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164b - Pet Sitter Pat

SpongeBob gets an invitation Grandma SquarePants' birthday party, so he decides to go. But then, SpongeBob remembers that he needs to take care of Gary. First, he asks Squidward to watch Gary, but he refused because Gary ate his kelp garden. Later on, SpongeBob asks his best friend Patrick if he can take care of Gary while he is gone, and Patrick accepts. While SpongeBob is at his grandmother's house, he gets distracting visions about bad things happening to Patrick and Gary. Once SpongeBob is anxious enough, he calls home numerous amounts of times to check and see how the two are doing. A couple of times, Gary was being put in mortal danger by Patrick, but SpongeBob "thought" they were fine [laughing and having fun.] Later, Patrick attempts to burn Gary alive with a flamethrower, but the next time SpongeBob calls, they are actually having fun, thanks to a flood, but SpongeBob mistakes them for being in "danger." SpongeBob quickly ends his grandmother's birthday and rushes home to see what the fuss is about, so he arrives home after a long, tiring run and sees that his house is destroyed and filled with water when he opens the door. He walks upstairs to the sound of Gary's meowing and sees Gary reading "Snail Stories" to Patrick. SpongeBob said how nice it was for Gary reading Patrick the book but Patrick said he thought the book was actually called "Meow, meow."

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