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172b - Glove World R.I.P.

At SpongeBob's house, SpongeBob is reading a book in his library. Suddenly, a rollercoaster crashes through the wall, arriving from Glove World. The furious riders state that they are glad Glove World is closing down, of which SpongeBob screams at, and goes to tell Patrick, who decide to visit Glove World for one last time.

Arriving at Glove World, they meet the ticketman, who tells them again that Glove World is closing down for good. SpongeBob and Patrick promptly scream again, and enter the amusement park. They decide to ride the amusement rides one more time to remember the park by. They first enter the tea cups, which promptly damage them. They also enter other rides such as the Glove Drop, and Pirate Ship which all injure the riders. Once going on the Ferris Wheel, the ride derails and rides like a wheel. SpongeBob & Patrick mostly ignore it.

After realizing the danger of Glove World's rides, SpongeBob and Patrick attempt to rebuild the rides. Their first attempt is the Hall Of Mirrors, which fails. Meanwhile, after the current mascot of Glove World quits, Patrick tries the job, but also fails. SpongeBob tries to work on the chairlift, but ends up having the ride go too fast. They also attempt to stop a roller coaster's riders from falling into the sand, but they end up doing it anyway.

During the time, Glove World is destroyed. SpongeBob and Patrick are saddened and decide to defend it by chaining themselves to the entrance. However, they then find out from the Glove World Owner that it's closing down to open Glove Universe. SpongeBob and Patrick attempt to go, but they can't because of the chains. SpongeBob asks where the key is and Patrick says he has thrown the key for the chains into Glove Lake, and SpongeBob gets a blank expression, ending the episode.

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