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179b - Squirrel Record

At the beginning, the episode starts off at the Krusty Krab where Squidward is sleeping at the cash register, until Squidward's clock starts ringing which causes him to wake up and stop the clock ringing with his hand. Squidward then pokes his head in the kitchen and yells at SpongeBob to go home since it's quitting time. SpongeBob is obliviously not paying attention. A minute later, SpongeBob's watch beeps and notices that it's quitting time. He asks Squidward why he is still there. Squidward is frustrated by this and runs out of the Krusty Krab yelling angrily. Still in the kitchen, SpongeBob doesn't want to throw away a cooked patty, so he puts the patty in his wallet for later. SpongeBob then smells garbage and decides to take out the trash. While dumping the trash into the Dumpster, SpongeBob notices a book covered in garbage and claims "You shouldn't throw away books." Suddenly, SpongeBob sees a big green slimy monster emerging from the dumpster. SpongeBob then throws the book at it, causing it to fall over. The slime dissolves to reveal that it was actually Sandy. Sandy claims that she is not a trash monster and was just trying to break the record for rooting around in a trash bin. Sandy shows SpongeBob the book he was holding is called "Guinness O'Ripley Enormous Book of Curiousities, Oddities and World Records." She then shows SpongeBob some of the world records in the book and claims she wants to beat every record in that book.

The scene cuts to Sandy's Treedome where SpongeBob and Sandy try to break the record for world's longest tongue. Sandy holds her hand on her door while SpongeBob pulls on Sandy's tongue. The record is broken after SpongeBob stretches her tongue up to 110 inches. The next record is to eat raw chum, so SpongeBob and Sandy go to the Chum Bucket and ask Plankton to give them raw chum. Plankton, however, warns them that no one can injest raw chum and survive, but SpongeBob and Sandy don't care. Later in Sandy's Treedome, SpongeBob wears a special germ suit and gives Sandy a spoon of raw chum. Sandy then swallows it and freaks out. SpongeBob tells Sandy that she survived and broke the record. However, Sandy suddenly becomes subconscious from eating the raw chum. SpongeBob then takes off his water helmet and feeds Sandy the patty he saved from work. Sandy recovers from her subconscious and says "I can't wait to show them experts the pictures of my record breaking feats." SpongeBob then realizes he forgot his camera and goes home to get it.

When SpongeBob returns, he sees Sandy's Treedome filled with a bunch of robots. Sandy comes up to SpongeBob and asks him to take a picture of her throwing a woodchuck to break the woodchuck chuckin' world record. SpongeBob takes the photo of Sandy throwing a woodchuck and she breaks the record. Sandy at that occasion sends the woodchucks back to where they belong. Afterwards, SpongeBob asks Sandy "What is all this?" Sandy explains that she had constructed many robots to help keep track of her records and with careful planning and precise delication of appropriate tasks so that she can manage the successful completion of the maximum number of records broken in the least amount of time. Sandy takes the picture of her throwing a woodchuck from SpongeBob and places it in the book. Sandy flips the page of the world records book to see what's next. The next record is the world's longest tooth. Sandy then asks one of the robots how the calcium fusion is going. The robot replies, "It is ready, Miss Cheeks." Sandy administers the shot and her tooth grows. It continues to grow until she hits her head on the ceiling of the treedome. The robot uses a tape measure and reaches 35 feet which breaks the record. SpongeBob takes a picture and tells Sandy to say "Cheese!" Sandy saws a giant part of the tooth off her top tooth and slides down. The next record is, spiciest chili gargle. So, Sandy gargles on chili as SpongeBob takes a picture. Sandy gulps the spicy chilly and breathes out fire at SpongeBob. The next record is largest rubber band ball. SpongeBob takes a picture of the large rubber band ball as Sandy lets go of it and SpongeBob gets crushed. The record after that is most cobras milked. SpongeBob takes a picture of Sandy milking the cobras. After that, the next record is most walnuts in mouth. Sandy gets a lot of walnuts in her mouth, SpongeBob takes a photo and Sandy spits out the walnuts. After that record, the next one is most chainsaws juggled. The scene cuts to Sandy juggling chainsaws with robots giving her more to juggle. SpongeBob takes a picture of her juggling the chainsaws and asks "How do you stop?" To answer his question, Sandy stops juggling chainsaws and then runs like heck. However, SpongeBob accidentally gets cut into pieces by chainsaws because he ran the wrong way. SpongeBob puts himself back together and says "It is getting kinda dangerous." Sandy then takes SpongeBob and herself outside the treedome and shows SpongeBob the world's largest house of cards. Sandy and SpongeBob go up to the top of the house of cards so that they can take a picture. Meanwhile, Patrick is walking along and sees the house of cards is made with Solitaire cards. Patrick comes back with a baseball bat and hits the house of cards causing the world's largest house of cards to collapse as SpongeBob and Sandy scream when they fall from the top. Thereupon, SpongeBob tells Sandy that he can smell Gary's sandbox and goes home to clean it.

The scene changes to SpongeBob's house where SpongeBob is cleaning Gary's litter box. While cleaning the litter box, SpongeBob tells Gary that he has broken the record for "World's Stinkiest Litter box." SpongeBob finds that Sandy has become obsessed with the record book and claims the book must be destroyed. SpongeBob goes back to Sandy's treedome and disguises himself as one of Sandy's robots so he looks like the rest of the robots. SpongeBob then asks one of the robots if he can hold on to the record book and the robot gives the book to him. Sandy doesn't recognize SpongeBob's robot disguise and puts him into a line where robots are getting destroyed to break the record for most robots built and destroyed in a day. While the robots are getting built and destroyed, a robot standing next to Sandy is counting the total amount of destroyed robots in order to break the world record. In the line of robots getting built and destroyed, SpongeBob in his robot disguise tries to sneak out of the line, but one robots grabs him and says "We're all in this together." SpongeBob and the robot both get crushed and are sent though a conveyor belt. Sandy finally breaks the most robots built and destroyed in a day. One of the robots came out of the robot destroying machine and says his stomach feels funny. Sandy looks inside his stomach and sees SpongeBob. The robot pukes out SpongeBob and SpongeBob states he came to save her from the record book. Sandy says she is done with the book and she has beaten every record. The author for the book then enters the treedome and verifies that the book is over 30 years old and that the records have already been broken, but SpongeBob had broken a record for having so many injuries from helping a friend. In the end, SpongeBob cracks into pieces and the author takes a picture.

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