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168b - Fiasco!

The scene opens up with Patrick, dressed in a business suit, asking where he can get something to eat. Squidward walks in, and tells him the answer is before him: the Krusty Krab. Mr. Krabs, dressed in a leotard, jumps out of the Krusty Krab, and SpongeBob slides down a rainbow to his side, and Squidward, who rides a dolphin while holding a plate with Krabby Patties, which Patrick eats. Suddenly, SpongeBob describes Patrick's actions, then the scene turns to him and Mr. Krabs in front of a storyboard planned for a commercial. Mr. Krabs asks why he is in a leotard, and he says it is because he is the mascot. Mr. Krabs does not like this, so he tears up the storyboard, telling him he needs a "masterpiece". Sad, SpongeBob walks to Squidward's counter, sighing. When Squidward ignores him, he sighs repeatedly, each sigh more drawn-out than the one before, until Squidward gets so annoyed that he asks what is troubling him. He tells him about his problems, but Squidward does not care. As he walks into the dining area, Squidward notices a patron squirting ketchup onto a pile of Krabby Patties.

The patron slaps the Krabby Patties off the plate. He asks Squidward for mustard, which he squirts onto a plate. When the patron leaves, Squidward looks at the plate and recognizes it as the art style of Fiasco. Mr. Krabs is about to throw it away when Squidward tells him it is actually a masterpiece. He exclaims: ' This is an authentic Fiasco!', and people run over to him, offering to buy it, but Mr. Krabs, seeing an opportunity to make money, tries to take the artwork from Squidward, and they argue over who really owns it. Just then, Farfel Bainbridge, an art evaluator, comes in and declares the work to be authentic, and thereby a national treasure, thus meaning neither Mr. Krabs nor Squidward own it. Mr. Krabs will allow people to view it in his restaurant free, provided they buy Krabby Patties (2 each).

Later, Plankton sees the artwork, and mistakes it for garbage. Planning to reverse-engineer the recipe, he steals it. Police officers immediately chased him. They dog him every step of the way, from a movie theater, a grocery store, and a satellite in space. When he loses them, he is baffled as to why the police are chasing him, rather than Mr. Krabs. At night, he knocks on Patrick's rock, but when Patrick answers, he angrily tells him that he has a busy day of doing nothing tomorrow. Plankton goes to SpongeBob's house, using a spoon to hold SpongeBob and Gary hostage, and demands an explanation as to why the police are after him. SpongeBob explains that what he has stolen is in fact a priceless work of art. Plankton gets the idea to sell the artwork, and declared SpongeBob and Gary to be accomplices to his crime. Patrick comes in, and yells at everyone for making so much noise as to keep him awake, while eating something.

SpongeBob asks what it is that Patrick ate, and Patrick reveals it was the artwork, which he mistook for hors d'oeuvres. Plankton declares him an accomplice as well. Suddenly, Squidward bursts in with the police, then lied to them about all of the noise. When they see Plankton, they immediately arrest him, along with Squidward (for lying to them) & everyone until they can figure this whole situation out. At the police station, Plankton is locked away. Gary, Patrick, and SpongeBob are free since Mr. Krabs explains they were not involved with the theft. However, since the artwork is now in Patrick's stomach, Mr. Krabs has him stand behind an X-Ray machine, which shows the artwork inside him. Fiasco is moved by Patrick's style, stating 'I will never paint again!'. The scene changes to show Squidward, behind bars, asking about his phone call.

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