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188a - Kenny the Cat

SpongeBob is excited because his brand new hero, Kenny the Cat, is coming to town. Kenny is a cat who can hold his breath underwater for a really long time. Mr. Krabs is excited about Kenny's visit to Bikini Bottom too, so he decides to have Kenny appear at the Krusty Krab and give him the manager's treatment. SpongeBob goes to Sandy's house and tells her the news about Kenny coming to town, but Sandy thinks Kenny is a fraud because he never talks.

That night, SpongeBob and Patrick camp outside to see Kenny. They look at the stars shortly afterwards SpongeBob paints his and Patrick's face to look like Kenny. He shows Patrick other objects he brought along to idol his idol. Patrick then gets creeped out by the amount of idol worship and leaves.

The next day, Kenny the Cat finally arrives and starts giving out autographs. SpongeBob asks Kenny to autograph his custom Kenny spatula. He then invites him to the Krusty Krab. Kenny arrives at the Krusty Krab and Mr. Krabs gives him free ketchup packets and an all-you-can-eat buffet in his honor. He begins to struggle, as he needs to take a breath. He draws a toilet, and runs to the restroom. In the bathroom, Kenny takes an oxygen tank out from behind his back and uses it to breathe. SpongeBob sees this and realizes that Kenny is a fraud after all. Kenny begs SpongeBob not to reveal his secret because he just wants to be special and SpongeBob agrees.

When everyone is admiring Kenny and basking in his glorious fame, Sandy shows up and asks him some questions to expose Kenny. He opens his mouth, but then almost drowns, so he takes out his oxygen tank and reveals himself. This causes everyone to turn against Kenny and Mr. Krabs takes back the ketchup packs.

However, SpongeBob decides to help Kenny by giving him a suit and helmet. He decides that Kenny should become a famous cat who lives underwater (like Sandy does). Kenny thanks SpongeBob for helping him, but sadly Sandy arrives, kicks Kenny and sends him back home to the surface. Sandy mentions that you can never trust a cat, but gets confused, saying, "Or is it a dog?" The episode then ends.

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