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180b - Gary's New Toy

The morning starts off with SpongeBob waking up to his alarm clock acting strangely. It eventually breaks apart and SpongeBob notices the clock has been bitten off and assumes Gary is to blame. SpongeBob uses tape to fix his alarm clock (though it just falls backwards). SpongeBob jumps off his bed and into his slippers, but Gary has gotten to them as well. SpongeBob then goes to brush his teeth, but when he pulls out his toothbrush, Gary is on the other end biting on it.

SpongeBob tries to pull it away from him but no success. SpongeBob then tickles Gary which makes him finally let go of the toothbrush, but then he starts to bite on his toothpaste instead. SpongeBob is wondering if Gary is teething again (as milk goes through his bowl of cereal) and then Gary starts biting on the table. SpongeBob then decides to buy Gary a chew toy.

SpongeBob and Gary are at the Pet Store looking to pick out which chew toy to get. They meet up with Patrick who is having some "free samples" (which he punches a hole open in the worm food and starts to eat it). SpongeBob tells Patrick that he is there to buy Gary a new toy and Patrick tells them that it's on an aisle next to the "most delicious snail treats." They walk over to a stand that says "Tasty Time Snail Treats" with the toy aisle right next to it. Patrick eats at the stand while SpongeBob and Gary browse for a new toy. SpongeBob picks out a bone, but Gary bites right through it.

SpongeBob takes out a toy fire hydrant, but Gary bites onto the end causing water to spray onto SpongeBob's face. Patrick then points out the "Pet Point 3000" with SpongeBob interested, but not so much with Gary, who crawls away. Patrick then starts to play with the toy, but ends up getting the laser through his head and his brain pops out (which SpongeBob then puts back in). Gary then notices a shiny red ball and loves it and SpongeBob decides to buy it.

Back at SpongeBob's house, SpongeBob and Gary are playing with Gary's new toy ball. SpongeBob asks for Gary to bring it back, but notices he is constantly chewing on it. SpongeBob walks off, happy that Gary isn't chewing on his stuff. SpongeBob then notices that he hasn't heard Gary squeaking with the toy in awhile and starts to look for him. He then finds Gary having a tea party with his red ball. SpongeBob tries to join in, but Gary takes out a stroller, puts the red ball in it, then crawls away.

SpongeBob, thinking Gary loves the red ball more than him, decides to lure him out with snail food. He goes into the garage and notices Gary with lipstick, which he finds creepy, SpongeBob tells Gary that he needs to spend some time away from that ball, but Gary hits the garage door button, causing SpongeBob to be lifted up and crushed on the ceiling.

SpongeBob gets fed up with Gary's behavior lately and demands him to hand over the red ball. SpongeBob hears from Gary that he has hidden it, but SpongeBob is suspicious as Gary is crawling away. SpongeBob grabs Gary and opens up his shell to pull out three hairballs and his wallet. He reaches back into the shell and eventually finds the ball.

SpongeBob then puts the red ball on a high dresser and starts to go to sleep telling Gary that he will be sick of the red ball by the next morning. The red ball glows an ominous red which causes Gary's eyes to turn red as well. The next morning, SpongeBob wakes up and notices Gary and the red ball are gone. He starts to look for them and eventually finds Gary chewing on the red ball on the ceiling. SpongeBob asks Gary to come down, but Gary doesn't budge. SpongeBob then walks on the ceiling to get him, but falls down.

He then tries to use a broom, but ends up knocking his own eyes out of his head. SpongeBob eventually scrapes Gary down and tries to grab the ball, but Gary bites him. SpongeBob is shocked and tells Gary to make a choice: him or the red ball. Gary is chewing on the red ball and SpongeBob leaves.

Gary is watching television, but then gets hungry and looks for SpongeBob to feed him. He then remembers SpongeBob saying he is leaving. Gary knows what's best and tries to go and find SpongeBob, but the red ball stops him. The red ball then starts bouncing everywhere destroying everything and Gary is trying to get out of the house.

He makes it outside and SpongeBob is laying under a bus bench, still sadden about Gary's choice. He then notices Gary on the bus bench, happy that Gary decided to choose him. SpongeBob's house explodes and is set on fire and the red ball flies out beside them with SpongeBob saying, "Hey look, isn't that your ball?" Gary viciously hisses at it.

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