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191b - The Executive Treatment

The episode begins with Patrick entering the Krusty Krab, there he spotted a lot of fishes with suit and ties. Having arrived at the counter, he asks Squidward for a Krabby Patty but Squidward said that he can only serve the Executive Treatment sandwich due to the business people eating here but only Executives can eat. So Patrick got a tie and a pair of glasses. Patrick go the Krabby Patty and attempt to eat it. However, just before he could, all of the executives sees that lunch break was over and they all had to return back to work (even grabbing Patrick with them).

As they arrived at the building, Patrick tried to tell them that that he not an Executive but kept his mouth shut after hearing that those who pretended to be executives will be considered spies and thrown in jail. During a meeting, Patrick met with the boss and was given numerous chance in the building. After a montage of hilarious actives, Patrick then revealed that he's not an executive at all. However, Patrick was then thrown in jail.

That night, while walking to SpongeBob, Patrick was finally given the Krabby Patty he wanted but found it just okay. Patrick then ripped off his prison clothes and put back his tie and glasses, which caused a guard to wonder what happen to Patrick, despite having seen him change, and sounded the alarm, announce Patrick has escape. The episode ends with Patrick and SpongeBob leaving the prison while the prison searching for Patrick.

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