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197a - Mall Girl Pearl

The episode opens to Pearl's room. She is looking at a picture of Boys Who Cry. She kisses it, then calls Marina, one of her friends. Pearl asks if she wants to hang out. Marina says she has to work at Hotdog on a String, so she cannot. Marina then serves a customer a Hotdog on a String, much to her disgust. Pearl then calls Nocturna, another friend. She asks if she wants to make fun of boys with her. Nocturna's response was that she has to work at Scorched Coral. Pearl calls Nixie. Pearl asks if she wants to come over to her house. However, Nixie said that she has to work at Bangles and Dangles.

Pearl looks at the picture of Boys Who Cry. Later, she goes downstairs where Mr. Krabs is. Mr. Krabs thinks that Pearl is going to ask for money, so he locks his wallet and swallows it. Pearl tells him that she'll get a job at the mall. Excited to here this, Mr. Krabs starts bouncing on the walls and roof of his home. He says that instead of her using his money for clothes and school supplies, she could use her job money. However, Pearl asks for ten dollars, so Mr. Krabs gets his wallet out of his mouth, unlocks it, and gives ten dollars to Pearl.

Meanwhile at the mall, Pearl goes to Hotdog on a String for a job. Marina tells her boss, Mr. Pepalino, that Pearl wants a job. Marina takes Pearl to the boss's room. Pearl tries to get in, but due to her size, she cannot fit in. However, Mr. Pepalino is laying uncomfortable on Pearl's back and gets grilled. He says that he is not hiring Pearl. She then goes to Scorched Coral. Pearl asks Nocturna for a job. She said that her business was hiring and already got an angry whale who looks almost like Pearl. Afterward, she goes to Bangles and Dangles. She asks Nixie for a job. Nixie introduces Pearl to the manager. She says that she is not hiring Pearl.

Meanwhile, Pearl is sitting on the floor eating a hot dog from Hotdog on a String. She says that if she doesn't get a job, she'll have to hang out with her dad. Beatrice shows up and takes Pearl to her store. They go down the escalator and go to a part of the mall that looks like a city with criminals. Pearl asks what a horrible smell is. Beatrice's response was that it's one of the many perfumes she sells at Grandma's Apron. When they get inside Beatrice hires Pearl. Meanwhile, Marina, Nocturna and Nixie are sitting at a table, waiting for Pearl. Nocturna asks if Pearl got a job. Pearl said that she works at Grandma's Apron. Marina laughs and asks if she's really serious, Nocturna says that that store is for old people, and Nixie says that old people are so old. They all start laughing.

Meanwhile at Grandma's Apron, Pearl's friends show up laughing. Pearl begins to cry. Beatrice tells her that it's nothing to be ashamed of. She shows her a book of pictures from when she was in school. Beatrice tells Pearl that when she was young, everyone in school teased her and called her "Boring Beatrice." She then teaches Pearl how to be a grandma. They are then shown knitting, making cookies, and riding scooters. After that, Pearl's friends come back to Grandma's Apron. Marina sees Pearl's shoes and makes fun of them. Beatrice tells her to stop. However, Marina tries to use her hot dogs on strings to attack. Beatrice knits a scarf and ties the trio together. She then tells them about the time when she saw the first picture show. After that, Pearl's friends apologized to her. Beatrice told her that even though being a grandma is fun, it's best to live young. Pearl then hangs out with her friends.

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