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205a - Whirly Brains

At SpongeBob's House, SpongeBob SquarePants and Patrick are bored playing with sticks but an advertisement appears that attracts them to a new toy, called the Whirly Brain. They fight over the TV and end up breaking it. But they put it back together and dance around happily.

They then buy the toy and read the steps. Patrick screams, but is relieved that it's just SpongeBob. Their brains start flying in the air and they comment and laugh midair. They also bump together but SpongeBob tells Patrick no more.

They go into a fridge and destroy some part of SpongeBob's house. They shred kelp into sculptures of themselves and Patrick's brain breaks SpongeBob's pineapple skin to reveal Gary in his litterbox. They share a laugh and proceed to spy on Squidward, who is in his bathtub.

SpongeBob's brain lands on Squidward and Patrick says that he may have been in the toilet. Patrick's brain is now in the toilet and Squidward tells them to stop bothering him. He checks his mirror to see SpongeBob's brain on him. Squidward screams, "Aliens from Mars!" and jumps out nude and runs around the streets nude. They fly their brains around town and even switch their bodies. They use their brains to switch drinks around, and spy on Mr. Krabs and Mrs. Puff dating in an alley and brain fart when they are about to kiss. SpongeBob and Patrick get eggs thrown at them and a kid tells them that all the kids have Whirly Brains, not just them.

Patrick, SpongeBob, and the unnamed kid race but SpongeBob and Patrick's brains land into an old man's house and he takes them as his own. He hides them and SpongeBob wonders where their brains can be. The remote controls die and are in the dark. Patrick finds a stinky diaper and makes it as his own eyes but SpongeBob removes it. SpongeBob calls Sandy on the phone and she uses a missing brain detector to find the brains.

Sandy's detector leads to the same old man who found their brains. She asks kindly but the old man is snoring. But Sandy just walks in and they try to look for the brains. The floor creaks and he wakes up but Sandy puts a fight with the old man. SpongeBob accidentally trips onto the barrel and all the brains fly free and all go back to their original being. The old man cries because he doesn't get to have fun but Sandy and SpongeBob hook SpongeBob's propeller onto the old man so he can fly in the air too and he is having fun as the episode ends. But Squidward is still running around nude.

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