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  • Downhill The Sponge Rolled...

    Most shows that run or have run on the television have a point where they aren't as good anymore as they used to be. SpongeBob is one of the shows that can't seem to cater back to their former audience. I am a huge fan of the first season, and I also recommend the second and third seasons highly. However, the show has now gone from great to just OK. The thing I hate the most about this show now is that some character's backstories are changed, especially Mr. Krabs'. I thought the Krusty Krab was formed out of a nursing home, according to the Training episode. Now, one of the episodes tells me that it formed out of a pirate ship? This shows that changing backstories is never OK. Also, they should really drop Plankton's shtick and make Sandy Cheeks appear more often. I love Sandy Cheeks. She's my favorite character. And they don't show her as much as they do Plankton? No one cares that Plankton wants to steal "the formul-er". Just make less Plankton episodes, and less Mermaid Man episodes as well, and bring Sandy Cheeks in more often. Overall, I recommend SpongeBob, but only the first three seasons.
  • Spongebob has NEVER gone downhill.

    This show has never ever EVER gone downhill. This show started in 1999. First, It had a few boring episodes like Spongebob using a cleaner. Then, it's first run ended in early 2000. About a month later, It started it's second run. These were different episodes. It had different plots like Spongebob trying to tie his shoe. Okay, it's a couple episodes later, & Eventually, it started it's third season in 2001. There were some bad, & good episodes this season. This season had it's best episode of the season. It was about Spongebob breaking his butt. Then a movie came, & eventually, it had it's fourth season. This was a very good season with awesome episodes like "Dunces & Dragons". Then, the best season of all, Season 5, premiered in 2005. This was a perfect season. There were many good episodes this season. Like Patrick getting a job, Sandy getting fleas, How Krabs & Plankton became rivals, & much much more. Season 6 aired in 2006. This was a great season. This was an extended season. After this, Season 7 aired in 2008. This was also an extended season. Season 8 started in 2011. This season is currently in production. Season 9 is airing. Season 10 will start in 2015. Grades:

    Season 1 (1999-2000) A good season with big ideas. 6/10

    Season 2 (2000-2001) A different sesason with better ideas. 7/10

    Season 3 (2001-2002) A fine season with good ideas. 5/10

    Season 4 (2002-2004) A superb season with amazing ideas. 9/10

    Season 5 (2004-2007) A perfect season with perfect ideas. 10/10

    Season 6 (2007-2008) A great season with great ideas. 8/10

    Season 7 (2008-2010) A great season with great ideas. 8/10

    Season 8 (2010-2012) A great season with great ideas. 8/10

    Season 9 (2012-2015) A great season with great ideas. 8/10

    Season 10 (2015-whenever) WHATEVER.


    Animation: Rocks. 10/10

    Voice: Cute. 10/10

    Music: Awesome. 10/10

    Everything Else: 8/10

    Year Summary:

    1999: Good start 7/10

    2000: Season 1 ends and Season 2 begins. 8/10

    2001: Season 2 ends and Season 3 begins ad gives out eps like 'Bossy Boots' and 'Idiot Box'. 9.2/10

    2002: Season 3 ends and Season 4 starts with a movie. This is where SH quit. 10/10

    2003: The middle of Season 4. 8/10

    2004: The end of Season 4 and going on to Season 5. 7/10

    2005: The middle of season 5. 10/10

    2006: The third quarter of Season 5. 7/10

    2007: The last section of Season 5 and carrying on to Season 6. 8/10

    2008: The second half of Season 6 and The first 3 eps (6 segs) of Season 7. 8/10

    2009: The middle of Season 7 (episodes 4 - 20, segs 7 - 40) 10/10

    2010: The end of Season 7 (eps 21 - 26, segs 41 - 52) and 1/5 of Season 8. 7/10

    2011: 2/5 and 3/5 of Season 8. 10/10

    2012: 4/5 and 5/5 of Season 8 along with the first quarter of Season 9. 6/10

    2013: The middle of Season 9. Good so far. 10/10

    This show rocks.
  • Just get past Season 6. Seasons 7,8,and 9 are much better

    A lot of people think that it should have ended after the movie, while others liked it until about season 6. Season 6 is on the low end of a lot of people's favorite episodes list. Even I didn't really like season 6, if there is an episode that I don't want to watch, most likely it's a season 6 episode. Season 6 had a lot of Squidward abuse and creepy Spongebob. Plus the constant Krusty Krab episodes and Plankton feuds. A lot of people would like to see less Krusty Krab episodes and more episodes of something else. Season 6 has to be the season where Sandy appeared the least. She started appearing more in Season 8 and 9. I hope that someday former Spongebob fans can move past season 6. Season 8 and 9 have been compared to seasons 1 and 2. Hopefully we can all move on past the dark days of season 6, I just don't watch those episodes
  • good but used to be better

    I think that this show is the classic example of a show getting worse over time It started off great, funny, witty, nice and had good characters with different personalities. They had problems for example SpongeBob was annoying but he was also sweet, Patrick was stupid but funny, Squidward could be a jerk but he was not horrible, Mr. Krabs was a littler greedy but still kind and a good boss, and Sandy was smart and strong.

    Now however all the negative qualities that they characters had have now become part of their personally. SpongeBob is just annoy little idiot who is almost too dumb, I do not even have sympathy for him sometimes, Patrick is just too dumb, Squidward hasn't changed much, Sandy does not appear much. But by far the biggest character change has got to be Mr. Krabs he went from being a little greedy to one whose whole life is just about money and he does not care what he does to get it, he goes so far as to pay his employees little to nothing which was funny at first but now is just stupid.

    In recent episodes SpongeBob acts like he has a crush on Squidward, seriously he says Squidward is "so handsome" and "I like Yeah he was nice to Squidward ever since the show started but at " least originally it was because he was just a really nice guy now it is just creep.

    The episodes I swear are repeating themselves, there was one episode early one about The Krusty Krab being open 24 hours and then latter there was an episodes with the very same idea in it!! It is not as good as it used to be however that might be inevitable, this has been on for more than ten years so the idea for episodes must be thin, that does not excuse what they had done.

    A main problem I have now is that nick has essentially become the "SpongeBob SquarePants" channel they run it almost all day, sure there a few other shows but not nearly enough as there should be.

    The original creator of the show left some time ago and that is probably were the show started to go down.

    Dispute all of this it is still one of the better shows on TV nowadays.

  • Smile :)

    SpongeBob isn't as funny as I thought it was in its first few years, but its never let me down. Long live the yellow sea sponge living in a pineapple under the sea. :D
  • People say its dumb but...

    This might sound a little weird coming from an Invader Zim fan but... I will always love spongebob. I dont care what you think of me, this show isnt the awful mess people make it out to be. It was my childhood, and it is still hilarious. All the characters are funny in their little way, the episodes are funny, its a pretty good show. Could use a little risk taking though.
  • I like it but....

    I like Spongebob, but has been blocked in my region bcoz in category violence cartoon :(
  • Why Do I Hate Spongebob?

    The reason why I hate Spongebob is in one episode, his dumb friend Patrick said that he should keep his garbage instead of throwing it away? Really Patrick, have you lost you're mind? Thanks to you Patrick Star with you're dumb idea I now hate this show with a fiery passion. And he collects all of his trash. I mean I would like to see the final episode of Spongebob when Squidward says to him "Take Your @$%* And Get Out Of My and he sends Spongebob and Patrick to jail. Or just see Spongebob burn in %$@#. Because Spongebob had toke the last from me. He is evil, he is a user and I can't stand the sight of him anymore. And three words for My Property!" So, there you have, you get the fact why I hate Spongebob.
  • Getting better

    While Spongebob still may not be at it's Golden Age quality, it is MUCH much better now than it was back in Season 6. I don't even want to talk about those days.
  • It had magic 1999-2006

    Looks like It was funny when they were scared of getting cancelled in 2004 along with other shows people will always miss(Hey Arnold and a lot of other shows) and really ramped up in popularity. Slid after 2007 hit. have not watched it since October 27th 2010.
  • Depends on the season

    I have never stopped loving the series, and I still love the new episodes.

    Season 1- great

    Season 2- great

    Season 3- the best

    Season 4- good

    Season 5- okay

    Season 6- bad

    Season 7- good

    Season 8- good

    Season 9- great
  • Seasons 1-4 rocked

    the title says it all im glad it made a comeback in season 8
  • Wasn't bad

    This show is totally out of Idea sometimes the episodes are really BAD
  • OK show. Until the new episodes.

    So, I thought the old episodes were OK. They were clever, funny, but should not have continued. The movie should have ended it. But Nickelodeon were idiots and continued it. So then Paul Tibbitt took over. Alright, I admit S4 was actually OK! Sure, it wasn't as good as the old episodes, but it actually had some good episodes, like Fear of a Krabby Patty, Have You Seen This Snail?, and Karate Island. Then came S5. Had some OK episodes, like Pest of the West and Pat No Pay, but also some bad episodes, like Atlantis SquarePantis and To Love a Patty. Then came along the monster that is S6. This is where the show started becoming absolutely gross. House Fancy had the horrible, horrible, horrible toenail scene while The Splinter had JUST THE SPLINTER. There was also an episode, called To SquarePants or Not to SquarePants, which was not special in anyway possible, but got a DVD. Wow. Then, when you thought it couldn't get any worse, came S7. This season had terrible episodes like Stuck in the Wringer and Greasy Buffoons. And even worse it had the awful episode One Course Meal. That episode was so mean-spirited, I am still wondering how Nickelodeon let that slip. In case you are wondering what I am talking about, in the episode, Mr Krabs puts on a whale costume to scare Plankton after he finds out Plankton is scared of whales. (NO DUUUUH) If that wasn't mean-spirited enough, Plankton is eventually trying to get himself run over. WHAT??? And to make it worse, Mr Krabs laughs about it. OK, WHAT?! Other episodes of this season were simply boring. S8 then came along. Blah blah blah, boring episodes, blah blah blah, more gross out humor.. *cough*Barnacle Face*cough* It's a SpongeBob Christmas! was OK though. Oh, and Are You Happy Now? contained 2 really surprised jokes. Go to the SpongeBob S8 page on Wikipedia if you want to see. I am convinced. Nickelodeon will let anything fly by EXCEPT for the things that aren't bad. I haven't seen all that much of S9, but from what I have seen of it, it's pretty boring. So, you see why this show shouldn't have continued? It became this. I'm sure more terrible things are to come in the future from this show. To make it worse, this is the show Nickelodeon plays in 2-hour long marathons every day. Kids are going to be seeing all that if they choose to watch Nickelodeon. That is just terrible enough not even thinking about it. So, yeah, should have never continued as I have said before.
  • Let me just point out, I still like Spongebob, But these new episodes are total crap.

    Spongebob is not funny anymore. It was funny from 1999-2007, but I prefer the episodes before the movie when Stephen Hillenburg was working on the show. I grew up watching this show when it premiered in 1999, and it was funny back then, now I think this show is crap. Paul Tibbitt is a terrible showrunner now, he needs to get fired and Stephen Hillenburg needs to come back, same with all the old writers of the show who left after the movie. Spongebob seasons 1-3 are gold, season 4 was good too, but the show began to die in season 5. there were very few decent episodes in season 5, but a majority of the season was shit. And season 6-now, the show is crap. The movie wasn't bad, but it could have been better.

    what's wrong with this show today:

    Spongebob and Patrick got dumber and more annoying, I am fully aware Spongebob and Patrick were dumb and annoying when the show first aired, but Spongebob was actually somewhat smart and less annoying, and patrick was less dumber and less annoying. in one episode called Treats, Spongebob got Gary a box of snail treats called Snail Bites and he feeds Gary the whole box in one day, and harasses Spongebob to get him another box, and he even harassed him at work, meowing to the point where it got annoying, and everyone is ignoring Gary, no one pays attention to him, even though he slithered onto someones table, and Spongebob comes out and screams "GARY, YOU'RE MAKING A SCENE!!!!!!!!" then everyone starts looking, so he started to make a scene, so that shows he's dumber, and he sounds more like a little girl. Another thing that's wrong with Spongebob today is that he's a big cry baby. he cries in too many episodes these days and it gets annoying.

    Mr. Krabs is more annoying and money hungry, Plankton can't come up with good ideas to steal the krabby patty formula anymore. And the episode plots aren't good like they use to be, and the whole show today is just boring and unfunny.

    Another thing that's wrong with this show today is Spongebob and Patrick do dumb things and act like they had nothing to do with it. In the older episodes, they did dumb things, and got punished for it. in the episode from 1999, Sandy's Rock, when Spongebob and Patrick were shooting nets at people and trapping them, this wasn't in the episode, it was in the chapter book based on the episode, but Spongebob got punished by Sandy trapping him in a net on their way back to Bikini Bottom. In another old episode, Hooky, made in 2000, Mr. Krabs told them not to play on the hooks that fishermen were using for fishing, they get punished by having Squidward hook a fishing hook on Spongebobs Underwear and running home naked, and Patrick was in a can of tuna. in a modern episode, Both Spongebob and Patrick wore Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy costumes and were going around impersonating them, throwing people in jail for idiotic reasons, like these kids were playing in one of those cars you see in shopping malls or outside of stores where you put money in them and they bounce up and down for like a minute or 2, yeah, two kids were playing in one of those outside of a grocery store, and they said those kids were loitering, and threw them in jail, and they threw Man-Ray and this lady in jail for doing laundry, FOR DOING LAUNDRY, What's wrong with THAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! It's not like Man-Ray walked in there and started a stick up. and at the end of the episode, the people who were thrown in jail were chasing the REAL Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy while Spongebob and Patrick walk away like they did nothing.

    The only positive thing I can say about the show today is Squidward it now a likable character. I use to hate Squidward, but after seeing how dumber and more annoying Spongebob and Patrick got, I have sympathy for Squidward now. They don't seem to give Squidward a break, they always harass him 24/7, like they followed him to a secret club once, and that got Squidward thrown out of the club. That's just creepy. I wouldn't be surprised if Squidward commits suicide or actually attempts to kill Spongebob and Patrick, because Mrs. Puff actually attempted to kill Spongebob once, but like always in these kid shows, it failed. the reason behind that was Spongebob was failing boating school, like always, crashed the boat, and the thing inside Mrs. Puff that causes her to puff up like that popped and she was flat, Spongebob wasn't giving her a break, like he sent her flowers, and she told him she was allergic to them, he didn't listen and left them for her, and he tried to get her out of her hospital room for fresh air, when she said she didn't want to, then she signed Spongebob up for a demolition derby, hoping Spongebob would get killed, but it failed like always.

    So before you ask "Do you think Spongebob needs to get canceled?", the answer is: YES, it needs to get canceled. it's no longer funny. But one more thing, If you see episodes like Graveyard Shift, Band Geeks, Pizza Delivery, Hooky, or Help Wanted, watch them, but if you see an episode like Treats, The Thing, Goo Goo Gas, The Splinter, 20,000 Patties Under the Sea, or WhoBob WhatPants, just change the channel or turn the TV off, especially if it's WhoBob WhatPants, don't watch that episode at all.
  • Spongebob Squarepants

    LOL I like love Spongebpb
  • When good shows go bad

    So I must admit when I first heard about this show, I didn't like the look of it, I didn't want to watch it, but one day I decided to watch it because it was on. When I watched it I enjoyed it, it was great, much better than I expected it to be. I wanted to own every spongebob merchandise I could find, I loved the movie. But then the newer episodes that began to air after the movie seemed very different. The more of these newer episodes I see, the more ridiculous this show is, the new episodes are really living up to the expectations of what I originally thought this show was like, I really liked the old episodes and they got me to really love this show a whole lot after doubting it, that proves how good the classic episodes really were, they're much more memorable than the newer episodes. The characters were funny and likable in the classic episodes, very orginal, but the new episodes just get lost in amongst the other new episodes, they're nothing special like the writers are trying to squeeze every tiny idea they can get out of this show, some of the episodes are just so disgusting, how is it funny, how is it even likable. When Spongebob said, "Is there something wrong with How hard are they trying to make Spongebob disgusting, I hate to see a show that I used to love so much come to this, the movie would have been a great finale with a satisfying ending, Spongebob gets his dream job, the show ends with dignity. The first three seasons were the best, but some of the newer episodes are just lazy and could give people the wrong idea, Spongebob looks different and his voice is so annoying in the newer episodes. Though some of the new episodes are amusing, but in a dumb way, the show's no longer original or interesting, Sometimes the episodes are just one big, lazy gag that fills up the whole episode I have laughed at a lot of the newer episodes, but only at their ridiculous stupidity, Spongebob seems to be completely out of character just to be funny, that's lazy writing and makes him annoying and unlikable. Spongebob used to be so awesome.
  • Good gone bad

    I remember when it used to be so good; now it's disgusting and kind of stupid...
  • Review for SpongeBob Squarepants

    The show is good. It has been on Nickelodeon for along time. The best season was Season 2. It had my favorite episode Frankiedoodle. But in different seasons there were sublimal messages. Who would that in a kids cartoon, thats just horrible. The overall for this show is 8.5 out of 10.
  • SpongeBob One of the greatest show ever

    Its a good show Seasons 1-4 The Best! Squidward screaming in Bubblestand SpongeBob playing with a piece of paper Squidward Patrick and SpongeBob naked Pranks a lot funny Hilarious Now Season 5 and 6 went down a little Here are the ratings

    season 1 a great start 10

    season 2 funny 9.8

    season 3 good 9.6

    season 4 cool 9.5

    season 5 ok but all right 8

    season 6 not so good but ill take it 7.5

    season 7 nice 8.7

    season 8 funny 9

    season 9 pretty weird but awesome 9

    I like it when they sunk bikini bottom and squidward says you two morons and gradually rapidly SUNK MY HOUSE and when he says hello spongebob GET YOUR SNAIL OFF MY LAWN that was funny

    the show may have gone downhill a little but it starting to catch up whoever is saying spongebob sucks u shut your damn mouths ok it still a good show
  • This show started out great, but now....

    Spongebob started out as a hilarious show and started to go downhill when they didn't rehire the original creator of spongebob after he made the Spongebob Squarepants Movie. Some new episodes are good, some are bad. I'm not going to say Spongebob is ruined completely. It is still a fun show to watch.
  • Started to go down, but It's making a recovery.

    Okay, so the first three seasons of SpongeBob SquarePants were very good, but the animation was not perfect. Then, as you all know, the show made a cancellation after an amazing movie. When the show came back, we were greeted to something different. SpongeBob himself was a lot more childish then he was with his child/adult personality in seasons 1-3. Patrick Star got dumber, Squidward Tentacles got angrier and meaner toward his neighbors, Mr. Krabs got greedier, Plankton started to appear more and more, Sandy did more karate than ever before, and the list continues to get longer and longer. I would have to say I was overall disappointed with this new concept than the first three seasons. I was hoping something should happen soon before the show itself gets cancelled. When, a twist happened. Surprisingly, by Season 7 or 8, the show started to go up a little. In ratings, I mean. I thought this was an amazing and excellent thing that happened. Yet the ratings continue to go up. That is when the show made a transition to High Definition 1080p. When I saw the first episode with HD, I was very happy. The show was using SDTV for 13 years, and it finally changed. So, in conclusion, I would have to say I am overall happy about this show. It ended up being not quite as good as seasons 1-3, but it's getting there.
  • Good 1-4 meh 5 WHAT?! 6-7 slightly better 8-WHATEVER

    Yes, I do believe [in fairy (?) Nah, but seriously. I do know seasons 1-4 were the best, clever plots, amazing jokes and stuff, but things went slightly downhill since Hillenburg quit. Season 5 was bareable, but not amazing. Season 6... just... what?... season 7... you gotta be kidding me. I think rock bottom was "Penny Foolish", man, that was just bad! But season 8 and onwards was slightly better, clever plots for a show that has been around for thirteen years, good jokes and stuff. The thing I hate is that SpingeBill must always, ALWAYS cry. "May not one episode be complete, until SpongeBob cries at least Also the animation is too CGI for my taste. I liked Season 2 & 3's animation style with a weird hybrid between traditional and digital, but meh, technology...
  • Ever since season 8.

    I've always liked tried anyways. I do have to agree with some of you people by saying that this show has indeed gone since season 8 I believe. It seems like the show has taken a turn more towards the kids and less towards anyone else(well also saying that it is a kid's It did start changing in the shows after the movie, but I still liked the show. But when seasons 8 and 9 came out it seems like you can't even follow it anymore, episodes like patrickman for instance, you're just like "What?" "What's happening here?" More and more random things are happening and it's making it less funny and enjoyable to watch. The episodes used to have stories to them, even season 7... but now they don't and whenever you watch it, you feel like you are just watching a blank screen. I do believe that they should stop the show, they have run out of ideas. Every season (except for seasons 6 and 7 which I give a nine out of ten) I give a ten out of ten, seasons 8 and 9, maybe a five out of ten...
  • Think new episodes suck? wrong.

    I will admit season 5-part of 7 were bad years for spongebob. but since season 8 the show has rose again to its popular standart. maybe even higher. Just cause you see a few bad episodes dont say the show sucks. cause saying a show sucks and not trying the newer episdes is like seeing candy and hearing its bad. you can still try it watch spongebob. its still an amazing show and its the best show on nick
  • all of you are wrong!!!!

    OVERALL spongebob at least deserves an 8, all of you idiots don't have any taste in cartoons! Sure the show has gone downhill, BUT YOU TRY MAKING A KIDS TV SHOW THAT LASTS 14 YEARS!!!!!!! Spongebob is a classic and there will never be a show like spongebob!!!! I don't know anybody that has made a kids cartoon and still had good ideas after 14 years

  • I think SpongeBob needs to be cancelled already - EDITED

    Now, first of all, I love SpongeBob. I do, I think it's one of the best Nickelodeon cartoons of all time, and is a childhood classic. I grew up watching SpongeBob, everyday after school, and I basically knew the order the episodes were in. The first three seasons of SpongeBob are pure gold, and are never forgettable. The movie was good, but the series overall was still better. After the movie, Stephen Hillenburg and the writers left the show, but then new writers entered and started the downfall of SpongeBob. No, seriously, this cartoon has gone downhill BAD.

    Like I mentioned earlier, Season 1-3 are the best. The episodes are memorable and have interesting and creative plots, such as SpongeBob showing how to blow bubbles (Bubblestand), SpongeBob having fun just out of a piece of paper (The Paper), Patrick wanting to get an award (Big Pink Loser), SpongeBob and Patrick using their imagination in a box (Idiot Box) and so many other episodes that you want to rewatch. Also, there were so many hilarious and memorable moments, such as SpongeBob showing off his bubble blowing technique (Bubblestand), Patrick shouting, "NO, THIS IS PATRICK!" over the phone (Big Pink Loser), everyone's reactions to Wormy as a butterfly (Wormy), Tom screaming, "CHOCOLATE!" (Chocolate with Nuts) and so many more hilarious moments. I could actually remember the order the episodes went in, having a strange memory for these things. The animation was highly perfect, the designs were brilliant, and the characters were so likeable. The movie then came out, and that was good. Then, after the movie, Season Four started, and I will admit, I thought that season wasn't that bad, but then, it got to Season Five, and that's where this show went down the toilet.

    All right. Every show has its point where it gets bad, and in this case, SpongeBob got bad by Season Four. I did think that Season Four was okay, it reminded me of the older episodes from Seasons 1-3. But then Season Five (and after Season Five) was basically the starter for the downfall of bad episodes. We got such ridiculous plots such as SpongeBob falling in love with a Krabby Patty (Love of a Krabby Patty), Mr. Krabs wishing that money could talk (Money Talks), Squidward ending up in a land of clarinets (Squidward in Clarinet Land), Gary attracting coins with his shell (The Cent of Money). I mean, they all sound so ridiculous. I mean, seriously, falling in love with a food? Going to a world of clarinets? What are these writers aiming for?

    Not only has the writing and episodes gone bad, the artwork and designs and animation have gotten SO BAD. Ever since the movie, the colours have gotten much brighter, bright enough to induce a seizure. Season One did have darker colours and wasn't too bright, but that's what made it watchable, and when the show was good. It seems like now most shows need to rely on being super bright to be good. The traditional animation in the first season was really good, and so was the digital animation in Seasons Two and Three. But now, the digital animation, and with most shows now, is so bright and so unwatchable. The animation just isn't the same since Season Three. The animation was good in the movie, as it flowed nicely. But now, the animation could cause a seizure, just like how the colours would.

    The characters are by far the worst part about the new SpongeBob now. SpongeBob and Patrick are probably the best examples. SpongeBob who was an adult but acted as if he was a child, loved to have fun, annoyed Squidward, is now TOO annoying, and cries like all the time, like seriously, he cries ALL THE TIME. In the earlier episodes, when he would cry, even over the smallest things, such as when in the episode No Weenies Allowed, when he mentions when he stubbed his toe and only cried for twenty minutes, that's hilarious, and also became a meme. However, now, he just cries TOO much, and over the dumbest things, it's like listening to fingernails on a chalkboard, as someone else mentioned. They've made SpongeBob TOO much of a baby now. When he was childish and cried over stupid things in earlier episodes, it was funny. But now, it isn't. Patrick who was dumb but funny is even more dumb and stupid. You'll always see him doing something completely stupid, and laughing like an idiot right beside SpongeBob. At least when he did idiotic things in the earlier episodes, it was funny, such as yelling at people over the phone when people were asking, "Is this the Krusty Krab?" and him yelling, "NO, THIS IS PATRICK!" and when he nailed a board to his forehead. Now, now it's just annoying. Mr. Krabs, who was wise, and of course obsessed with money, is now COMPLETELY obsessed with money. One episode, he uses Gary to attract coins with his shell. People are saying that Squidward seems more a likeable character now, because SpongeBob and Patrick annoy Squidward TOO much now, and people are actually feeling sympathy for him. Plankton is now a moronic villain who once used to be funny when he came up with plans to steal the Krabby Patty formula. Now he just comes up with dumb plans, not that I haven't seen any of the new ones, but I already just know that they're bad. Why doesn't he just give up already? He should know that he will never get the Krabby Patty recipe, even though he did in the movie. Either the new episodes take place before the movie or Plankton is, well, a moron. I know this is a continuity thing, but his new plans fail.

    Also, I forgot to mention the voices. The voices have become annoying. Everyone's voices are now way too high and loud and annoying. Yes, the voices were low in the first season, because the actors weren't used to their characters yet, and it was only the first season. Some first seasons of shows where the voices are so low can be annoying, for example Family Guy season one, especially Lois, but I can get past that and still find the humour. I remember when I had watched the Season Four (SpongeBob) episodes back in 2008 and then it started again from Season One, and I found the voices less annoying. The voices began to improve by the start of Season Two right through to Season Three. Anyways, the voices now are TOO high and TOO loud. SpongeBob easily has THEE most annoying voice on the show. His voice is loud and annoying, and especially when he laughs and cries now, it makes you want to mute the television, or as if your television had suddenly become louder than the volume you had set it on. Also, sometimes on occasion, I have either heard him laugh or cry and there's a squeaky noise, mainly when he cries now. It just makes it worse. Everyone else's voices are not as annoying as SpongeBob, but I still think that the voices were better in Season 1-3. Patrick does sound annoying and is so loud now, but SpongeBob is still worse. Squidward's voice isn't that bad, same with most of the other characters . Mr. Krabs, Plankton, Sandy, but even they sound a bit too high at times.

    Just with the voices, the music has also become annoying. They seem to have changed the music style from tropical Hawaiian music to pure annoyance. It's loud, it's high-pitched, it's fast-paced, it's squeaky, it's childish, and babyish. I thought the Hawaiian style had always fit SpongeBob, as I don't think a cartoon had done that style before, but now, it's just modern-day childish music,. Also, it's everywhere now, especially when SpongeBob cries. See how annoying it gets when I have to mention how much SpongeBob cries now? The new music just makes it worse.

    I'm not too sure about sound effects, but I've heard that they have added way more sound effects, and everywhere. All I know is that most of the sound effects now would just be childish squeaky sound effects, as I've heard them in the Season Four episodes, and some of Season Five's first few episodes. The squeaky noises weren't annoying in the first season, as they weren't everywhere, but now, there's just too much squeaky-ness.

    The merchandise for this show is also TOO popular. Like, I don't really mind the merchandise being popular, but there seems to be too much of it, like everywhere, anywhere, there will be SpongeBob merchandise sitting right there, waiting to be bought. Again, I don't mind the merchandise being too popular, but enough is enough. The show is still worse though.

    SpongeBob has just gone downhill with all the new bad episodes, horrible and bright artwork, and annoying exaggerated characters. I just bet that Stephen Hillenburg is sitting at home right now, watching the new episodes of SpongeBob, just shaking his head in disbelief, thinking, "What have they done to my show?" Yes, what have they done to this cartoon mastermind's show? Turned it into crap. SpongeBob just needs to end already. Just because a good show, once was a good show, ends, it doesn't mean that everyone is going to forget all about it. Also, I've never really liked the term, "Cancelled" as just because you're ending the show, doesn't actually mean it's cancelled. Well, unless the network forces the company or that to end the show, but if the company decides to end the show with a final episode, should it mean cancelled? But here, SpongeBob should just get the axe already, thus leading to cancellation.

    Overall, I still do think that SpongeBob is one of the best Nickelodeon cartoons of all time, and that it is still very funny, even without watching it, looking at memes of SpongeBob. But the new writers have just turned this show bad. If there were the first three seasons on DVD, and if I had a bit more money, I would probably buy them, and hopefully, they would not be in bad quality. I haven't watched SpongeBob in a very long time, since it's ALWAYS the newer episodes on, and never the older episodes, which is a shame. Anyone who still loves SpongeBob, please, you're just best off watching the old episodes, and avoid the new episodes.
  • At first was amazing then went downhill then became amazing once again

    Amazing Show heres how I rate the seasons:

    Season 1: 9.4/10

    Season 2: 10/10

    Season 3: 10/10

    Season 4: 9.5/10

    Season 5: 7.5/10

    Season 6: 6.5/10

    Season 7: 6.8/10

    Season 8: 9.6/10

    Season 9: 9.8/10
  • Different doesn't mean bad.

    I know the newer Spongebob episodes are a little strange, but that doesn't make them bad. I actully like some of them (Ear Worm, Abrasive Side, The show changed after the 2004 Spongebob Squarepants Movie, when Stephen Hillenburg (the show's creator) quit. Paul Tibbet took over for him. People are angry at the 'modern' Spongebob because it's not exactly like the old episodes. Is that really a bad thing? I don't think so. Sure, I miss episodes as funny as the classics like 'Band Geeks' and 'Pickles', but I except the fact that Spongebob is different now, and fans should keep an open mind with the newer episodes. If they REALLY aren't your thing, that's kind of a shame. But don't worry; Mr. Hillenburg will be returning in 2014 to help make the Spongebob Squarepants Movie 2!
  • NO MORE MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ahhhhhhhhh just lookign at the sponge man makes me break the TV and it costs me another tv time and time again I have no money to buy another one and no money to buy anything ALL BECAUSE OF THIS SHOW (CRYING) That is why I became a member of tvcom, to watch free eps but I am not in the right region ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    (More Crying) I will just walk into the sunset helpless. Please try not to think of me.

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