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167b - Bubble Buddy Returns

The episode begins with a bubble with a letter inside flying to SpongeBob's house while causing mischievous antics. It finally flies into SpongeBob's kitchen, who is enjoying a bowl of Kelpo cereal with Gary. SpongeBob opens the letter, which is from his old friend, Bubble Buddy, asking him to babysit his son, Shiny. Shiny appears out of the bubble holding the letter. SpongeBob introduces himself and takes Shiny to meet Squidward. Unfortunately, Shiny caused mayhem in Squidward's house and SpongeBob couldn't find him. Shiny kept flying again in Squidward's house and destroying furniture. SpongeBob was being careful so Shiny wouldn't pop from all the sharp objects in Squidward's house.

Eventually, SpongeBob catches him and takes Shiny to The Krusty Krab. Then, he went into Mr. Krabs's office and flew everywhere around him. Mr. Krabs was shiny and clean from the bubble soap and told SpongeBob to let Shiny play in the dirty dishes. Then, while SpongeBob was cooking Krabby Patties, Shiny once again gets into mischief by sliding around, and making the Krusty Krab floors slippery. All the customers kept slipping, so Mr. Krabs kicked them out. Then, Shiny flew into the city and got into lots of trouble.

He went into the pin factory, the scissor works, and he went into the pitchfork pantry. Then, SpongeBob decided to go to the pillow foundry and he found out that was a dangerous place too. When they got home, he fed Shiny a hot dog. But then he popped, and SpongeBob had the bubble soap to repair him. Finally, when he blew another Shiny, he grew two heads. Then, Bubble Buddy came to his house to pick up Shiny. SpongeBob begins to apologize about Shiny, but Bubble Buddy says that it was okay, because sometimes, it had happened to Shiny. Then, he traps Shiny into a bottle of bubble soap. As they were leaving on a bubble plane, Shiny is normal again, blowing a raspberry out from the bottle and they went into the plane and flew away.

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