Spongebob has taken a drastic turn for the worst, not only is the show uninspired and painful to watch, the characters have been painfully dissected and exagerated to the point of utter disdain

    Spongebob: a naive, go-lucky sponge whose life-long dream is to be a fry-cook at the Krusty Krab. He fufilled his wish in the first episode when the anchovies were attacking the Kursty Krab, leaving Squidward and helpless (although they wanted to get rid of him), but he turns out to save the restaurant by satisfying the insatiable apetites of the with that, he had several other quirks like blowing bubbles, jelly-fishing, and the comic: The Adventures or Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy, and he's a terrible driver, although he wants his license more than anything in the world. From the original perspective, he's a loveable, goofy sponge who tries to help out his friends in any way he can, and everybody loved him, now what in the hell happened?

    The new Spongebob traits include a non-stop crybaby who tries his damnest to ruin everybody's lives without giving a second thought about their feelings. One example of this is Choir Boys in which Squidward is persuing a dream and Spongebob tries his utmost to get in Squidward's way, is one of the many reasons why I hate the new Spongebob, 'He's not the innocently misquided child we grew up which, rather an annoying antagonist whose appearence is unsettling"-MobroBrothers.

    Partick- Patrick was the lazy starfish we hated to love. Although he was dumb (but not brainless, mind you), he acted as a genuine friend to Spongebob, giving him advice, and motivating him, like in the first episode where Sponebob was doubtful about working at the Krusty Krab, while Patrick urged him on, something a real friend would do, now Patrick is a dumbed down, ***ed starfish who's utterly disgusting, like in the episode where Patrick drops a doughnut in the toilet, then later asks Spongebob to eat it, what the hell? That's disgusting! And the episode where Patrick gets Spongebob stuck in the wringer, and puts his own needs before his friend's pain, and when Spongebob scolds him, the townspeople get pissed the Spongebob?!

    I'll write a part 2 later...
  • Seasons 1-3 were really good

    I'm finally going to review SpongeBob SquarePants on this site. I really love watching SpongeBob, the older episodes that is. SpongeBob seasons 1-3 and the movie were very funny and fun to watch. Back then the characters, including SpongeBob, were pretty great, though when it first came out lots of people noticed the characters very simlar to Rocko's Modern Life characters and It should be noted that people who worked on Rocko's Modern Life did work on seasons 1-3 of SpongeBob. When they put in songs, they were actually pretty fun to listen too. It was also very fun to go to my grandpa's house when I was little and I used to watch SpongeBob and other shows on both Nickalodeon and Nicktoons Network over at his house and It was fun waiting for the new episodes of SpongeBob. I also remember when the movie was anouced with all of the TV trailers and stuff like that, and it felt like it was just yesterday when I first saw the promos, though I didn't get to see it in theaters (the town I lived in at the time didn't have a movie theater) after the film was shown on TV, my grandpa recorded it along with a whole bunch of SpongeBob episodes on a blank VHS and it was fun watching it. Overall I give the seasons 1-3 and the movie anywhere from 8/10-10/10.

    Season 4: This is when SpongeBob started to go downhill, tough I personally thought this season was OK, with hit and miss jokes, and when there started to be what is in the newer episodes would latter do. This season was also great for making YouTube Poops too. One episode I really enjoy from this season was Mrs. Puff You'rer Fired, though I do pretty much agree with everyone else that it should of ended after the movie. Even though I thought this season was OK, it still had its share of episodes I didn't like. Overall I give Season 4 from 3/10 to 7/10.

    Season 5 and onwards: It was a major downhill from season 5 and onward. It was very rare to come across an episode I like or was decent, though they are hard to come across, and I haven't seen every episode yet though 90% of the time it was terrible. It also started some very terrible SpongeBob specials, including the Infamous Atlantis SquarePantis, which I also very remembered seeing the promos for it and I remember seeing it everywhere on stuff like the Burger King toys, a video game, posters, the spongebob fruit snacks being Atlantis SquarePantis themed, toys, and so much more, but it turned out being a letdown and a huge disapointment (mainly for it being a musical when none of the ads said it was a musical) for adult and teenage SpongeBob fans and many of them stoped watching SpongeBob after this. The only reason why I still have the DVD of Atlantis SquarePantis is just because I like one of the episodes the DVD and for the DVD disc being on the left side of the case instead of the right. Many of the modern specials are alot like Atlantis Squarepantis with a bunch of misleading advertisments, celeberty geust stars, and a very disapointing specail, though none where are hyped as Atlantis SquarePantis (with the exception of Truth or Square). I have to admit though they made a decent episode with It's a SpongeBob Christmas. Some of these newer episodes are very disgusting and creul. Some examples include SpongeBob getting a splinter, Squidward's toenail being ripped off, SpongeBob falling in love with a Krabby Patty and then eventually eating a rotten patty, Fungus infesting everyone, Worms, Adding grease to food to just eating pure grease, Patrick being very dumb (or sometimes acting like he's smart), Mr. Krabs being very greedy, Gary being scared half to death, SpongeBob getting stuck in a wringer, and many more that I can't list of the top of my head at the moments. Squidward is also tortured alot by SpongeBob in these newer episodes. The only remaining likable characters in these newer episodes are Squidward, Plankton, and Gary though they are tourtured by the other characters (especially SpongeBob and Mer. Krabs). I give Season 5 and onwards mostly 1/10-3/10.

    I hope SpongeBob will end soon because many of these new episodes are horrible.
  • Slowly going downhill

    The New episodes of sponge bob's aren't as good as they used to be but hey this show has been running for 14 think the episodes started going downhill when they converted to HD Format.

    And also the older episodes are more remarkable then the newer ones.
  • My roommate and I love this show!

    If I got two words to say to the original series director, Derek Drymon and also, just to show that I do care, Vincent Waller, the current series director, they are "YOU ROCK!" I was more than impressed with The SpongeBob Movie. In fact, SpongeBob is just so hilarious that it may not be as funny as it with some people as things changed after Stephen Hillenburg left when the movie came out, but it is still, in my opinion, the #1 best show on the planet, especially as a nicktoon! Can't wait for the rest of season 9, the sequel, which was originally scheduled for November 2014, but is now scheduled for February 2015, and, only if it happens, season 10. And if I gotta say this, it's that I'll love SpongeBob even when it does end, which should not be for years from now, I'll love SpongeBob for only reason: because it is a classic!
  • Um.. well..

    So, my old review of this show got a lot of positive reviews, with 8 thumbs up and 4 thumbs down, but my opinions have changed. In my old review, I talk about how the old episodes were OK and the new episodes are garbage. I still have that review saved on my computer. Well, my opinions of the old episodes have grown harsher. Look, I hate Paul Tibbitt episodes as much as the next guy, but you really have to admit a lot of the complaints against the new episodes qualify to the old ones too. For example, the show has grown to nothing but jerks. Well, it may not be as bad as in the new ones, but in Grandma's Kisses the Bikini Bottomites are nearly as bad as in Slide Whistle Stooges, where they cheer when they think Squidward is dead or seriously injured. Yeah, I went there. And in Employee of the Month, as funny as the end of that episode is, the levels SpongeBob goes to so he can get the Employee of the Month picture that he already has a ton of is creepy and unnatural. Not funny. It's even creepier than Squid's Visit! So basically, all the Tibbitt episodes did was take everything a tad further, resulting in a huge slop excuse of a show. IHateNumbers123 out!
  • It used to like it but its become unwatchable

    I don't know why everyone still likes this show. During Seasons 1-5,it was a decent show. It had interesting plots and likable characters. There were some bad episodes but I could still watch it. But Season 6 is when it became unwatchable. The newer episodes have to much gross out humor and the characters have become one dimensional. Spongebob and Patrick are too stupid to live. Squidward is a punching bag that gets picked on for no reason. Krabs is greedy and cares about nothing but money. Plankton is a cry baby. Every character is centered around one personality trait. There's also to much gross out humor like Squidward's toenail being ripped off and spongebob's brain coming out. Its just disgusting. I don't care what happens in this show anymore. I don't like anybody or anything here. Everything's annoying now. Overall, Spongebob was a decent show starting out but now is just a child pandering kids program. Don't watch any episode after Season 5. I'll give it a 1.5/10 to be nice
  • Did you guys realize that the plots became more complicated?

    Still one of my favorite shows, but did you guys realize that plots became complicated? For example, in 1999, there was an episode of Spongebob being stressed. Normal. And in 2012, there was an episode where Spongebob and Sandy had to DEFEAT A FRIGGIN' JELLYFISH KING. Still, it's a 10.
  • funny, but new stuff

    this show is the most popular cartoon, but after the movie that was made, the show dropped slighty because of the new technology today, there putting that in spongebob squarepants. A lot of people wh oloved this in the late 90's into 2000's say that it's not the same. But some kids you start watching it today thinks that this show funny, and still think it is FUNNY!!!
  • Oh how the mighty have fallen.....

    The once great children's show SpongeBob Squarepants had drastically changed from hit to shit since many people from past on this forum have said the characters have become parodies of themselves taking the flaws into drastic changes making them into their personality.

    SpongeBob used to be a misguided character that didn't know what he did but he made up for it, now its just him annoying someone getting off scot-free doing nothing to even say he's sorry to whoever he may have brought it onto causing them to be put at the ass of the joke and suffer. Patrick used to be slightly idiotic but overall is a averagely smart person and had a good heart, now he is painfully idiotic as if he had a mental disability that either acts like a total bitch or as I said before, insufferably moronic. Squidward is frankly the only person I can side with since he seems most touch in with reality now a days, constantly having to suffer from the cubic creeper's unnatural obsession with him and making his life plunge into a everlasting hell. Whether at work invading his personal space or invading/stalking him in his own home, Squidward is possibly the most logical of the cast making him much more of a protagonist than SpongeBob is. Mr. Krabs used to be a man with a lust for money but wont let it get in the way of a perilous situation where someone is in danger and will take action to protect his comrades, now he is greedy enough to say "Eh fuck them ,I have money!". He will take no action what so ever to help anybody in the show's cast, and when he's not telling everyone to go bugger off he makes Plankton's life a living hell. He will antagonize the poor bastard to tears and stand over him laughing like a grade A jackass, making the "hero" into much more of a villain than the show's supposed main antagonist. Speaking of which lets move on to Plankton, to me the microbe is the splitting image of the definition of insanity, doing the same thing again and again expecting a different outcome. All the poor man wants is the formula so why don't you be a friend, Krabs, and give him the damn formula, he's tried and tried again, all he wants is to have a successful Restaurant of his own so the town can have two fucking restaraunts instead of constantly catering to your greedy smug ass. Sandy used to be a character with heart, liked science, but could put it aside to help someone. Instead she's become a total bitch to everyone around her making them into unknowing subjects, making a situation worse or just flat out beating up the two protagonists for no reason what so ever(as much as I would love that to happen).

    The comedy in the show has drastically lowered itself to the point of catering to the lowest common denominator of just very young children, even then is still not funny! Putting Squidward at the ass of every joke if he is in the scene. Other jokes are bland, mean-spirited, rude, gross, or all of the above, leeching everything the first 3 seasons made for themselves, like a Comedy Succubus. Any charm the show had is ruined with characters acting idiotic, annoying, out of character, or overall, as a total jackass.

    Any type of hope this show had has long since flushed into the ocean, never to be found anywhere near this train wreck of a children's show.

    Overall SpongeBob has overstayed his welcome, It's been 13 years, for Christ's Sake! Send the show out to sea and die, SpongeBob has long since died in many eyes and now all that's left is the festering corpse that airs daily entertaining others tricking them into thinking its the best cartoon on air. Nick has lost it and hopefully it will all sink down to the bottom of the ocean, wrapping its money hungry fingers around this show taking it with them.
  • Declining in value

    I grew up watching SpongeBob. It has always been one of my most favorite Nickelodeon tv shows. Most of the time it's pretty stupid humor but it's hilarious to watch. That was from 1999-2007 then right around '07 Paul Tibbitt took over from Steve Hillenburg and the show slowly declined. Right around late 2011 till now, the show started sucking. I love the show, love the characters, but it is not really funny anymore. It's too serious or too boring for me to even watch new episodes.

    It's overstayed its welcome.
  • Pretty good but...

    Love this show, its more entertaining than crap like Awesomeness TV, Marvin Marvin, and shit like that. My favorite episode is probably "Face Freeze" I could not stop laughing at the faces Patrick made! The worst epidode is a tie with "To love a Patty" and "All that Glitters" The new episodes make it seem that SpongeBob has a crush on Squidward. This whole series started to fall at seasons 4-6. then it kinda came back up then dropped back down at seasons 9-10. Nowadays SpongeBob is too Homosexual and Paul Tibbit needs to fucking fix that. Stop trying to tell children to be gay. And in that episode "Jailbreak" I knew Mr. Krabs was not Pearl's REAL father! Also SpongeBob is WAY too positive, Squidward is just dark, goth, and negative. And you know Patrick...
  • TV shows are like chewing gum. They start out very flavorful, but when they lose their taste you should THROW THEM OUT!

    Using the past tense to describe this show really depresses me. Spongebob Squarepants was my absolute favorite show that I watched as a kid in the early 2000's. Even today, any episode from season 1-3 never ceases to make me laugh. This show featured some of the greatest variety in comedy that a cartoon could have. That's why it's no surprise that the fan base for this show ranged from kids to adults. The characters were very memorable and had great personalities, the premise for the show is original and creative, and the humor could be enjoyed by people of all ages. This was truly a remarkable show that deserved to be a legend in cartoon history, but the future would bring about its demise. After the movie in 2004, when Stephen Hillenburg left the show to continue his career, he wanted the show to end as well. However, Nickelodeon had other plans. They planned to keep Sponge bob airing for a 4th season. Looking at this situation from a business perspective, that was a very smart decision due to Spongebob's immense popularity. Also, I'll admit, a 5 year run for a show as well made as Spongebob seems a little short. However, after the mediocre 4th season, and an even worse 5th season, you would hope that the show would be cancelled due to the fact that it was simply not living up to its former self. But it had to continue. Then, the infamous 6th season was released. This season is regarded by many fans like myself as probably the worst season in the show's history. There were too many detestable episodes to count in that season, but yet the show continued. And here we are in 2013: Spongebob is still running and is due for a movie in 2014. Do you know why Nickelodeon won't cancel it? Because Spongebob and The Fairly Oddparents (which also needs to end) are the only shows holding the network up right now. Did the show decline in quality only because Hillenburg left? Honestly, I don't know anymore. Many of the same writers who helped write the early episodes are the same writers involved in the writing of such atrocities such as "The Splinter" and other terrible episodes. It seems like people don't care about the show's reputation anymore. This show needs to end so Nickelodeon can spend their time creating new shows for kids to watch nowadays. It's a shame that we can't love this show for what it was and instead we have to hate it for what it has become.

    "You either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain"

    -Harvey Dent from The Dark Knight

  • It was good, but it overstayed its welcome

    Nickelodeon, theres a lesson in life that goes, "Everything eventually comes to an end" but no one told that to Spongebob. I think Fred The Show was better than the newer seasons. Spongebob acts too positive, Squidward too negative, Patrick too stupid... these characters are not likable. I hope that Nickeloeon puts an end to the show. its been on since 1999 and thats long enough for this show.
  • Bringing Stephen Hillenburg back WILL NOT SAVE SPONGEBOB!

    You guys can cry all you want about wanting Stephen Hillenburg back on the show, but what can he do now to save the show? VERY LITTLE! Don't get me wrong, the early years of SpongeBob was a renaissance, the ideas were good, and the episodes were good but a good creator knows when it is time to move on. Hillenburg made the right choice to walk away from the show, it was Nick that plain flat-out REFUSED to let the show end with a high-note and kept this sinking ship of a show going instead of moving on and creating a new ratings blockbuster. As much as I like what Mr. Hillenburg has done for the show, bringing him back won't save SpongeBob from the deep dark hole it's in, he can try to create a SERIES FINALE for the show but that's about it.
  • Dear friends let a power and loudly ask Stephen Hillenburg come back again with SpongeBob

    IF you're absolutely right friend since our dear Stephen Hillenburg retired SpongeBob and left him by Paul Tibbit all went down the drain oh my god such as possible who are spoiled to a great classic Animated Series as SpongeBob is what I am a big fan of SpongeBob from their comiensos 1,2,3 seasons were the best clear that 4 and 5 were not bad but the terror begins from season 6 onwards grandisima oh my god mother the saint pual sacamento Tibbit is leading the abyss of the great creation of a genius like Stephen Hillenburg is what this man is seen through the pores that knows nothing of fun and if the worst of all the new seasons 6,7 and 8 is the 9th oh that is why we amamaos barnacles to sponge bob has made us laugh for a long time gay stupid not we now very scary and stultifies the public child I am with you friend and hope all the other SpongeBob fans think like me and that crazy and back again Stephen Hillenburg with SpongeBob if you return again and be in charge of that sponge bob back to the way it's not just me all SpongeBob fans missed much we miss stehpen Hillenburg and we want the return
  • The evolution of shit!

    I can't tell a lie... I love this show. But, since the fucking year 2004, this iconic source of awesome comedy began to fall apart! I like the old episodes. The new ones can (how you say) GO TO HELL!

    *Terminator* Fuck you assholes! |:(
  • I am literally obsessed with this show! It's the best of Nick!

    I've actually watched every Spongebob episode, and I don't see much of a difference between the old and new episodes, frankly. I like Spongebob because of its pure non-sense! So many people are critical about shows now, and although I really do HATE Sanjay and Craig, I actually liked Haunted Hathaways and Sam and Cat. Spongebob is a gem! It is the best show on Nick, right next to Fairly Odd Parents
  • The old seasons were the best, but the show declined!

    The show has been hit-or-miss (mostly miss) ever since the movie! But the old episodes were always a hit!
  • best show on tv

    this show is fantastic and funny good sometime watch it with my daughter before she sleep in bed of hers because sometimes it gives her nightmares hahaha stupid small girl

    anyway show good watch recommend for children!
  • Why yall got to hate on spongey the bob?

    How could anyone not like Spongebob? Have you hit your head on a brick? SpongeBob is the shit and always will be. Sure it hasn't been to my liking in the last couple seasons, but a few crappy seasons ain't gonna make me dislike the show. It made up my childhood and probably most of yours as well. So go hate on another show that deserves it such as Shake It Up or Big Time Rush.
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