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183b - Squid Defense

Squidward is working at the Krusty Krab, and SpongeBob accidentally karate chops him. Squidward asks what he was doing and SpongeBob tells him that he is planning to do karate with Sandy, which Squidward thinks is stupid. That night, Squidward is grocery shopping, and is approached by a large thug (The Creepy Creeper). Squidward assumes he is going to steal his groceries, so he runs to SpongeBob, and asks to be taught karate. SpongeBob then tries to teach him but because he's not very good at it himself, he is unable to teach Squidward.

They then go to Sandy for help. First, she makes Squidward promise not to use it for revenge and use it only for protection. Then, she and SpongeBob try to teach him, but can't. Sandy then decides to quit on him, but Squidward says he'd do anything. So Sandy makes him do all the work around the treedome saying that it will teach him the basic movements. Finally, Squidward decides to quit, however he accidentally flings acorns at himself that he was able to dodge. He then found out that in doing all the work, he actually did learn it.

So then, Sandy presents him his belt to show that he knows karate, but Squidward claims that he has "important business" to attend. He then finds the thug, and uses karate to beat him up (with a lot of the moves being related to the housework he did around the treedome).

However, it turns out that he never wanted to steal his groceries, he wanted to return them. SpongeBob and Sandy then came giving Squidward his belt only to find out that he used karate for vengeance. Sandy says that Squidward doesn't deserve his belt and she and SpongeBob walk away because Squidward dishonored their trust in him. Squidward is then arrested for assaulting the thug.

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