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174a - Treats!

After SpongeBob watches a TV ad at the Krusty Krab about Snail Bites, a new snail treat, he goes to the store to buy some for his pet snail, Gary. At his pineapple house, SpongeBob gives Gary a Snail Bite. Gary likes the treat, so each time he does a trick, SpongeBob gives him a Snail Bite. Lots and lots of Snail Bites later, SpongeBob runs out of treats and Gary wants more.

Gary meows all night for more Snail Bites. SpongeBob gets slightly annoyed, so he tries to ignore Gary's meowing. That does not work, so SpongeBob takes Gary to the pet store in the middle of the night to see if there are any more Snail Bites. When they find out the store is closed, SpongeBob gets very tired, so he sleeps on the sidewalk, while Gary continues to meow. Eighty "meows" later, SpongeBob wakes up. When he sees the cashier unlocking the pet store, SpongeBob then asks if there is a box of Snail Bites. The cashier tells him that they sold out almost immediately, which leaves Gary meowing very loudly. SpongeBob tries to leave for work, but Gary will not leave him leave. So he tricks Gary into slithering towards the kitchen and runs for it.

When SpongeBob goes to work, he is making patties. Gary enters the Krusty Krab, tracking slime all over the customers. SpongeBob is surprised (and a little angry) and yells at him. Gary meows at him, telling him that he wants more Snail Bites. A customer makes a suggestion to SpongeBob, that if he wants Snail Bites, he should go to the factory where they make them. SpongeBob thinks that is a great idea, so he and Gary go to the factory.

A worker tells SpongeBob and Gary that they are closed, the last box of Snail Bites shipped out days ago, they ran out of ingredients to make them, and the owner quit the business completely, because he had a lot of money. Gary then tells SpongeBob (in snail talk) that they should look all around the world, to see if they have any more Snail Bites. SpongeBob is now furious that he is still meowing.

The next scene shows SpongeBob and Gary driving all around the world and looking at all of the pet shops. However, everybody says no because there are not any more Snail Bites anywhere in the world. After looking around, SpongeBob gives up, leaving Gary still meowing for Snail Bites.

SpongeBob has nothing to do now for Gary's meowing. Patrick then comes and asks SpongeBob why Gary keeps on meowing. SpongeBob explains that Gary wants more treats and they are are not any more. Patrick tells SpongeBob that he should tell Gary "no" in a firm voice. SpongeBob doesn't want to "say no to his widdle Gare-bear." But to have a lot of confidence, Patrick acts like a dog, and SpongeBob says "no" firmly. This causes Patrick to act sad and run away to his house.

He tries to say no to Gary, but Gary distracts him with photos of when he was adopted by SpongeBob, which he says it is like yesterday. But he is trying to stop him from saying "no."

SpongeBob tries again to say no to Gary and successfully says "No" firmly to Gary. Gary nods and goes to bed, leaving SpongeBob surprised and relieved that he does not have to hear meows for the rest of the day. It was then revealed that Gary had learned his lesson about that doing another thing is more important than begging for a favorite thing the whole day. Meanwhile, Patrick eats his last known box of Snail Bites. Once Patrick runs out of Snail Bites, he starts saying meowing annoyingly like Gary, and the episode ends.

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